Hair Extensions Debunked

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					Hair Extensions Debunked:
Distinguishing Fact from Fiction
By: Elena Golescu

                                               Hair extensions are as diverse as the women who wear
                                               them. Options ranging from temporary clip-in extensions
                                               to long-term bonded hair extensions, there are so many
                                               choices for consumers to choose from. Hair extensions
                                               have recently grown in popularity do most in part to the
                                               media coverage of high profile celebrities. Women
                                               everywhere are looking for ways to obtain the highly
                                               sought after hairstyles worn by celebrities. The answer to
                                               achieving this celebrity hairstyle is hair extensions. Once
                                               a taboo topic, women are now talking about hair
extensions openly. Since the lid has been blown off this hot topic, it is important to distinguish fact from
fiction in regards to hair extensions.

Hair Extensions Cause Damage to the Natural Hair

One common misconception about hair extensions is that they cause damage to the individual’s existing
When hair extensions are used properly, damage will not occur to the hair. It is important, however, to
only allow those professionally trained in hair extensions to apply them to the hair. Clip-in hair
extensions are simple enough to use and do not require the assistance of a professional, but it is helpful
for the individual to research the appropriate use of clip-in hair extensions prior to initial use. The
shedding of hair is completely natural and will occur in both women who use hair extensions and those
who do not. On average, women shed about 85 hairs a day and this natural hair loss may be the reason
behind the myth that hair extensions cause hair damage.

Hair Extensions Cannot Be Used in Those with Thin or Fine Hair

Many women with thin or fine hair have long thought that they were not candidates for hair extensions
and that extensions were reserved for only those with thick hair. Not only are hair extensions available
for those with thin or fine hair, they are actually a great idea for those looking to add volume and length.
Women with thin hair often have difficulty growing their hair passed their shoulders without it
beginning to look unhealthy, which keeps many women from growing their hair to that long desired
length. Hair extensions can help those women finally obtain the long hair that they have always
dreamed of. There are many great hair extension options for women with thin and fine hair and it is
beneficial for them to investigate which options are best for their hair type.

Hair Extensions are Painful

When hair extensions are applied correctly the individual wearing the extensions should not experience
any discomfort. While some women with sensitive scalps may not feel as comfortable wearing hair
extensions as others, they should never experience pain associated with the extensions. Different hair
extension application techniques may provide those with sensitive scalps alternatives options which
would help them achieve a comfortable fit.

Maintaining Hair Color and Highlights are Not an Option

Women who color and highlight their hair are sometimes worried that they will be unable to maintain
their hair color while wearing hair extensions. Despite the concern, coloring and highlighting hair while
wearing hair extensions is okay. When highlighting the hair, foils will be used to avoid any contact with
the bonds. When coloring the roots it is important to not allow the chemicals to touch the bond as it can
deactivate or ruin the extension. Selecting a well trained professional to apply hair color is the best
option to prolong the life of the hair extensions and to protect them from any accidents that may arise
by the mistakes of an amateur.
Hair Extensions Cannot Be Worn in a Pool or the Ocean
The quality of the hair extensions and their appearance will not be affected when wet. Chlorine and salt
water are both gentle on the hair extensions. Many women worry that when their hair is wet that the
bonds of the hair extensions will be noticeable to others and this isn’t possible. Hair extensions look just
as fabulous wet and they do dry.

Others Will Be Able To Tell That You Are Wearing Hair Extensions

Hair extensions will look 100% natural if they are applied properly. Those who have had professional
training in the application of hair extensions will know exactly how to color, cut, and the best spots to
apply the extensions. Hair extensions are only detectable when done by a non-professional. The fact
that there are so many different techniques and options regarding hair extensions make it possible for
most women to have excellent, undetectable results regardless of their hair type.

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