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									Views on the Bailout
                     Legislative Branch
 Lay and collect taxes
 Borrow money on the credit of the United States
 Pay debts and provide for the common defense
 Coin money and regulate its value
 Establish post offices
 Provide and maintain a navy
 Declare War
 Raise and support armies
 Make laws
 Regulate Commerce
Establish a uniform rule of naturalization (how immigrants become citizens)
            Elastic Clause
This gives Congress the ability to exercise
power or create laws not specifically
mentioned in the Constitution.

This can only be used when Congress feels
that it is “necessary or proper”
Aim: What powers are granted to the
executive branch?
        Executive Branch
• President: Leader of the country and
  Commander in Chief of the military.
• Vice President: President of the
  Senate and becomes President if the
  President is unable to serve.
• Cabinet: contains the Vice President
  and the heads of 15 federal agencies
• Independent Agencies: Help
  execute policy or provide special
              Electoral College
• Number of electors in each state = # of
  representatives in the house + 2
• Candidate wins election by receiving the
  majority of Electors votes (270)
                Executive Branch
Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Navy

Grant reprieve and pardons

Nominate and appoint ambassadors

Make treaties

Recommend legislation

Receive ambassadors and other public ministers

Give Congress information on the state of the Union

Take care that laws be faithfully executed
•   Treason
•   Bribery
•   High crimes
•   Misdemeanors

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