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									                                  Arkansas ACTE
                                   Board Minutes
                               Spring Board Meeting
                    Pulaski Technical College / February 25, 2008

The meeting was called to order at 9:15 am on Monday April 25, 2008. The meeting
took place at Pulaski Technical College in North Little Rock.

Members present: Ben Rutherford – President, Sue Burris – Past President, Ray
Winiecki – President Elect, and Debbie Anselmi – AR ACTE Executive Director;

Board Members - Dottie Whiteside (Administration), Brinda Berry (Adult Workforce
Ed.), Angie Hutson (Business Ed.), Pam Pruett (Family and Consumer Sciences),
Raelyne Massey (Family and Consumer Sciences), Laurie Prather (Health Science
Tech.), Mike Haynes (New and Related Services), Dennis Butler (Special Needs), Vinson
Carter (Trade and Industrial Ed.);

Committee Chairs/ Members – David Hughes (Region IV Policy), James Cannon (AR
Legislative), Jeremy Brevell (AR Membership), Kyle Sanders (AR & Region IV
Bylaws), Linda Callaway (AR Public Information).

DWE Liaisons – John Davidson (Deputy Director-AR Department of Workforce ED.)
and Roderick Duckworth (Associate Director- AR Department of Workforce Ed.)

Not Present: Sammy Cox (Agriculture Ed.), John Jones (Agriculture Ed.), Harry
Almond (Business Ed.), Ann Wright (Guidance), Helen Hicks (Marketing), Tammy
Elliot (Region IV Strategic Planning) Sherree Hughes (AR & Region IV CTE Support
Fund and National Legislative).

President Ben Rutherford welcomed everyone to the spring board meeting. The
introduction of board members followed. Roderick Duckworth was introduced as the
new Associate Director of the AR Department of Workforce Ed.

Roderick Duckworth greeted the board with opening remarks that included his
background in CTE and his support of ACTE.

President Ben Rutherford handed out copies of the spring board meeting agenda.

Motion was made by Angie Hutson and seconded by Vinson Carter to accept the
meeting agenda. Passed

President Ben Rutherford handed out copies of the fall 2007 board meeting minutes for

The fall 2007 board meeting minutes were approved by acclamation.

AR ACTE 2008 Spring Board Meeting                                                   1
President Ben Rutherford gave a report on the 2007 National ACTE Conference held
in Las Vegas.
(Agenda item 5. a. i.)
He indicated that the conference was very informative.
The 2008 National ACTE Conference will be held in Charlotte North Carolina.
Arkansas received the “Quality Association Award.”
Arkansas is the only state to be a “Titanium Contributor” to National CTE Support Fund.
All board members were encouraged to be sure and be on the National ACTE “Email
Blast” list.

Executive Committee Recommendations:
(Agenda item 5. a. ii.)
The executive committee recommended that the board look at the current summer
conference registration fees and consider an increase. This increase is needed to offset
the rising costs of putting on the summer conference.

David Hughes reported that all National AOD resolutions passed.
The earliest that National ACTE dues can be increased is 2010.
At the National AOD (Assembly of Delegates), Arkansas voted as per the board’s
recommendations made at the fall board meeting.

Debbie Anselmi gave the Executive Director’s Report.
(Agenda item 5. a. iii.)
AR ACTE needs to set a membership date for a deadline to be used toward counting for
board representation. A June 30 deadline was discussed.
AR ACTE has 2 Certificates of Deposit, one $50,000 CD for scholarships and one AR
ACTE CD for $46,869.88.
Debbie Anselmi passed out copies of information describing both CDs.
Copies of AR ACTE “Profit & Loss” statements were passed out.
A recommendation was made to remove the $150 stipend paid to the executive
committee members attending the AOD at the national convention. AR ACTE already
pays the expenses for the executive committee to attend the national conference.
Arkansas’ ACTE Summer Conference expenses have gone up.
In order to increase visits to the vendors at the summer conference, a “vendor passport”
was discussed.
Scholarship costs have gone from $4,500 in 2007, down to $3,000 for 2008.

Kyle Sanders gave the Bylaws Committee Report.
(Agenda item 5. b. i.)
The committee agreed to compare our “Bylaws” with our “Policy & Procedures” and
look for any existing overlap of information.
The committee agreed to align our Bylaws and Policies & Procedures with those from
National ACTE.
The committee is going to meet and consider fall 2007 board meeting agenda items 6. i,
2 and 5.

