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									Secrets of windows

)(roads Professional
To change the shape hard disk icon in your computer, do the
:following steps
Open the Windows notebook - 1
type the following lines - 2
icon = type the name and icon along here and it will be for example,
icon = abuharb.ico
Save the file as autorun.inf and place it in the disk that you want - 3
to change the form of its icon
should be the icon that you want to appear in each disk you want - 4
.to change the shape of its icon
.Note: The new icon will not appear until after the device is restarted[

Change the brand in the System Properties window

Andaldguet oath Jhazalkmiotr mouse on the icon appears in the
System Properties screen company logo and information about it ...
:You can Tgierhmaalhaar Mainaspk and information to

:A change of information
:Use Notepad and attached up Language Staralbeanat the following
Company name or any name) = Manufacturer(
Device model) = Model(

]Support Lnformation[
Information on the device or the information you want = Line 1
Line 2 =
Line 3 =
Line 4 =
)Save the file as OEMINFO.INI in a folder (c: \ windows \ system

:To change the logo
Save any image you want BMB appear along the dimensions of not
more than 180 pixels wide, as a rise in the 114 OEMLOGO.BMB in
.the same folder c: \ windows \ system
Automatic deletion of documents in

To do this, create a file called for example CLEAR.BAT and write it
the following line
move c: \ windows \ recent \ *. * c: \ recycled
- :It can be used in two ways
First: This file type in the first line of the Autoexec.bat file and thus
will remove the documents as soon as the device
Second: Make a shortcut to this file on the desktop, and you can
.delete documents whenever you wish by clicking on this icon

To find the folder quickly

:To review the contents of a folder quickly do the following
.Open the Start menu and select Run - 1
Type the path of the folder such as C: \ Program Files and then - 2
.click OK

Upgrade your old programs working on Windows 3.11

This is done through the program MKCOMPAT.EXE which
upgrades the software working on Windows
:to Ergiha not compatible with Windows 98 way 3.11
Run the program MKCOMPAT.EXE located in the directory c: \ - 1
widows \ system
Choose File and then Open the file open for the operational - 2
program, which is not compatible with Windows 98
and then save it then developed that will work with Windows 98 - 3
.with ease

Stop the automatic feature of the Windows operating

To stop the automatic operating feature of the Windows 98 Place the
phrase Altalahfa file or Msdos coneig.sys
:And that underline the following command
.BootGUI = 0
Cancel the windows logo on the operation of the system

If you want to run the previous Version of trampling on every time
you turn the device do put the following line in the MSDOS.SYS
.BootMenu = 1

Create an icon without a special program designed icons

You can be created via the icon painter with the existing Windows or
any drawing program last 98 Maalik only making image scale of 32 ×
32 pixels or 24 × 24 pixels and 16 × 16 pixels, then save it in any
.NAME.ICO along ico where name any name you want

Change the size and colors of dialog boxes

You can change the Healing brush change the size, type and color of
the font for dialog boxes by Go boiled Settings and then Control
Panel and then double-click on the "Display" then select
"Appearance" and then change the system that suits you and then
.press OK

Remove the volume control icon from the taskbar

Open the Start menu select Settings then went to Control Panel - 1
Choose from the Control Panel Multimedia - 2
Remove the checkmark from the box Show volume control and - 3
.then press OK

Avoid screen during the Windows 98 operating

To avoid Aalchach own Baloyndoz You may cancel once and by the
following change
Edit the file msdos.sys
Options] If you have created this line of before there is no need to [
.repeat it
BootGUI = 0

Disable the automatic operation of the CD-ROM

Disable the automatic operation when you enter the property has a
CD-ROM Autorun (autorun) for music or other, just press the Shift
.key for a few seconds after closing the door of the CD

Change the login screen and off

A search for files and Logo.sys Logos.sys and Logow.sys in your
system and work back up to recover in the event of problems or at
.any time you want
Note: (These three files are the files bmb graphical body dimensions
.)of 20 * 400 pixels resolution 256 colors
To change the images along the three dimensions to bmb proportion
.is 4 to 3 and then modified as you like by any paint program
C is the dimensions of the images to 320 * 400 pixels and save it along
.the sys
D Put the screens off (Logos.sys and Logow.sys) in a folder and file
.windows start-up (Logo.sys) in the disk \: c directly

Add shortcuts to the Send To list

When you press the oath mouse on a folder or icon opens a menu
with the number of options "Send to", this menu you can add some
shortcuts important such as printers, to print a file in any printer
installed on the computer, or a drawing program, to open the images
..that will open the program is another ... etc
:Here's how to add these shortcuts
Open the folder: c: \ windows \ sendTo
.And add the shortcuts you want

Graphical capture screens from aldose

We can pick up graphic images of stomping and stomping when run
from Windows - as follows - when your inside the game by pressing
.ALT + ENTER to minimize the stomping
You'll see a window of the mini-game press of the button in the left
corner of the screen choose EDIT> MARK, then highlight the area
you want with the mouse and then choose EDIT> COPY
And you can paste it into any graphics program or processor of the
.words EDIT> PASTE

Delete any file permanently from your computer

If you want to delete a file without sending it to the Recycle Bin
(delete any permanently) .. Point on the file and then press the keys
.Shift + Delet

Organize the list of programs

Is the list of programs you have a long and hard to find the desired
.. program quickly
:Here's the way to get rid of this problem
Click a mouse oath on the list of the "Start" and select Explore and
then open the Programs folder you will find that all icons to run
.programs which is itself located in the Programs list
To do the basic folders such as "program fee", "multimedia",
"Arabic programs" .. and so on .. Affidavit by clicking the mouse in
any blank area in the Programs folder and choose New Folder will
.open a list of Achtermnha Matrade to name it and then press Enter
C escaped the shortcuts that you want in any folder to complete the
.order process
D Open the list of programs you will find the same salary as your

Open any program by the keyboard

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