STRATFORD-UPON-AVON TOWN COUNCIL


                               3 NOVEMBER 2009
                             Present - Councillors:
                Crutchley - Chairman Short - Vice Chairman
                Dowling                 Taylor
                McFarlane               Thomas

Clerk – Planning Clerk

Planning Consultation - Avon Planning Services

One member of the public

77. Apologies
    There were no apologies for absence.
78. Declaration of Interests
    Councillor Crutchley declared a non-prejudicial interest in application
    09/01986/FUL and Councillor Short declared a non-prejudicial interest in
    application 09/02022/FUL. Both applications are minuted as 83.2.
79. Minutes

    RESOLVED:       That the Draft Open Minutes of the Planning Consultative
                    Committee meeting held on 13 October 2009 be approved
                    and adopted.

80. Public Participation
    There was no public participation.

81. To register a representative from the Planning Consultative
    Committee to attend the Stratford District Council West Area Planning
    Meeting scheduled for Wednesday 4 November 2009
    RESOLVED: There were no applications pertinent to the Town Council at
              this time.

82. Notice of Decision
    A summary of Notice of Decision was circulated to Members.

83. Action taken by the Town Clerk after consultation with the
    representatives from the Planning Consultative Committee and Avon

   83.1 Proposals for the following applications were resolved:

           Application No     Site
           09/01921/FUL       15 Quineys Road, Shottery
           09/01985/ADV       Maybrook Retail Park, Maybrook Road
           09/02010/TREE      36 Maidenhead Road
           09/01856/FUL       16 St Martins Close
           09/01357/FUL       50 Maidenhead Road
           09/01994/FUL       44 Blue Cap Road
           09/01854/FUL       259 Birmingham Road
           09/02013/FUL       Anne Hathaways Cottage, Cottage Lane,
           09/00356/FUL       5 Hillside Road
           09/01900/FUL       28 Banbury Road
           09/02074/TREE      Bishopton House, 19 Elgin Gardens
           09/02127/TREE      The Thatched House, 16 Tavern Lane,
           09/02093/LBC       Arden Thistle Hotel, 44 Waterside
           09/02063/FUL &     8 Sheep Street
           09/02133/FUL       Unit H1, Maybird Retail Park, Birmingham
   83.2   Planning application(s) deferred after consultation with Town
          Clerk, Chairman, Vice-Chairman (or their substitutes) and Avon
          Planning Services on 27 October 2009

          PLANNING APPLICATION 09/01952/FUL – 4 Birmingham
          Road, Stratford-upon-Avon

          Proposed dropped kerb to existing driveway. It was

          RESOLVED:       The Town Council Planning Consultative
                          Committee has carefully considered this
                          application in relation to the comments of the
                Highway Authority. However, despite these
                negative comments, the Town Council would
                support this proposal for the following reasons.
                There are numerous access points along this
                section of Birmingham Road some of which are in
                relatively close proximity to the roundabout. The
                Committee supported this application 4 votes to 3.
PLANNING APPLICATION 09/01986/FUL – Margaret Court,
Main Street, Tiddington, Stratford-upon-Avon

Change of use of land adjacent to the eastern boundary of the site
previously used as access to the Home Guard Club to further
parking area associated with the Margaret Court development. It

RESOLVED:       The Town Council Planning Consultative
                Committee would support this application for
                additional parking within the site. There should
                however be conditions requiring details of the new
                street lighting along the footpath to be provided to
                the District Council for consideration to ensure that
                there is adequate lighting in the interests of public

PLANNING APPLICATION 09/01872/FUL – The Limes, 41 Main
Street, Tiddington, Stratford-upon-Avon

Proposed extension to existing guest house to form new entrance,
restaurant/bar area, additional bedrooms and associated facilities.
Creation of additional vehicular access. It was

RESOLVED:       The Town Council Planning Consultative
                Committee, after carefully considering the
                comments of the Highway Authority and the
                residents, support this application.

PLANNING APPLICATION 09/02022/FUL – Riverside Caravan
Park, Tiddington Road, Stratford-upon-Avon

Demolition of existing building and erection replacement
clubhouse and offices. It was

           RESOLVED:         The Town Council Planning            Consultative
                             Committee make no representation.

              PLANNING APPLICATION 09/02028/FUL – 1 Benson Road,

              Erection of triple detached garage. Boundary fencing replaced
              with wall, driveway entrance widened and one driveway to be
              pedestrian only. It was

           RESOLVED:         The Town Council Planning Consultative
                             Committee objects to this application for the
                             following reasons:

                             Since the trees were removed this plot has
                             become significantly more prominent in the street
                             scene. Consequently the proposed garage, due to
                             its excessive height and width would be
                             incongrous within the street scene. Due to its
                             location on the plot it would disrupt the building
                             line on Maidenhead Road.

                             Furthermore, the proposal fails to preserve or
                             enhance the special qualities of the Conservation

                             If this application is heard before the District
                             Council Planning Committee the Town Council
                             would urge the Members of the Committee to visit
                             the site prior to making a decision.

         84.     Planning Training
               It was proposed by the Chairman that full discussions
                on item(s) minuted as 83.2 (application 09/02028/FUL) was
                sufficient training for this meeting.

     The Chairman declared the meeting closed at 8.00 p.m.

Next Chairman’s Actions Meeting: Monday 16 November 2009 at 9.00 a.m.

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