AR ACTE 2008 Spring Board Meeting                                                          2
Jeremy Brevell gave an AdHoc Membership Committee Report.
(Agenda item 5. c. i.)
Jeremy handed out a copy of the committee report.
An award for the highest increase in divisional membership, the “Achieve 100” Award,
was discussed.
The report recommended that we use September 30 as our deadline for receiving division
applications for the “Achieve 100” Award.

A motion was made by Jeremy Brevell and seconded by Dennis Butler that we
incorporate the “Achieve 100” Award and recognize the division with the highest %
of membership increase annually. A plaque will be displayed at DWE with
nameplates identifying the division winners. The winning division will also receive
one free ACTE membership. Passed

James Cannon gave the Legislative Policy Seminar AdHoc Committee report.
(Agenda item 5. c. ii.)
James indicated that he had completed setting up legislative visits for the upcoming
National Policy Seminar.
James passed out copies of the AR ACTE schedule of legislative visits.

John Davidson suggested that AR ACTE develop a political platform on which to
pursue policies favorable to CTE.
He offered assistance by DWE.
The platform should be a 5-8 page document and be presented at summer conference.
This document should be given to all members at the closing session of the summer

Ben Rutherford dissolved the State Legislative Policy Seminar AdHoc Committee.

Ben Rutherford instituted the AR ACTE Platform AdHoc Committee. This committee
is comprised of the former State Legislative Policy Seminar AdHoc Committee members,
along with the AR ACTE executive committee.

It was noted that Raelyne Massey replaces Pam Pruett on the committee.

Debbie Anselmi gave a report from the Region IV Planning AdHoc Committee.
(Agenda item 5. c. iii.)
The conference dates are April 16-18, 2009 and the location will be Hot Springs, AR.
The rooms at the Hot Springs Convention Center have been secured.
The Awards session will be held at the Austin Hotel.
Sue Burris is working on acquiring a keynote speaker.
Discussions are on-going concerning industry tours and tours at NPCC.
A Hot Springs Community Service Project was discussed. Topics discussed were
assisting an orphanage with their needs and possible CTE scholarships for orphans. The
committee will investigate the orphanage’s specific needs.
A seminar on “Leadership” should be provided to attendees.

AR ACTE 2008 Spring Board Meeting                                                        3
Unfinished Business

Newsletter Status
(Agenda item 6. a.)
Debbie Anselmi indicated that all members should be receiving a weekly newsletter sent
via email from National ACTE.

AATYC Fall Conference
(Agenda item 6. b.)
It was suggested that AR ACTE be present at the AATYC Fall Conference.
John Davidson indicated that AR ACTE could share a table with DWE.

Logan Cannon Fund
(Agenda item 6. c.)
A motion was made by Sue Burris and seconded by Dennis Butler that we rescind
the action taken at the fall board meeting, voting to donate $1000 to the Logan
Cannon Fund. Passed with opposition

Region IV Planning Committee Action Items
(Agenda item 6. d.)
A motion was made by Mike Haynes and seconded by Pam Pruett to keep the
Region IV 2009 registration fees the same as the Region IV 2008 registration fees.

AR ACTE Summer 2008 Conference Planning
(Agenda item 6. e.)
Computer Technology and CPR classes will be held at HSCC.
DWE will assist in providing sessions.

Pay Pal Info.
(Agenda item 6. e. 1.)
FACS has requested to use Pay Pal for their luncheon.

Possible Summer Conference Registration Increase
(Agenda item 6. e. 2.)
It was recommended that the vendor charge remain at $300 for a booth.
An increase in summer conference registration fees was discussed.

A motion was made by Raelyne Massey and seconded by Pam Pruett to increase
member pre-registration from $75.00 to $100.00 and increase member on-site
registration from $125.00 to $150.00. Passed with opposition

A motion was made by Dennis Butler and seconded by Vinson Carter to increase
non-member pre-registration from $125.00 to $175.00 and increase non-member on-
site registration from $125.00 to $200.00. Passed

AR ACTE 2008 Spring Board Meeting                                                    4
Summer Conference Speaker
(Agenda item 6. e. ii.)
Prior to the spring board meeting, Sue Burris sent the board website information about
T.C. Roekle.
Sue Burris reported that she had a verbal commitment from T.C. Roekle to be our
keynote speaker at the awards brunch. Sue will gather more information about Ms.
Roeke and this info will be passed along to the board.

Ray Winiecki reported the following AR ACTE Scholarship winners for 2008.

