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					Dear Colleagues

It is incredible - another year over and now planning for an exciting year ahead. As we begin another year of progress and development, we work
towards achieving 2 hours HQ PE in the curriculum for all children and young people in all our schools. There are two challenges here – first
achieving the 2 hours within the curriculum but also ensuring that what is delivered is of high quality. The delivery of high quality PE requires
teachers to be knowledgeable and confident with the delivery of the subject content.

Last year our CPD programme provided over 1250 staff engagements for a wide range of opportunities. As your Local delivery Agency (LDA) we
continue to work strategically with a range of partners to provide an effective and needs based CPD programme for all staff across our county.
Whatever level of CPD support you require, I ask that you plan carefully, in advance, and ensure you make appropriate opportunities available to
your staff. As a subject leader a key part of your role is to ensure that you identify and address the CPD needs of your staff, and relate these to the
needs of the children and young people in your school on an annual basis. You are all aware that attendance at ‘courses’ is not the only way to
meet the CPD needs of your staff and I hope that you will seek the most appropriate and innovative CPD opportunities available. This booklet
should provide you with considerable information to help you plan effectively.

As the newly revised Secondary curriculum develops into year 8 and the new primary curriculum is being finalised it is important that schools and
departments keep abreast of developments. With this in mind we invite secondary staff to attend a Head of Department’s briefing in September and
urge all Primary Link Teachers (PLTs) to attend a briefing on the key role of physical education within the new primary curriculum in March. The
successful joint PLT conferences will provide further relevant CPD opportunities for primary staff.

In the coming year we have identified main focus areas around inclusion and safe practice. You should all have received your copy of Safe Practice
in PE (AfPE). This document has been completely updated and published on behalf of the Association for Physical Education (afPE). The
information contained within the new publication is recognised nationally as best practice for physical education and represents the standard text for
PE risk assessments. I hope this document and accompanying half day workshop, in October, will be used effectively to support the delivery of an
exciting, challenging and safe curriculum.

Our focus on inclusion leads us to consider two aspects – supporting and challenging Autistic and talented pupils in PE. To address these identified
areas, we are providing several excellent opportunities for staff to attend related CPD events. Please refer to the booklet for further details.
The Service Level Agreement (SLA) will again provide individual support packages for schools that choose to buy into the offer. Please contact
Andy Brown or refer to our website for further details

Best wishes for the year ahead
Alan Wallis
Adviser (Health and wellbeing)

Type                Description            Target                 Venues                   Costs                                      How to Apply / Lead Contact                                               Page
Service Level       Supporting and         Subject leaders        Individual      For specific details of      Lead LA Contact: Andy Brown
Agreement           developing HQ          i.e.                   School          membership level options     Tel:    01670 533551                                                                               3
                    PESS through           PE Co-ordinators,      Based           and costs refer to page 3    E-mail:
                    Individual and         PLT’s, HOD`s ,
                    tailored school        NQTs ,
                    based support          Whole School CPD
Central Venue       Central CPD            PE Co-ordinators /     Central         Free to Northumberland       Please register / apply for these central LDA events via Jodie Fletcher
LDA CPD             events designed to     PLTs, HODs , any       Venues          LA schools                   Health and Wellbeing - Administration Assistant
opportunities       support PESS           members of staff                                                                                                       4&5
                    professionals in the   leading ,planning or                    Other LA schools :         01670 534434
                    development and        supporting the
                    maintenance of         delivery of High                       Half day course : £45        Download application forms: (Professional Development Opportunities)
                    High Quality PESS      quality PESS & PA                                                   Lead LDA Contacts: Alan Wallis or Andy Brown
                    and Physical           in Northumberland                      Full day : £85                     Email: – (01670 533505)
                    Activity               Schools                                                                   Email:– (01670 533551)
Workforce           HLTA and TAs           School support         3 Localised     Free to Northumberland       Register for modules by contacting Jacqui Pearson
Development CPD     Professional           staff supporting       venues:         School Support Staff         Senior Administrative Officer, Learning and Development 0-19 Service
                    Development for        Teaching &             West /Central                                E-mail:                                                       6
                    Physical Education,    Learning in PE e.g.    Central                                      Telephone: 01670 534497 - Fax: 01670 534415
                    School Sport and       Teaching               North                                              Individuals requiring further specific details on this Modular Programme should contact
                    Physical Activity      Assistants (TAs)                                                           either or
                                           Aspiring HLTAs,                                                   in School Workforce Development
                                           Cover Supervisors
Local School        Calendar of            All those leading      Local           Free                         For registration or further enquiries please contact specific individual School Sport
Sport Partnership   localised              or supporting          SSP             to all PLTs / subject        Partnership (SSP) Development Managers. (Ref page 10)
CPD                 School Sport           delivery of PESS       Venues          leaders within organising         Elizabeth Armstrong (Ashington SSP)                                                        7&8
                    Partnership CPD        and PA for Young                       partnership .                     Dave Pick (North Northumberland SSP)
                    opportunities.         People within                                                            Anne Hudspith (Tyndale SSP)
                    Aimed at               School Sport                           NB Staff from all SSPs are        Paul Woodall (Blyth Bedlington SSP)
                    increasing             Partnerships                           encouraged to access              James Ellison (Morpeth Ponteland SSP)
                    engagement and                                                these CPD opportunities           Marie-Anne Dowson (Cramlington Seaton Valley SSP)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                9 & 10
Key contact information for all personnel supporting Physical Education ,School Sport and Physical Activity in Northumberland

      Please check out our new look website at for online curriculum guidance, updates, success stories and details of
       our comprehensive programme of professional development opportunities for all staff leading and supporting High Quality Physical
       Education, School Sport and Physical Activity in Northumberland.

