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					Golden Fish

The common goldfish has to be one of the most commonly
kept species of fish of all time. The goldfish is a very hardy
species and can adapt to a wide range of water parameters.
All too often though they are kept in bowls or small tanks that
are simply inadequate for their long term survival and these
small bowls provide for a very poor quality of life.

To provide a better quality of life for your goldfish consider
keeping them in a 20 gallon tank or larger and add 10 gallons
to that for each additional goldfish. Don't trust your local pet
store employee to provide accurate information. Many times
these are just local high school kids or college kids working
for gas money. Do your own research on any fish, plant, coral
or invert before you purchase them.

Give them a filter that is rated for twice your tank volume. In
other words, if you have a hang on type power filter and you
have a 20 gallon aquarium for your goldfish, get a power filter
rated for 40 gallons or larger. Goldfish eat frequently and get
kind of messy so an over-rated filter is a must.

Provide frequent partial water changes on a regular basis. Try
to change out 20 percent of their water every week or every
couple of days. If you dread having to do water changes look
into getting a python aquarium vacuum or a lee's aquarium
vacuum. These vacuums are just hoses with an attachment
that hooks up to your faucet and makes doing water changes
a breeze.

Give your goldfish several small feedings every day. A varied
diet is optimal and there are even fish foods made specifically
for goldfish. Use them.

Learn about the aquarium nitrogen cycle. This cycle is
extremely important for new hobbyists to understand if they
want to keep their fish alive for any amount of time. Often
times new hobbyists will go out and buy a tank and the fish at
the same time. All is well for a couple of days but then their
fish start to die... this is primarily due to ammonia poisoning
in an un-cycled tank. Learn about the aquarium nitrogen cycle
before you buy your first fish to prevent any unnecessary fish
deaths and heartache.

Consider joining an online fish forum where you can increase
your knowledge with keeping goldfish. There are lots of
forums online (Fish Lore has one as well) and you can make
really good online friends easily since these are folks that you
share in interest with already. They can help get you through
your trials and errors while on your aquarium keeping

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