River Friendly_ River Wild by dffhrtcv3


									River Friendly, River
      Jane Kurtz
       Other Literature
• Fire Mountain by Jane Kurtz
• The River by Gary Paulson
• River Thunder by Will Hobbs
• River Ran Wild: An Environmental History by
  Lynne Cherry
• Where the River Begins by Linda Crew
• River Town by Arthur Geisert
• People of the River by Michael & Kathleen Gear
             Unit Plan
• The learner will be able to describe how
  rivers change and will be able to recite
  major rivers around the world and facts
  about them
• The learner will organize and create a
  poem and a story to present to an audience
• The learner will review and recall facts and
  a basic understanding about the Flood of
         Language Arts Modes
•   Viewing
     –   “Keep the Faith” movie
     –   Poem display
•   Listening
     –   “Keep the Faith”
     –   Poem presentation
•   Talking
     –   Presenting story and poem to audience
     –   Sharing knowledge and thoughts about the Flood
•   Writing
     –   Poem
     –   Animal Story
•   Reading
     –   Rd. books by Jane Kurtz
     –   Rd. books about rivers and natural disasters
•   Visual Representation
     –   Word wall
     –   Stuffed Animal art project
         Cross Curricular Web
•   Math
     –    word problems about rivers
•   Music
     –    Watch “Keep the Faith”
     –    Listen to songs from “Keep the Faith”
•   Science
     –    Project about changing rivers
     –    History about the Red River and Natural Disasters
•   Geography
     –    Study major rivers around the world
     –    River presentations
•   Art
     –    Create “Animal Portraits”
•   Physical Education
     –    “Cross the River” cooperative game
                         Lesson Plan
Grade Level: 3rd
Subject: Language Arts
Materials: stuffed animal, paper, pencil
•  3.3.2
•  3.3.3
•  3.3.8
•  3.3.9
•  3.3.12

•  TLW organize and create animal story
•  TLW type and revise each draft
•  TLW type and present animal story to class

Learning Activities:
•   Each student will bring in a stuffed animal from home that they are willing to donate
•   Have the students brainstorm ideas for their story that will be based on their
    stuffed animal
•   When the students have an idea have them write a rough draft
                      Lesson Plan
•   When the students have completed their rough draft review it with them
•   Have the students type their draft and hold peer conferences to review and revise
    using the 6+1 writing traits rubric
•   Have the students revise their draft and print their final draft
•   When their art project is finished present their story along with their animal portrait
    to the class and their parents
•   Package everything together to send to a class in Northwood or any place where a
    disaster has recently occurred

•  Grade animal story using the 6+1 writing traits
•  The students will present their story and art project to the class and their parents


• Strategies
  –   Tapping prior knowledge
  –   Predicting
  –   Organizing ideas
  –   Visualizing
  –   Figuring out unknown words
  –   Making connections
  –   Revising meaning
  –   Monitoring
  –   Evaluate
• Skills
   – Comprehension
       • Identify cause and effect
       • Notice organizational patterns of poetry
   – Print Skills
       •   Use classroom resources
       •   Apply spelling rules
       •   Capitalize proper nouns and adjectives
       •   Sound out words using phonics
   – Study Skills
       • Follow directions
       • Make outlines and clusters
   – Language Skills
       • Use punctuation marks
  Technology Resources
• Computers
  – Students will type their story and poems
• Video
  – Watch the musical “Keep the Faith”
• Camera
  – Students will take a picture with their stuffed
    animal to send with art and story
• Individual
  – Writing poems and story
  – Journal reflection
• Small group
  – Peer groups to revise story
  – Science projects
• Whole group
  – Reading “River Friendly, River Wild”
  – Science Trivia
• Day 1
  – LA Read “River Friendly, River Wild” by Jane Kurtz.
    Class discussion to introduce the Flood of 1997and
    general facts about it
  – LA Have students brainstorm ideas for their animal
    story that they are going to be donating to students who
    were displaced by the Northwood tornado. The story,
    art project, and the stuffed animal will be sent to the
  – Science, introduce rivers and brainstorm what rivers
    bring to a community, habitats, how rivers change, etc.
  – Science- In small groups do the “river changing” science
    project. Have the students predict what the river will
    look like after certain time periods (5, 10, 15, 20 min,
• Day 2
  – LA Give the students time to organize their
    story ideas and time to write their rough draft.
    The story should be about courage and strength
  – Math complete worksheet on word problems
    about floods and natural disasters
  – Science- discuss natural disasters and the
    climates they occur in. In small groups assign a
    natural disaster for each group to research and
    present to the class. The information is
    discussed in their science book.
• Day 3
  – LA Hold peer conference meetings using grading
    the 6+1 writing rubric to review and revise their
    animal story
  – PE play a cooperative team game called “Cross the
    River” where students have to cross the river using
    pieces of carpet
  – Science, study animals that live in and around
  – Geography, study major rivers around the world on
    the map. In small groups have the students collect
    facts on assigned rivers using their books and the
    internet. Present their information to the class
• Day 4
  – LA- Type rough draft of animal story. Hand in rough
    draft for the teacher to look at and make corrections.
  – LA Introduce poetry and have students write an “I
    remember” poem about a blizzard they were in
  – Art, give students various materials to creat a picture.
    This will be sent along with their story and stuffed
    animal to Northwood.
  – Science, play trivia game to review facts about rivers
    for test
• Day 5
  – LAStudents will present their animal story to
    the class and their parents
  – LAThey will type poem that they will share
    with the class if they want to then they will be
    displayed in the room
  – Music, view “Keep the Faith” video about the
    Flood of 1997 and write a journal reflection
    about their thoughts and feelings about it
  – Have a class discussion about the Flood and
    natural disasters. This is a chance to
    summarize what the students have learned and
    their thoughts on the topic
  – Science, multiple choice exam
•   Science
    – Multiple choice and matching exam
    – Science project worksheet
•   Language Arts
    – Presentations to the class and parents according to rubric
    – 6+1 writing traits for story and poem
•   Art
    – Present along with their animal story
    – Class critique
•   Music
    – Write a journal reflection
•   Math
    – Worksheet on river word problems

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