                                         The LA Service Level Agreement (SLA) for Physical Education and School Sport
          “Supporting and challenging schools in developing and sustaining high quality Physical Education and Physical Activity”
Purpose:        The packages below aim to provide schools and subject leaders with high quality tailored support, guidance and CPD to help them develop, maintain and
promote high standards in all aspects of their PE and School Sport Programme. It will compliment the work of the School Sport Partnerships and the Healthy Schools
Programme—assisting the school in ensuring that “PESS and Physical Activity” is vibrant and integral to the development of young people and whole school life. Ultimately it will
make a positive contribution towards:
       Raising whole school standards
       Every Child Matters outcomes
       High quality PESS pupil outcomes
       The childhood obesity agenda
 1.FULL MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS (up to 3 days support)                                 2.ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS                          3. ADDITIONAL SERVICES
All items within Associate Membership (next column) plus:                                                                                   Departmental Subject Review:
                                                                                                                                              Preparation
 Initial review visit, assessment of CPD needs, delivery of a tailored                 Free, Priority access to Central LDA                 Visit
  support programme                                                                      Physical Education CPD courses                       Report and Feedback
 Individual subject leader and NQT support
 Whole school training days / staff meeting support according to needs                 Unlimited online/phone support and guidance        COST: £500
  e.g., Learning in and through Gymnastics, Progression in PE, Talented                  on matters relating to PESS and School
  pupils in PE, Developing your curriculum, Increasing leadership in PESS                Improvement                                        TARGET GROUP: High & Middle
  and PA, Safe practice in PE, Using AfL and core tasks in PE, Monitoring
  & developing High Quality PE, Tops, Developing an Active playground….                 Termly PESS updates                                Whole School Training CPD Event:
 Access to high quality CPD inspection resources and support materials
 Inclusion in PE, supporting children with SEN                                                                                             Tailored 1 day training within own school
 Supporting New World Class Curriculum development (Secondary)                    COST £300
 Guidance and advice on safe practice in PE                                       TARGET GROUP: All Phases                                 COST: £500 per day
 Support through Healthy Schools “Physical Activity theme”                                                                                     £250 per half day
 Support in sharing and developing good practice & success stories
 A “monitoring impact” visit                                                                                                               TARGET GROUP: All Phases
                                                                                                                                            One off” Individual Consultancy
 IN SHORT: a professional, comprehensive service.
                                                                                                                                            COST: £300 per day
 COST: £900         TARGET GROUP: All school Phases                                                                                         TARGET GROUP: All Phases

Lead Contact: Andy Brown (PESS Consultant), Education Development Centre, Hepscott Park, Morpeth. NE61 6NFTel: 01670 533551 E-mail:
Visit- to access our refreshed website featuring Curriculum support; CPD programme; Guidance documents; Talented in PE; Physical Activity and useful website sections …..

                                             Central Venue LDA CPD– Promoting, supporting and developing High Quality Physical Education
 Target audience              Course title                                                           Description                                                              Date           Time              Venue          Course Tutor(s)                     Costs

