1.   Safety glasses are required to be worn at all times in designated areas where there is risk
     of eye injury.

2.   Clean lab coats are required to be worn at all times in the optical laboratory.

3.   Jewelry, wrist watches, and other loose or dangling items must be removed at all times
     while in the optical laboratory.

4.   Sandals are not allowed in the optical laboratory.

5.   Report all accidents or injuries immediately to your instructor.

6.   Never operate machines which haven't been discussed in class or on which you have not
     received instructions from the instructor.

7.   Report any machine which is not operating properly to your instructor. Do not attempt to
     repair it.

8.   T H I N K before you use equipment or machines. Ask yourself:
     A. Have I set up this machine properly? Have I followed instructions properly?
     B. If you don't know, ask. The only dumb question is the one that is not asked.

9.   Clean up spills on the floor immediately as it is slippery when wet. More injuries are
     caused from falling than any other type of accident.

10. Put tools, supplies, and materials back in their proper place when you are finished using
    them. Clutter not only causes accidents but wastes time looking for missing tools.

11. Use furniture properly. Chairs are to sit on, tables are used for workspace. Accidents are
    frequently caused from improper use of chairs and tables.

12. Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the school and is extremely dangerous in the

13. Think safety, practice safety, and develop an attitude of safety towards yourself and

14. The Instructor is the initial safety point of contact in the laboratory. Equipment
    inspections are conducted prior to operation each quarter.

15. Safety suggestions should be directed to the Opticianry program instructor.

16. Students who fail to demonstrate safe shop skills will be warned by the instructor and
    required to leave the optical laboratory until they can present evidence of good faith in the
    attitude and practice of safety.

       POLICE, AMBULANCE, FIRE:                           DIAL 911
                     SECURITY:                            DIAL 2911

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