The RANZCP NSW BTC was formed 1984-85 to oversee psychiatry registrar training in NSW. The BTC is
responsible to the RANZCP Committee for Training, a sub-committee of the Fellowships Board.

The structure of the BTC is outlined in College Training and examinations By-laws
The current composition of the BTC is set out below.

                            (Dr Bruce Boman – Acting Chair)

 Executive                                                                Administrative
 Officer                                                                  Officer
 Ms Pam Allen                                                             Ms Carolyn

                           Network Directors for Basic and Generalist Advanced Training
 Director Network A     Director Network B      Director Network C       Director Network D     Director Network E
 Hunter /New            Northern Sydney/        Sydney                   South Eastern          Sydney South
 England AHS            Central Coast/          West/Greater             Sydney/ Illawarra/     West/ North
                        Greater Western         Southern AHS &           North Coast AHS        Coast AHS
                        AHS                     Westmead
                                                                         Dr Usman Malik/Dr
                        Dr Stephen Jurd         Dr Greg de               Kirsty Morris
 Dr Martin Cohen        (Acting)                Moore                    (Acting)               Dr Bruce Boman

                                 State Directors of Subspecialty Advanced Training
 State Director         State Director          State Director         State Director           State Director
 Advanced               Advanced                Advanced               Advanced                 Advanced
 Consultation-          Psychotherapy           Addictions             Child and                Forensic
 Liaison                                                               Adolescent
 Dr Fran Orr            Dr Jeff Streimer        Dr Mark Montebello     Dr Michael Bowden        Dr Anthony

 State Director         State Director
                                                 State Director
 Advanced               Advanced
 Old Age                Adult                    Generalist
                        Dr Michael               Dr Viktoria
 Dr Claire Jones        Robertson                Sundakov
                      Other representatives
 APT                    NSW                     Director, NSW
 representative         Examinations            Institute of
                        Secretary               Psychiatry
                        Dr Warren Kealy-        Dr Louise
 Dr John Kasinathan     Bateman                 Newman

                               The Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Psychiatrists
                                New South Wales Branch Training Committee (2005)
               PHONE: (02) 9810 7963           FAX: (02) 9810 5073       EMAIL:
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       Network A – covering Hunter/New England Area Health Service

A two-hour drive from Sydney, Newcastle offers an excellent lifestyle and quality of life with affordable
living that is close to beaches and vineyards. Hunter New England Health was created in early 2005
following the merger between Hunter, New England and the Lower Mid North Coast. Mental health
services provide an integrated program of psychiatric hospital and community based services.

The Hunter New England Clinical Training Network has accredited training terms in Adult General
Inpatient, Adult General Community, Integrated (hospital and community) and private hospital based
general adult psychiatry, Psychiatric Intensive Care, Psychiatry of Old Age, Forensic, Rehabilitation,
Perinatal, Consultation Liaison, Child/Adolescent, and Dual Diagnosis psychiatry (both inpatient and
outpatient). The Network also provides a high quality-training program in ECT with a strong academic
focus that is paired with regular supervised procedural experience.

Clinical services are provided over four hospital sites. The James Fletcher Hospital is an acute
psychiatric hospital with 64 beds in general adult psychiatry and 22 beds dedicated to psychiatry of old
age. In addition there are 24 general adult psychiatry beds located in the Hunter Valley at Maitland
Hospital. Morisset Hospital is located on the western shores of Lake Macquarie and has 130 beds for
sub-acute and non-acute psychiatry including rehabilitation, forensic, neuropsychiatry and psychiatry
for the older person. The recent opening of a 12 bed Child and Adolescent Unit at the John Hunter
Hospital completes the overall inpatient services. Community based services linked to the inpatient
services are located throughout the region. This network includes the following rural sites: Tamworth
and Manning Base Hospitals and the Maitland Mental Health Team.

Psychiatry Trainees who are successfully appointed to the Hunter New England Clinical Training
Network are provided with a tenured training experience, which allows them to fulfil all of their training
requirements. The training program is tailored to the developmental level of the trainee. Lecturers
include a number of local experts, as well as bi-national, and occasionally international experts.
Trainees are paid to attend lectures during their work time and lecture times are protected from usual
clinical duties. There is a preparation program for pre-examination candidates for both the written and
clinical examinations. HNET has an excellent reputation for training that is exemplified by the success
of our trainees in examinations and the high rates of retention of our recently elected fellows as staff

       Network B – covering Northern Sydney/Central Coast & Greater Western Area
        Health Services

This network covers a large suburban and coastal area north of the Harbour Bridge through to the
Central Coast. The population is relatively affluent, but there is a significant percentage of residents
from non-English speaking backgrounds.

There is an excellent network of hospitals and community services with units of world repute. The
following rural sites are included in network: Bloomfield Hospital (Orange), Dubbo, Wyong and Broken
Hill Hospitals.

Training opportunities include training in a variety of sub specialties such as Drug and Alcohol, Aged
Care, Child, Rehabilitation and Mood Disorders. There is a comprehensive registrar training
programme run with specific focus for first year trainee exams skills, and for training for the
examinations. Academic presence is high with the Academic Unit at Royal North Shore Hospital
generating much research in the field of psychological medicine. The hospitals and community
services include Royal North Shore, Hornsby, Manly and Macquarie.

There is a strong emphasis in attention to the personal needs of trainees, including family needs, with
flexible work arrangements available.