  SECONDARY                Secondary Heads      An annual briefing informing and updating PE Co-ordinators and HODs on National, Regional, Countywide strategies             Monday        1– 3.30 pm       Hepscott Park        Alan Wallis -            Free to all       Others -
     KS 3 & 4                 of Physical       and initiatives. Providing opportunities for colleagues to discuss and share ideas on best practice; reflect upon the        28th Sept                       Educational      School Improvement       Northumberland       £45 per
HoDs and PE Co-ords                             work and success stories taking place within your school and partnership; gain updates and information on new                  2009      SSPs providing     Dev `Centre           Adviser Or           PESS & PA staff       person
                           Education update                                                                                                                                              HoDs with 0.5                           Andy Brown             Priority to PE      per half
                                                curriculum initiatives, the recent PE subject specific Ofsted 05 -08 summary report and CPD opportunities that will                                          Room CO3
                           meeting/briefing     support assist you in raising standards and delivering high quality Physical Education and Sport within your school.                     day release         NE61 6NF           (PE consultant)          SLA schools          day
  SECONDARY-                  New YOUR          A half day workshop designed to provide key members of staff & SSCos, from nominated pilot schools, with an                 Wednesday    9.00 am arrival    Choppington           Andy Brown              As Above          Others -
   10 nominated              Leaders KS3        opportunity to:                                                                                                              30th Sept    for 9.15am –         Social            (PE Consultant)                            £45 per
KS3 PE departments                              Develop an understanding of yoUR Leaders and how it can be used as a student centred curriculum model to support               2009        12.00 course       Welfare,                  &                                   person
 and accompanying              Resource                                                                                                                                                      duration                         Elizabeth Armstrong                           per half
                                                the new secondary curriculum and contribute to other national strategies.                                                                                   Choppington
SSP leadership SSCo          dissemination      Become familiar with the newly developed yoUR Leader resource pack (each attending school will receive 1 resource)                         (Light lunch      NE62 5SR            (Ashington SSP                               day
                                  and           Identify the benefits for young people of using this approach in lessons and discuss how they might pilot the roll out                      available)                       Partnership Manager &
                            familiarisation                                                                                                                                                                                     local CPD tutor)
                                                yoUR Leaders as a curriculum unit within their own school (produce an action plan supporting its development)
                                                N.B.After this initial pilot it is hoped that all secondary schools will be able to access YoUR leaders CPD later in 2010
PRIMARY                    Safe practice and    Safe practice in teaching and learning is critical to the process of achieving high quality Physical Education. To           Tuesday     Primary            Choppington       Glen Beaumont,              Free to all       Others -
Workshop (AM):             risk management      accompany the recent provision of the AfPE Safe Practice in PESS publication for all Northumberland schools, we are            20th      Workshop–             Social        National Health and       Northumberland       £45 per
Primary staff i.e. PLTs,                        delighted to be able to offer the opportunity for you to send an appropriate member of staff on either of these half day     October     (9am-12pm)           Welfare,        Safety Officer for      school - PESS staff    person
PE co-ordinators            in High Quality                                                                                                                                   2009       Light                                      AfPE                                    per half
                                                workshops focussing upon :                                                                                                                                  Choppington
SECONDARY                       Physical         The relationship between good practice and safe practice                                                                               refreshments        NE62 5SR                                 Priority to PE SLA      day,
workshop (PM):                 Education         Duty of care issues and PESSCL Staff; Effective risk management within the context of physical activity                                Secondary                                                          schools         £85 per
PE HoDs & co-                                                                                                                                                                            Workshop                                                                            person
                                                 Current concerns and recommended procedures
ordinators, SSCos,                                                                                                                                                                       (1- 4pm)                                                                           full day
PDMs & other PESS                                The new edition of 'Safe Practice 2008'
 PRIMARY PHASE              Planning and        ITT establishments provide varied training experiences for student teachers in terms of time and quality. As a result       Wednesday    9.00 arrival for   Choppington           Alan Wallis            Free to all        Others -
     KS 1 & 2 (3)          Teaching High        lack of knowledge and confidence in PE can prevent NQTs in primary schools delivering high quality Physical                    4th          9.15am –        Welfare (am)           (Adviser)           Northumberland       £85 per
        NQTs                                    Education. This initial introduction to PE course will provide NQTs with an opportunity to develop their knowledge          November     3.30pm course           &               &Andy Brown               NQTs             person
                           Quality Physical                                                                                                                                   2009           duration                           (PE Consultant)                             per day
  Non PE specialists                            and confidence and consider key aspects relating to HQ teaching and learning in and through PE (A mixture of theory                                         Mowbray First