Post-Secondary Agriculture – Mandy Lenderman
Secondary Agriculture – Ashley Peters
Ashley needs to send 3 letters of recommendation to Debbie Anselmi prior to March 25,
2008. Her instructor, Kyle Sanders, was present at the meeting and informed of what
Ashley needed to do. He agreed to see this issue taken care of.
Special Populations – Allison Delancy
Special Populations – Yolanda Barber
Secondary Business Ed. – Heath Nance
Secondary Health Science Technology – Jordan Carmon

Summer Conference Program Design Contest
(Agenda item 6. e. iii.)
Debbie Anselmi introduced the idea of a design contest for the cover of the summer
conference program.
The instructions for entering the contest would be placed on the AR ACTE website.

A motion was made by Sue Burris and Seconded by Pam Pruett to hold a design
contest for the cover of the summer conference program. Passed

A motion was made by Sue Burris and seconded by Laurie Prather to offer the
design contest winner a cash prize of $50.00 and his/her instructor a free one-year
ACTE membership. Passed

Members Only Reception
(Agenda item 6. e. iv.)
The board agreed to hold a reception on Sunday evening for attendees.
David Hughes will check into the entertainment for the Sunday evening reception.

The board agreed to hold a members-only reception at the summer conference on
Monday evening August 4th.

Professional Development/Round Table Discussions
(Agenda item 6. e. v.)
The board recommended that any input regarding professional development/round table
discussions be sent to Debbie Anselmi.

AR ACTE 2008 Spring Board Meeting                                                        5
Vendor/Participant Interaction
Vendor Passports
(Agenda item 6. e. vi. 1.)
The board agreed to use vendor passports to increase vendor/participant interaction.
Vendors will be asked to provide items to be made available for door prizes.
Individual Division Vendor Time
(Agenda item 6. e. vi. 2.) No action taken

Sunday Afternoon Sessions

Do We Want Them?
(Agenda item 6. e. vii. 1.)
Yes, Sunday afternoon sessions will take place.

(Agenda item 6. e. vii. 2.)
The location will be the Hot Springs Convention Center.

What to Offer?
(Agenda item 6. e. vii. 3.)
Computer Classes (Details to come later)

Coffee throughout the Day
(Agenda item 6. e. viii.)
Coffee will not be provided.

Award Presentations
(Agenda item 6. e. ix.)
The Jean McIntire Award and the Policy Maker of the Year Award will be given during
the opening session.
The Teacher of the Year, New Teacher of the Year, and Administrator of the Year
awards will be presented at the awards brunch.

CTSO Officers - Hosts/Hostesses/Facilitators
(Agenda item 6. e. x.)
Local CTSO officers will be used to assist with the summer conference.

ACTE Legislative Support Fund
(Agenda item 6. e. xi.)
Individual tickets will be sold and profits given to the ACTE Legislative Support Fund.

Silent Auction Funds
(Agenda item 6. e. xii.)

AR ACTE 2008 Spring Board Meeting                                                         6
A motion was made by Sue Burris and seconded by Raelyne Massey to put $500.00
from silent auction proceeds into the ACTE Legislative Support Fund and all
profits above $500.00 into the ACTE Scholarship Fund. Passed

Summer Conference Items
(Agenda item 6. e. xiii.)
   1. A Message board will be located near Hall A.
   2. The Jean McIntire Award, the Policy Maker of the Year Award and the J. Marion
      Adams Divisional Scholarships will be given during the opening session.
   3. Committee Reports will be printed and handed out for review at the closing

New Business

Executive Committee Recommendations
(Agenda item 8. c.)
A motion was made by Pam Pruett and seconded by Dottie Whiteside to use July
13th as the deadline to determine ACTE membership numbers. Passed

Conflict of Interest Policy
(Agenda item 8. d.)
A motion was made by Sue Burris and seconded by Raelyne Massey to have the
Bylaws committee put together a conflict of interest policy. Passed

IT Summit
(Agenda item 8. d. i.)
A motion was made by Sue Burris and Seconded by Pam Pruett to be involved with
the IT Summit. Passed

Executive Director Review
(Agenda item 9.)
A motion was made by Sue Burris and seconded by Raelyne Massey to rehire
Debbie Anselmi as AR ACTE executive director. Passed

A planning meeting with the HSCC will be scheduled for late April or early May.
See Debbie Anselmi if you are interested in participating in the community service
project at the 2008 region IV meeting in New Orleans. The dates are April 9-12, 2008.

The meeting adjourned at 3:00 pm.

AR ACTE 2008 Spring Board Meeting                                                       7

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