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					IB at Lincoln High School
The Junior/Senior Experience
      September 30, 2010

   Kathie Humes, IB Coordinator
              Lincoln IB World School

   The International Baccalaureate aims to
    develop inquiring, knowledgeable and
    caring young people who help to create a
    better and more peaceful world through
    intercultural understanding and respect.
                   Lincoln IB World School

   To this end the organization works with
    schools, governments and international
    organizations to develop challenging
    programmes of international education and
    rigorous assessment.
   These programmes encourage students across
    the world to become active, compassionate and
    lifelong learners who understand that other
    people, with their differences, can also be right.
                   What makes it IB?

   More than 2728 schools in 138 countries offer the
    IB programme
   The Diploma curriculum is available to students
    aged 16-19 (juniors and seniors)
   Schools must be authorized by the IBO
   Teachers must be trained by the IBO
   Schools are required by their IB authorization to
    follow the IB curriculum.
   Standards maintained by system of assessment and
    moderation together with regular programme
               Lincoln IB World School

   Students learn more than a collection of
    facts. IB encourages them to:
    – ask challenging questions
    – learn how to learn
    – develop a strong sense of their own identity and
    – develop the ability to communicate with and
      understand people from other countries and
                    The IB Student

   Inquirers             Open-Minded
   Knowledgeable         Caring
   Thinkers              Risk-takers
   Communicators         Balanced
   Principled            Reflective
                 Lincoln = IB

   2010-2011 Enrollment in IB Classes:
    –   English = 335
    –   World Languages = 303
    –   Social Studies = 496
    –   Science = 363
    –   Math = 172
    –   The Arts = 51
    –   Theory of Knowledge = 143
                    IB at Lincoln

   We have an open access program: any student
    who has met the course prerequisites may
    participate. There is no application.

   Three Pathways to the IB Programme at Lincoln
    High School:

       » The Diploma
       » The Certificate
       » The Courses
Lincoln IB World School
                1. The IB Diploma

 Work completed in the Junior/Senior Year
 6 Courses/exams in the 6 subject areas:
    – 3 Standard Level (SL) – 150 hours
    – 3 High Level (HL) – 240 hours
 The Extended Essay
 Theory of Knowledge (TOK)
 Creative, Action and Service (CAS)
                 Diploma Requirement:
                     The Extended Essay
   4000 word study in depth of a limited topic of the
    student’s choice
   Support of Advisor , Librarian, Writing Center, PSU
   Externally assessed
   Enrolled in “IB Research Methods” course
   Begins in Junior year, completed Dec. Senior year
   Preparation for research and writing skills expected
    at college
                 Diploma Requirement:
                    The Extended Essay
   Bio: The Effect of Light on Pigment Loss of the
    Giant Green Sea anemone
   Psych: Multiple Treatments Outlining a Cause for
    Bipolar Disorder
   Philo: Physician Assisted Suicide: Should it be
   History: The US Gov’t response to the Outbreak of
    AIDS in the 1980’s
   Vis. Arts: Le Corbusier’s Five Points of New
              Diploma Requirement:
 Fosters responsible citizens of the world
  who give to and learn from the community
 Active engagement over two years
 Portfolio of goal setting, reflective writing,
  evaluations by supervisor
 Supervised by an adult who is not a member
  of the family
                 Diploma Requirement:
   Outdoor School Counselor
   Tutoring, teaching, coaching
   Athletics
   Habitat for Humanity
   OMSI Volunteer
   Humane Society Volunteer
   Museum Docents
   Amigos de Las Americas
   Initiate your own program
                 Diploma Requirement:
   Interdisciplinary
   Focuses on ways of knowing (emotion, reason,
    perception, language)
   Explores nature of knowledge across disciplines
   How do we know what we know?
   Encourages appreciation of other cultural
   TOK paper externally assessed
             2. The IB Certificate