                             Education          and practical).                                                                                                                                              School (pm)
                            at KS1 and 2        N.B. A series of 3 highly practical 1 day modules (delivered in and by our school partnerships) will follow this key
                                                introductory course (Dates and venues for all of these practical Physical Education modules TBC in October 09)
  SECONDARY                 Monitoring and      Inspection framework changes mean that much more importance is placed upon how well a department knows itself.              Friday 6th   9.05 am arrival      Ashington          Gary Douglas                               Others -
     KS 3 / 4               evaluating high     As a subject leader you will be expected to monitor and make judgements about standards, achievement, progress &            November      for 9.15am –      Sports College   Director of Specialism                         £45 per
 Directors of Sport                             effectiveness of learning & teaching. So how can you do this? This workshop will provide opportunities for you to             2009         12.00 course                        Ashington Sports                             person
HoDs and PE Co-ords           quality PE                                                                                                                                                     duration                               College               As Above          per day
                                                 Examine the potential of learning walks/visits to help monitor & evaluate high quality teaching & learning
                           through Learning      Complete a learning walk within a PE Department.                                                                                            (Lunch
                                 visits          To record observations and consider how the information can be used effectively within your dept                                          available)
                                                 Provide an opportunity to establish a programme of learning walks with other colleagues.
      PRIMARY              Using AfL & the      Many schools in Northumberland are now using core tasks and the new QCA DVD resource to help them to establish              Friday 6th   AM workshop        Choppington           Andy Brown                                Others -
      KS 1, 2 &3            new core tasks      a baseline that informs future planning (AfL) and improve pupil progress. This interactive workshop (theory &               November                           Social        (PE Consultant – NCC         Free to all       £45 per
 PE cords /PLTs – not                           practical) will provide delegates (PLTs /PE Coord`s) with guidance on how to effectively use the newly developed              2009       9.00 am arrival      Welfare,         0 -19 Learning and     Northumberland        person
 yet using core tasks or   resource to track                                                                                                                                              for 9.15am –                       Development Service)     school PESS staff     per half
                                                QCA core task resources (DVD & cards) and AfL strategies to help plot and improve pupil progress and understanding                                          Choppington
those who missed 2008      & improve pupil      in PE.(and provide clear direction for teachers).Each attending school will receive a high quality core task resource                         12.15          NE62 5SR                                   Priority to PE        day
 -2009 SSP workshops        progress in PE      pack and there will be an opportunity for staff to tour and explore the DVD ,observe pupils in action, make
                                                                                                                                                                                         Lunch available                                                 SLA schools
                                                assessments and compare observations with colleagues. (Please bring a lap top if possible)
    All PHASES                   SAQ            Coaches, teachers, teams and students can benefit enormously from the inclusion of SAQ Training as part of any              Friday 6th   PM workshop        Choppington         Andy Blight            Ponteland SSP        Others -
  PLTs /PE Coord`s          (Speed, Agility,    schools` PESS programme or an individual training /conditioning programme. This practical workshop will equip you           November                           Social         SAQ International         staff (missing      £45 per
  ,HoDs, SSCos etc                              with an understanding of the SAQ continuum and the ability to design, implement and embed an SAQ programme                    2009         12.45 for a        Welfare,        Advanced Trainer /      original core tasks   person
                              Quickness)                                                                                                                                                                                      Morpeth Ponteland                             per half
                                                within your PESS curriculum. It will help you improve the physical ability of your pupils and provide variation in                                          Choppington                                   workshop)
                               Practical        designing fitness routines. Examples of practical work covered will include- explosive acceleration, lightening                          1pm -3.30 pm        NE62 5SR               SSCo                                      day
                               Workshop         responses/reactions, controlled and balanced movements and matching the specific demands of individual and
                                                positional roles. (Possible Full SAQ P award TBA later in the year)
ALL PHASES KS1-4           Developing and       We are delighted that the Author of a recently published and highly praised National publication on Autistic pupils in      Wednesday    9.00 am arrival    Hexham Priory     Pam Stephenson                                Others -
School Staff (SSCos,
                           supporting High      PE is able to deliver this practical training course in Northumberland. The course focuses upon how young people with          11th      for                   School             Author of                                 £85 per
PE teachers, Learning                           autism can experience high quality Physical Education and explores key concepts that can support practitioners to           November     9.15am –                            “High Quality PE for                           person
Support Assistants)        Quality PE for                                                                                                                                     2009       3.30pm                              pupils with Autism”          As Above          per day
                                                increase the quality of their delivery. Many generic principles concerning the inclusion of young people with a
teaching or supporting     Autistic pupils      disability in mainstream PE programmes do not necessarily apply to young people with autism and certainly to not                         course duration
autistic pupils in PE
                                                apply wholesale The course & accompanying resource share good practice from different settings around the country.

