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Preparing Your Home for Water Infiltration


in this article we will discuss how to prepare for water infiltration and weather proof your home

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									Preparing Your Home to Fight Water Infiltration
When you own a home in Dallas, you should be prepared to set your home up to be successful in
a battle against water damage. Learning how to set up the home to ensure that it will be
protected and that if any unwanted water gets into your home it will be taken care of.

Make Sure Your Home is Up to Standard
First, you should make sure that the home is going to be able to stand against the water that will
want to enter your home. During heavy rainstorms or during a flood you will need a home that
has been well kept up to ensure that the water is going to stay outside.

                                     It is important that the roof is in good condition and that all of
                                     your gutter systems that take the water away from your roof
                                     are also in good condition. Learning how to work with your
                                     roof and ensure that it is in good condition and will shed the
                                     water that lands on it in a storm.

                                     When you are keeping your roof in good condition it is
                                     important that you are safe as you are working on the roof.
                                     Working on the roof can be dangerous and you should be sure
that you hire a professional if you do not feel comfortable patching and fixing up your roof.

Your roof should be touched up once every few years but it should be cleaned and inspected at
least once a year. This way, if there are any major problems you will be able to identify them
early and take care of them before they cause expensive damage in your home.

Keeping Your House Weather Proof
Second, it is also important to understand how you can keep the weather stripping and seals on
your doors and windows intact. The weather stripping and the seal around your windows and
doors should be maintained and replaced on a consistent basis.

When there is a storm outside, your home should be capable of sealing
tightly against the water that is trying to infiltrate through the outside
of the home. It is important that all of these seals are going to be strong
against the water and ensure your home will be protected.

It can be difficult to know how to do this on your own. When you are
trying to figure out how you are going to seal your home against the rain, you may want to hire a
professional that can show you how you go about doing this successfully.

Ask Questions and Take Notes
While you are working with a professional, do not be afraid to take notes. When you take notes
you will be able to reference them and ensure that you are going about sealing your home
effectively so you never have to deal with water damage in your home.

If water should get into your home, you want to make sure that you get it out as quickly as
possible. When you get the water out of your home, you can then ensure that it is as dry as
possible so you can be sure your home will be safe.

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