 Available for any IB course (except TOK)
 Students complete ALL course work
  (internal and external assessments) AND sit
  for the exam
 IB Certificate is awarded by the IBO
 Students may apply for college credit or
  advanced placement based on their IB
             3. Enroll in IB Courses

 IB courses are rigorous pre-collegiate
  courses that prepare students for college
 Enroll in IB courses as Honors classes w/
  Honors designation
 No opportunity for college credit or
  advanced placement
                Colleges and the IB
 Successful Diploma candidates often enter
  college as sophomores
 Most rigorous pre-collegiate curriculum
 PPS provides weighted GPA for IB courses
 University recognition policies @ ibo.org
 Scholarships available for Diploma students
 OUS has a generous IB recognition policies
                    OUS Policy

Certificate and Diploma students schools will
 earn subject credit on ALL SL and HL courses
 with a score of 5 and above.

Diploma students who earn 30+ points on the
 Diploma may earn up to 45 credits and
 sophomore standing.

*Every student should test in every course*
                IB: From the Colleges

   MIT:
    – “Send us students prepared a la IB. It is the
      “best” high school prep curriculum an
      American school can offer.”
   Harvard:
    – “IB is well known to us for excellent
      preparations. Success in an IB programmes
      correlates well with success at Harvard.”
               IB: From the Colleges

   Macalester:
    “Students seeking the finest preparation
    available for an American college should
    consider the International Baccalaureate.
    The IB offers an integrated curriculum that
    provides students with the skill needed to be
    world-class scholars and an educational
    philosophy that prepares them to be first-
    class citizens.”
                IB: The Results

 IB students outperform their peers on state
 IB Diploma students have higher
  acceptance rates to college
 IB students perform better in post-
  secondary education
 IB has a positive impact on school culture
                 IB by the Numbers

 May 2010: 48 Candidates for the Diploma,
  44 earned the Diploma (90% success rate
  vs. 78% worldwide)
 222 students sat for 699 exams
 “Pass” rate for exams: > 92%
 Over 30 IB courses
 ~80% of Jrs/Srs take at least one 1 IB
                      IB: Lincoln’s Results




      2004   2005   2006   2007   2008   2009   2010
                   IB Exams: Why bother?

   You’ve done the work, get the credit!
   No risk
   Educational benefits: confirms and affirms the
    learning process, increases college readiness
   Flexibility: extra credits for illness, stress, travel
   Opportunities for merit scholarships
   Makes college more affordable
            Diploma Scholarships

 Oregon State University
 Pacific University
 University of Tulsa
 University of Nebraska
 University of Rochester
             IB: Exam Registration

 Exams are taken at the completion of the
 Juniors may register for a maximum of 2 SL
 Only seniors may register for HL exams.
 Scholarship assistance for FRL.
 VISA/MC now accepted! User fee.
                 IB: Exam Registration

   Deadline for registration is Oct. 29th
   Exam dates are set by the IBO and cannot be
    changed even if PIL/OSAA conflicts
   Exam fees are partially refundable from Nov 15-
    Jan 15.
   Late fees for changes/registration after Nov 15.
   Registration will be mailed home for
   EE subject must be registered .
                   IB: Exam Fees(2011)

   Diploma:
    – Jr Year: $251/1 exam, $361/2 exams
    – Sr Year: $454/4 exams, $564/ 5 exams
               $815 /6 exams
   Certificate:
    – First Exam: $251
    – Each add’l exam: $110
               IB: Key Dates
   October 13: EE workshop
   October 29: Exam registration
   December 16: Extended Essay Due
   Feb 15: TOK Essay
   Feb-Mar: English and Foreign Language Orals
   Mar. -April 1: Internal Assessments
   April 1: CAS Portfolio
   May 3-23: IB Exams
   July 6: Results!
                   IB: Next Steps

 Register for IB Exams by October 29th
 Review registration to ensure accuracy
 Manage the deadlines

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