                               Central Venue LDA CPD events – Promoting, supporting and developing High Quality Physical Education
 Target audience              Course title                                                           Description                                                                 Date            Time             Venue          Course Tutor(s)               Costs            others

   SECONDARY                Identifying and    Identifying, challenging and supporting talented students is crucial to the Inclusion and ECM agendas. Following                 Friday       9.00 am arrival   Choppington      James Ellison -PDM           Free to all        Others -
     KS 3 / 4/ 5              supporting       recent new developments in the Junior Athlete Education (JAE) programme and mentoring materials, our local trainers             11th Dec      for               Social           Morpeth Ponteland /       Northumberland        £85 per
 HoDs/PE Co-ords/                              will deliver a one day course that provides representatives from KS3/4/5 Secondary phase PE Departments with                      2009        9.15am –          Welfare,          G & T lead trainer.     school - PESS staff    person
School or Department       talented students                                                                                                                                                 3.30pm                              Andy Blight / Mike                             per day
                                               opportunities to:                                                                                                                                               Choppington
    G &T Co-ord                  in PE            Revisit, review & improve effectiveness of their Talented in PE Policy and Identification of talented students                            course duration   NE62 5SR          Jarvis (JAE tutors)     Priority to PE SLA
                           (JAE & Mentoring       Improve their understanding and use of the multi-abilities framework to assist them in identifying Talented pupils in PE                                                       Rachel Hancock               schools
                              programmes)         Increase understanding & awareness of how the new JAE programme and Mentoring can be used to support T pupils in PE                                                           (Ashington S.Coll)
                                                  View /share good practice and indicate their readiness to access support via Mentoring and JAE programmes
PRIMARY PHASE :            Health Matters –    We are delighted to have the inspirational Author of Health Matters, Vicky Bowen, re-visit Northumberland for a                Wednesday      AM workshop        Choppington         Vicky Bowen          Free priority access    N/A
(Reception, KS1 & 2)       for Enhancement     repeat delivery of two workshops that focus on promoting and developing Physical Activity and Healthy Eating in                 13th Jan      9am -11.30am         Welfare       Author and creator of           to all
Healthy Schools / PE /
                                Schools        Reception, KS1 & KS2. “.These CPD workshops and accompanying High Quality resource will assist schools in                        2010                             NE62 5SR       Health Matters & Busy     Northumberland
Food in schools                                developing pupils` “understanding of physical development and health & well-being” within the newly proposed                                                                             Feet              Healthy Schools
coordinators               (Those who have     primary curriculum.                                                                                                                                                                                         (Enhancement
(planning , teaching &       achieved and      AM workshop (R and KS1) PM workshop (KS2): Delegates will practically examine and explore this high quality                                   PM workshop                                                  programme) and
developing healthy            maintained                                                                                                                                                     1pm –3.30 pm                                                   schools in the
                                               cross curricular resource, designed to help young children to understand the importance of being physically active and
eating , physical                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          09 -10 PE SLA
activity themed
                           Healthy Schools     eating healthily. Each school will receive a free copy of either the Infant (R & KS1) or Junior (KS2) resources
projects)                        status)       containing lesson plans, project maps, game cards, teachers books, activity ideas, CD rom ,DVD & music CD
                                                (all cross referenced and linked to N.C.)
ALL PHASES KS1-4               Including       This practical course will provide delegates with opportunities to: Identify specific aspects of inclusion in PE and           19th January   9am -3.15pm       Hexham Priory      Jayne Dixon and                               Others -
Subject leader s/ PLTs/      Children and      Sport that they want to improve in their school; Understand the statutory requirements for inclusion in PE ;Identify               2010                            School         Ros Doonan /Moira           Free to all        £85 per
   HoDs & teachers                             what they need to do to make PE and school sport more inclusive; Develop a clearer knowledge and understanding of                                                                      Blackhall            Northumberland       person
 involved in planning        Young People                                                                                                                                                                                           (SEN SSCos)                                 per day
                                               how to plan for effective and inclusive PE; Improve their knowledge , understanding and application of a range of                                                                                         schools- priority to
 and delivering PE for     with SEN in high    strategies and activities i.e. Inclusion Spectrum, STEP framework to help to ensure learning and progression for all                                                                Introduction by       schools in PE SLA
  young people with         quality Physical   pupils ; Learn how to use a range of practical approaches and strategies to improve the effectiveness of the support that                                                            Andy Brown
      SEN in PE               Education”       you can provide to include young disabled people in Physical Education .
PRIMARY PHASE              New British heart   This half day workshop will provide staff with the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the new edition of               3rd February   1- 4pm            Hepscott Park,        Andy Brown              Free to all        Others -
KS 1 & 2 i.e.                Foundation –      British Heart Foundation’s Active Schools Resource. This fantastic resource will support schools in developing a                   2010                          Educational       PE consultant and        Northumberland       £45 per
Healthy Schools or PE                          whole approach towards improving their Physical Activity provision, promoting healthy active lifestyles for healthy                                             Development      Physical activity lead   schools- priority to   person
coordinators, staff          Active Schools                                                                                                                                                                                      for Healthy Schools     schools in PE SLA      per half
                                               happy children and young people, improving personal development and well being within the ECM outcomes and                                                         Centre
planning and teaching           resource       achieving healthy schools status.                                                                                                                                   CO1             Northumberland                                 day
or supporting physical      familiarisation
Education, physical        and distribution
activity themed work
PRIMARY:                       Physical        The recent review of the Primary Curriculum (led by Sir Jim Rose) has resulted in a proposal of 6 Areas of Learning               March       1- 4pm            Hepscott Park,       Andy Brown                                  Others -
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Free to all
(R,KS1&2)                  Education within    within the Primary Phase of Education. Physical Education (at time of writing i.e. consultation period) has been placed            21st                          Educational        (PE consultant)         Northumberland       £45 per
Primary staff i.e. PLTs/                       and almost subsumed within the “Understanding Health and Well-Being” Area of Learning. Professional Physical                    /22nd/23rd                      Development          Alan Wallis -        schools- priority to   person
PE co-ordinators,             the newly                                                                                                                                          2010                                            School Improvement                             per half
                                               Education Associations and high profile advocates of Physical Education have expressed their concern over these                                                    Centre                                 schools in PE SLA
                              proposed         proposals. With the need to continue to build on the progress of the PESSYP strategy and to address the considerable              TBC                               CO1                 Adviser                                    day
                               Primary         challenges posed by the dramatic rise in childhood obesity many feel that Physical Education should be at the heart of
                             Curriculum        the primary school curriculum. This workshop will provide attendees with the opportunity to look at the new proposals
                                               for PE within the primary curriculum and will emphasize the great need for all children to experience and access a
                                               comprehensive progressive and structured Physical Education programme of study, delivered by qualified Education
                                               professionals, that develops physical literacy (learning to move and moving to learn) and provides progressive learning
                                               for all pupils and a solid platform for further regular and enjoyable participation within and beyond the school setting.

To register for any of these events please contact: 01670 534434 Health & Well-being Administration Assistant ,Main Building – Hepscott Park

Further events and workshops may be planned and publicised later in the year via your local School Sport Partnership or the Physical Education website – under the Professional Development section

           Professional Development for school support staff in Physical Education, School Sport (PESS) and Physical Activity (PA)
Following last years` highly successful delivery of PESS & PA training modules for support staff, TAs & HLTAs, we are delighted to be able to offer this programme again.
 With an increasing number of Teaching Assistants and Higher Level Teaching assistants being asked to provide “support” for individual pupils , small groups and teaching and
learning in Physical Education, there is a growing need for a programme of PESS specific CPD to enable and assist these key members of the school workforce .The course is
developed around the HLTA professional standards and is ideally suited to those wishing to extend or enhance their current practice by developing a specialism in PE. This
modular programme has been a huge success, receiving excellent reviews from previous participants and generating interest from neighbouring Local Authorities

Schools / members of staff wishing to enquire about this certificated modular course should contact Julie Chisholm or Kathleen Marshall at the school workforce
development team To register for the modules please contact: Jacqui Pearson Senior Administrative Officer, Learning and Development 0-19 Service

The proposed programme will consist of 5 modules each delivered in local venues. Each Module (1 day) includes practical elements /activities .These will be non threatening &
delegates will be expected to wear appropriate clothing & participate in the practical activities.. Delegates completing all modules will receive a course completion certificate and
CPD file containing high quality advice and resources.