                        The Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Psychiatrists
                         New South Wales Branch Training Committee (2005)
      PHONE: (02) 9810 7963             FAX: (02) 9810 5073       EMAIL:
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       Network C – covering Sydney West/ Greater Southern Area Health Services &
        the Children’s Hospital at Westmead

The network covers a population of about one million people of a mixed cultural background. The
area extends from Auburn to Westmead-Parramatta (the demographic heart of Sydney) and on to the
Blue Mountains.

The major teaching hospitals affiliated with the University of Sydney are Westmead Hospital,
Cumberland Hospital, Blacktown Hospital and Nepean Hospital.

Within the grounds of the Westmead-Cumberland campus are the NSW Institute of Psychiatry, the
NSW Transcultural Mental Health Centre and a tertiary referral medium-secure Forensic Unit. There
is an extensive and integrated community mental health network linked with the hospital based
services. Parramatta’s pivotal role in the birth of Sydney as the country’s major metropolitan centre is
reflected in a number of the historic buildings on this extensive psychiatric campus.

The accredited terms provided include Integrated Adult Psychiatry, Rehabilitation Psychiatry,
Consultation Liaison Psychiatry, Old Age Psychiatry, Substance Abuse, Child and Adolescent
Psychiatry, Forensic Psychiatry, Community Psychiatry and Perinatal Psychiatry.

Within the network there are special programs in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (Professorial Unit),
Perinatal Psychiatry (Professorial Unit), Eating Disorders, Anxiety Disorders, Huntington’s disease and
other neurological disorders, Psychiatric Intensive Care, Neuroscience, Management of Trauma
Victims, Family Therapy and Adolescent Psychosis early intervention programmes and there are
ample opportunities for research. The network includes the following rural sites: Goulburn, Wagga
Hospital, Albury Hospital, Blue Mountains Hospital and Lithgow Hospital.

       Network D – covering South Eastern Sydney/Illawarra & North Coast Area
        Health Services

The South Eastern Sydney part of the network encompasses a large area, extending from the inner
city and Eastern suburbs to the Royal National Park and offers a unique training experience. The
major teaching hospitals are Prince of Wales Hospital, St Vincent's Hospital, St George Hospital and
Sutherland Hospital, which are affiliated with the University of New South Wales. The above hospitals
service a socioculturally diverse region.

The Illawarra part of the network covers the area from Helensburgh in the north to Ulladulla in the
South. The area is about one hour's drive or train trip south of Sydney. The area has numerous
beautiful beaches and rainforest areas as well as spacious rural areas and central business districts.
There is also a large industrial steel making area and coal mining activities.

Registrars attend local training programmes, Area-wide exam preparation and the Institute of
Psychiatry course. On site supervision is available in both cognitive and dynamic psychotherapy.
There is a strong focus on psychiatry training and exam preparation and a strong record of high pass
rates in candidates attempting the FRANZCP exams. Our psychiatrists are all FRANZCP accredited
supervisors and many are regular college examiners. All registrars are encouraged to be involved in
quality assurance projects and Divisional Committees.

The Network provides different experiences in general adult psychiatry in both hospital and community
settings, with diverse socio-economic and multicultural settings. There are a number of well-developed
specialty terms in Early Psychosis Teams, Mood Disorders Unit, Neuropsychiatry, Psychiatry of Old
Age, Consultation Liaison Psychiatry, HIV Psychiatry, Perinatal Psychiatry, Addiction Psychiatry,
Anxiety Disorders, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, and Medium Stay Psychiatric Rehabilitation. The
network includes the following rural sites: Illawarra (Nowra), Lismore and Tweed Heads Hospital. The
network also includes Justice Health.

                        The Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Psychiatrists
                         New South Wales Branch Training Committee (2005)
      PHONE: (02) 9810 7963             FAX: (02) 9810 5073       EMAIL:
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There is a strong academic base with the opportunity to pursue research in a teaching hospital
environment. The network has an extremely productive research centre, the UNSW School of
Psychiatry, including affiliated units such as the Black Dog Institute, the Clinical Research Unit for
Anxiety and Depression, and the Neuropsychiatric Institute. Faculty members, many of whom are
internationally recognised in their fields, are keen to foster an interest in research among trainees, and
can provide inspiration and mentorship for dissertations and postgraduate degrees.

The network offers part-time training opportunities for registrars requiring flexible work arrangements.

       Network E – covering Sydney South West & North Coast Area Health Services

The Sydney South West Area covers the inner western suburbs of Sydney, and the south western
suburbs which are the fast growing part of Sydney. The network comprises both rural and urban
areas, and a culturally rich catchment population.. The area includes Sydney’s largest Koori
population as well as sizeable Vietnamese, Italian, Greek, Lebanese and South American

The main mental health facilities are at Concord, Royal Prince Alfred, Rozelle, Rivendell, Bankstown-
Lidcombe Hospital, Liverpool Hospital and Campbelltown Hospital.

Accredited terms are Adult General (inpatient and integrated hospital and community), Child and
Adolescent, Forensic (Long Bay Prison Hospital), Psychiatry of Old Age (both inpatient and
community), Consultation Liaison, Drug and Alcohol, Rehabilitation Psychiatry, Aboriginal Mental
Health, Eating Disorders, early psychosis intervention, STARTTS (trauma service for refugees),
Transcultural psychiatry. The network includes the following rural sites: Port Macquarie Hospital,
Kempsey Hospital, Coffs Harbour Hospital.

                        The Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Psychiatrists
                         New South Wales Branch Training Committee (2005)
      PHONE: (02) 9810 7963             FAX: (02) 9810 5073       EMAIL:
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