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									  When you're planning the perfect family getaway to the Caribbean
  you need a destination that gives you all the rest and relaxation you
        need while offering your children fun activities and plenty of
playtime hours under the sun. This is why we suggest family-friendly
      Bahamas holidays we give you the low-down on the best family
        activities to enjoy during your stay in one of the paradisiacal
                                                      .Bahamas islands

   The beautiful collection of Bahamas islands and islets are ideal for
      families looking to have a great time and create lifetime holiday
     memories. Planning a holiday in the Bahamas can be challenging
  when it comes to choosing the right island because there are simply
  so many of them. This is why the first step in planning your holiday
 must be surveying the family to find out what activities they're most
 interested in. Activities can range from swimming with the dolphins
to zip lining across lush tropical rainforests to visiting water parks or
 simply relaxing on the beach. Once you have your activities planned
     out, it becomes much easier to select the island that best fits your
   planned activities and then decide on whether the lodging will be a
                                                     .hotel, villa or resort

Here are some popular activities enjoyed by families while on holiday
                                                     :in the Bahamas

Marine animals - One of the most popular and enjoyable spots in the
      Bahamas is the Atlantis Aquaventure Water Park. The resort's
   aquariums and lagoons are home to over 500,000 marine animals.
       Navigate underwater tunnels for an up-close view of piranhas,
   sharks, stingrays, and other marine life where you can even watch
the fish at feeding time. The Atlantis water park is one of the biggest
    in the world at 141-acres. The dolphin habitat lets visitors mingle
with these friendly marine mammals in either deep or shallow water.
     Atlantis is a popular attraction not only for families, but also for
          couples and single travellers and reservations are definitely

  Dolphins - Swimming with the dolphins is a very popular activity in
the Caribbean. Both the Blue Lagoon Island Dolphin Encounters and
     the UNEXSO Dolphin Experience in the Bahamas offer dolphin
  swims where families can swim and interact with dolphins within a
                                                   .protective lagoon
 Zoo - There is only one zoo in the Bahamas and that is the Ardastra
 Gardens, Zoo and Conservation Park. The 5-acre reserve is home to
    wild cats, beautiful flamingos, parrots, geckoes, Bahamian boas,
  pheasants and red-breasted geese. Enthusiastic guides are on hand
    and are especially keen on introducing everyone to the parrots -
              .encouraging interaction with the birds at feeding time

  Museums: Pirate of the Nassau Museum offers the family both fun
                       .and an educational experience like no other

  As you can see, Bahamas holidays can be great fun for everyone in
                                   !the family, young and old alike

    Having worked in the tourism industry for over five years, before
       and after graduating from university in London, Susan Crown
brings a refreshing approach to the latest goings-on in the worldwide
  travel sector. Originally born in Cuba, from an early age due to her
father's job as a representative of Cuba's national flag carrier, Susan
     travelled extensively and lived in various parts of the world, thus
    being able to draw from her own experiences and take inspiration
            .from the exotic destinations she has visited over the years

At present she is a travel news editor at The Holiday Place a London-
      based UK tour operator specialising in Cuba holidays and other
   .exotic destinations in the Caribbean, Africa and the Indian Ocean

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