N.B. Attending this training will not give HLTA status but detailed outcomes expected from each module will help candidates who choose to engage on an HLTA programme .
Target Group     Module          Generic Module outcomes and specific module titles :                                                                     Local Venues , Dates and times
                                 It is expected that participants will;
                                        Improve their knowledge and understanding of Physical Education school sport and physical activity within    N.B .All modules will start promptly at 9.15 am and
                                         the context of their role.                                                                                  finish at no later than 3.15 pm. Please arrive at 9am   Course
                                        Feel more confident and effective in their role to support teachers work and improve the quality of
                                         teaching and learning in PESS within the school.                                                                WEST              NORTH             CENTRAL         Leaders
                                        Will make a substantial contribution towards achieving the professional standards for HLTA status, with
                                         specific reference to Physical Education, School Sport and Physical activity                                Hexham Mart      Lindisfarne MS       Choppington
                                                                                                                                                        TBC           Conference Rm,       Welfare,

School           Module A:                                                                                                                           Mon              Thurs 15th Oct       Fri 16th Oct      Alan Wallis,
                                                                                                                                                     12th Oct 09                                             School
support staff                       An introduction to Physical Education and School Sport (PESS) and your role in supporting the                                    2009                 2009
directly                             development of high quality PESS in school                                                                      TBC                                                     Adviser &
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Andy Brown ,
supporting                                                                                                                                                                                                   PESS
teaching and                                                                                                                                                                                                 consultant
learning in      Module B                                                                                                                            Wed 1st Dec      Thurs 3rd Dec 09     Fri 4th Dec       Alan Wallis
                                                                                                                                                                                                             and Andy
PE                                  Effectively supporting planning for learning                                                                    2009             2009                 2009

e.g.             Module C :                                                                                                                          Wed 10th Feb     Thurs 11th Feb       Fri 12th Feb      Alan Wallis
Aspiring                                                                                                                                                                                                     and Andy
                                    Effectively supporting high quality teaching and learning in PE                                                 2010             2010                 2010
Teaching                                                                                                                                                              Assembly room
Assistants,      Module D:                                                                                                                           Wed 21st April   Thurs 22nd April     Fri 23rd April    Alan Wallis
Cover                                                                                                                                                                                                        and Andy
                                    Supporting the teacher in improving pupil progress, attainment &“AfL” in PE.                                    2010             2010                 2010
and              Module E :                                                                                                                          Wed 9th June     Thurs 10th June      Fri 11TH June     Alan Wallis
                                                                                                                                                                                                             and Andy
Higher Level                        Supporting School Sport and Physical Activity in and through Out of School Hours Learning                       2010             2010                 2010
Assistants       Optional                                                                                                                            Tue 9th March    Wed 10th March       Fri 12th March    A Brown,
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Jayne Dixon/
                 SEN in PE          Supporting and Including Children and Young People with SEN in high quality Physical Education                  2010             2010                 2010
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Ros Doonan /
                 module                                                                                                                                                                                      Blackhall

                                              School Sport Partnership “localised” CPD events and opportunities

CPD opportunities featured on this page are free to schools within “organising” SSPs .To register for or enquire about any of these localised SSP specific events, please
contact appropriate School Sport Partnership Development Managers (PDM) using the contact details on page 9 of this brochure.

Coordinating SSP - colour key: Ashington, Blyth Bedlington, Cramlington Seaton Valley, Tynedale, Morpeth Ponteland, North Northumberland

                                                                                                                                                                           Organising School
       Target Group                Month / Date                                                 CPD Event (venue)                                                          Sports Partnership

KS1 Class teachers, HLTAs,                           KS1 Fundamentals & Multi Skills – the generics of agility, balance & co-ordination followed by application to
TAs, level 2 coaches
                                    17 Sept 2009     discrete curriculum areas eg. athletics, dance
                                                                                                                                                                      Tynedale (Anne Hudspith)
                                                     Wentworth Leisure Centre, 9am – 12.30 followed by PE meeting 1 – 2.30pm

                                         th          KS2 Fundamentals & Multi Skills – the generics of agility, balance & co-ordination followed by application to
KS2 Class teachers, HLTAs,          24 Sept 2009     discrete curriculum areas eg. athletics, dance                                                                   Tynedale
TAs, level 2 coaches                                 Wentworth Leisure Centre, 9am – 12.30 followed by PE meeting 1 – 2.30pm
KS3/4 PE teachers ,staff            29 Sept 2009     Concept 2 teachers rowing course: Intro to the machines and the ICT supplied.                                    Morpeth Ponteland(James Ellison)
involved in rowing                                   Ponteland LC 9-1pm
PLTs, PE Coord`s / staff leading         Date TBC                                                                                                                     North Northumberland (Dave Pick)
                                                     North Northumberland venue and date TBC by PDM
or supporting Dance at KS1& 2
Ks1 & KS2 Teachers (other staff
                                     5 October       Primary Teachers Tennis Course – free bag of equipment includes tennis net, 30 racquets, tennis balls, DVD,      Morpeth Ponteland
can attend but would not qualify                     lesson plans. (one bag per teacher/school)
                                                     9-12.30 Ponteland Sports Centre
for equipment or certification)
All PLTs /PE subject leaders                  TBC    FUNdamentals of movement and multi-skills                                                                        North Northumberland

                                     th              North Northumberland PLT day Venue and date TBC
All PLTs /PE subject leaders        5 Nov 2009                                                                                                                        North Northumberland
                                     th              AM - Using AfL & new Core tasks resource to help plot & improve pupil progress in PE (re-scheduled / MOP up) –
PLTs, PE Subject Leaders/staff      6 Nov 2009                                                                                                                        LA & Morpeth Ponteland
                                                     PM - SAQ afternoon workshop
leading supporting PESS KS1&
                                                                                                                                                                      N.N/land, Morp / Pont, Tynedale
Rural SSPs Middle & High           28 Nov 2009       North Northumberland/Morpeth & Ponteland/Tyndale School Sport Partnership Conference
Heads of PE
                                                                                                                                                                      Blyth Bedlington SSP (Paul
PLTs, PE Coord`s / staff leading    12th Nov 2009    Val Sabin Athletics at KS1,2/3 (Blyth Leisure Centre)                                                            Woodall)
or supporting PE at KS1& 2
Ks/1 & KS2 Teachers (other          27 Nov 2009      Primary Teachers Tennis Course – free bag of equipment includes tennis net, 30 racquets, tennis balls, DVD,      Tynedale
staff can attend but would not                       lesson plans. (one bag per teacher/school). Date to be confirmed by LTA tutor
qualify for equipment or
                                                                                                                                                                        Organising School
       Target Group               Month / Date                                                    CPD Event                                                             Sports Partnership

                                  JANUARY 2010
                                      th         Pilot course to introduce practical ideas & information on supporting Young People with disabilities & special
All staff who teach or support      19 January                                                                                                                    Tynedale
young people with special                        educational needs in physical education. Venue: Hexham Priory school, 9 – 3.30pm(approx`)
                                                                                                                                                                  (open to all)
educational needs in PE
All PLTs /PE subject leaders          10th       North Northumberland PLT day. Venue and date TBC                                                                 North Northumberland

KS2/3 PLTs and staff planning,        TBC        Introduction to Badminton as a Net / Wall Game. North Northumberland venue and date TBC
teaching/supporting PE                                                                                                                                            North Northumberland
KS1 & 2 Teachers (other               25         A ½ day Primary tennis teachers course (KS1&2). A new course with a huge equipment package attached              Blyth Bedlington
partnership can attend but                       through the LTA. Venue to be confirmed (places limited to 25)
would not qualify for equipment
or certification)
All KS3 & 4 PESS staff (cross        MARCH       A full day Secondary Tennis Teachers course (KS3&4). A new course with a huge equipment package attached         Blyth Bedlington (open to all SSPs)
                                         th      through the LTA. Venue to be confirmed (places limited to 25)
partnership) who teach or would        4
like to teach tennis                                                                                                                                              Cramlington Seaton Valley
                                           th    Quad Kids – Primary Athletics. Full day – Venue TBC
PLTs, PE Subject Leaders/staff         4                                                                                                                          (Marie-Anne Dowson)
leading supporting PE KS1& 2

KS1,2 ,3 Teachers who teach           TBC        LTA tennis teachers’ course. North Northumberland venue and date TBC
or would like to teach tennis                                                                                                                                     North Northumberland
All PLTs /PE subject leaders          TBC        North Northumberland PLT day Venue and date TBC                                                                  North Northumberland
Primary Link Teachers & Heads
                                    21 May       First Schools Data Survey & Review Mtg. 9am – 1pm , Venue :Ridley Hall Activity Development Centre
of PE in Middle & High
                                                 Data Survey & Review Meeting 9am-1pm Venue tbc                                                                   Morpeth Ponteland
Primary Link Teachers & Heads
of PE in Middle & High
All staff, HLTAs, TAs, coaches       JUNE
involved in the delivery of PE        TBC        ITC First Aid in Sport – 2 day course – Venue :Ridley Hall Activity Development Centre
and School Sport

N.B. Further local SSP CPD events and workshops, matched to local needs may be planned and publicised later in the year via your own School Sport Partnership .Please
contact your School Sport Coordinator /Partnership Manager to request or discuss specific local CPD .

                        Title                                     Name                 Tel no                 Mobile                                 E-mail
School Improvement Adviser (Health & Well Being)        Alan Wallis            01670 533505             07795121676
Physical Education & School Sport Consultant            Andy Brown             01670 533551             07989194342
Executive Director                                      Doug Lowery            01670 785029             07769671567
Project Development Manager                             Malcolm Moore          01670 785027                        
Widening Access Manager                                 Sonya McDonough        01670 785028             07786335568
Widening Access Manager                                 Joanne Edwards         01670 785030             07919014434
Business Support Assistant                              Kaye Scott             01670 785020                        
Netball Development Officer                             Joan Campbell          01670 785026             07771971279
Women & Girls Football Development Officer              Nicola Hepworth        01670 785021             07919695393
Project Development Officer                             Neville Duncan         01670 785023             07920743397
Business Manager                                        Lee Sprudd             01670 785031             07795014285
                                                        Laura Carmichael                                           
Project Development Assistants                                                 01670 785032
                                                        Jennifer Thompson                                          
Club and Coach Development Officer                      Stephen Parsons        01670 785031                        
For Sport Specific National Governing Body Development Managers/Officers contacts please log onto then click onto the desired sport i.e.:
Athletics                   Canoeing                 Disability Sport           Hockey                     Rugby League               Swimming
Badminton                   Cricket                  Football                   Netball                    Rugby Union                Table Tennis
Basketball                  Cycling                  Golf                       Outdoor Pursuits           Sailing/Yachting           Triathlon
Bowls                       Dance                    Gymnastics                 Rowing                     Squash                     Volley Ball etc
Lead Health Improvement Manager (NCT)                   Patrick Price          01670 394 400                       
NCT Lead for Healthy Lifestyles / Obesity               Ruth Stevens           01670 811 972                       
Northumberland Healthy Schools Coordinator              Angi Mitchison         01665 603411                                  Angela.Mitchison
Northumberland Care Trust -Health Improvement           Helen Prytherch        01670 784194                        
Practitioner Specialist/Acting Physical Activity Lead
Northumberland Play Development Coordinator             Janet Orrock           01661 839350                        
Alnwick Community Sport Manager                         Vic Howey              01665 714385                        
Alnwick SPAA Assistant                                  Leah Flynn             01665 714385                                  leah.flynn
Blyth Valley Leisure Development Manager                Nathan Rogerson        01670 542257                        
Wansbeck Area Sports Activator                          Lee Paris              01670 843432                        
Morpeth Area Sports Development Officer                 Andrew Tunnah          01670 794790                        
Tynedale Community Sport Manager                        Kathie Keady           01434 613217                        
Tynedale SPAA Assistant                                 Matt Bewick            01434 613217                        
Berwick Sports Development Officer                      Paul Jones             07961 441 648                       
Active Berwick Club Development Officer                 Gareth Hill            07515 288073                        
Ashington Sports College Director of Specialism         Gary Douglas           01670 812166                        
Haydon Bridge S.C. Director of Community Sport          Anne Hudspith          01434 344331                        
Senior Competition Manager                              Rod Rogers                                      07515284279
Competition Manager (North)                             Ben Hood                                        07525125991
Competition Manager (South)                             Michael Hutchison                               07525125992

                                                 NORTHUMBERLAND SCHOOL SPORTS PARTNERSHIPS
Ashington PDM                               Liz Armstrong       01670 812166 x 2029    07595651976
Assistant PDM                                Sarah Beall         01670 812166     “     07545205730
School Sport Coordinator                     Franki Clark                               07595651980
School Sport Coordinator                     Allison Claydon     01665 710636           07751822235
School Sport Coordinator                     Michael Jarvis      01670 818402           07595651977
School Sport Coordinator                     Simon Lowe          01670 812075           07595651978
School Sport Coordinator                     Paddy McBride       01670 813219           07595651982
School Sport Coordinator                     Joyce Richardson    01670 760271           07595651979
Finance                                      Glenis Durance      01670 812166 x 2029
North Northumberland PDM                    Dave Pick           01289 302681           07817537923
School Sport Coordinator                     Nicola Johnson      01665 604568           07976938092
School Sport Coordinator                     Elaine Hastings     01665 604568           07941426563
School Sport Coordinator                     Sam Garnham         01668 213361           07966625038
School Sport Coordinator                     Noel Hodgson                               07815616468
School Sport Coordinator                     Jayne Dixon         01665 604568           07967435484
School Sport Coordinator                     Laura Wood          01289 305083 ext 227   07845625951
Tynedale PDM                                Anne Hudspith       01434 344331           07734320278
Assistant PDM                                Isobel Davison      01434 344331           07970241975
School Sport Coordinator                     June Lomax          01661 832486           07976793662
School Sport Coordinator                     Paul Gaines         01434 610300           07810551232
School Sport Coordinator                     Adam Ford           01434 320491           07786326183
School Sport Coordinator                     Sarah Barnes        01434 220235               
School Sport Coordinator                     Roz Doonan          01434 344331           07803003828
School Sport Coordinator                     Liz Hicks           01434 684583           07745426134
School Sport Coordinator                     Sue Loraine         01434 602533           07906318011
Blyth Bedlington PDM                        Paul Woodall        01670 822625 ext 224   07971987552
Assistant PDM                                Helen Robson        01670 822625           07789172911
School Sport Coordinator                     Jane Errington      01670 822625           07714761880
School Sport Coordinator                     Carol Ward          01670 798100           07934420079
School Sport Coordinator                     Mike Jarvis         01670 823197           07921087251
School Sport Coordinator                     Angela Parsons      01670 366817           07908262238
School Sport Coordinator                     Alan Mole           01670 713553           07595651981
Morpeth Ponteland PDM                       James Ellison       01661 824711 Ex 250    07790011737
School Sport Coordinator – Ponteland         Victoria Naughton   01661 824711 Ex 250    07946321993
School Sport Coordinator – Morpeth           Andy Blight         01670 515415           07980399130
School Sport Coordinator – Ponteland         Jill Ash            01661 823167           07773558141
School Sport Coordinator – Special Schools   Moira Blackhall     01670 5163764          07929593764
School Sport Coordinator – Rothbury          Chris Hinson        01669 620287           07772988718
Cramlington Seaton Valley PDM               Marie-Anne Gray     0191 2371505           07894137714
School Sport Coordinator                     Deborah Chappell    0191 2371505           07864114587
School Sport Coordinator                     Neil Robinson       0191 2371402               
School Sport Coordinator                     Jill Ash                                   07773558141
School Sport Coordinator                     Gill Marsden                               07950168208
School Sport Coordinator                     Lee Austin                                 07811455323
Finance                                      Glenis Durance      01670 812166 x 2029


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