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					                     AFOSI AFROTC Selection Board

AFOSI will hold a direct accession applicant review board for cadets commissioning
from 1 Apr 04 – 30 Sep 04. . Completed application packages must be received by HQ
AFPC/DPASB NLT 15 Oct 03 to meet the 29 Oct 03 selection board. Mail packages
to HQ AFPC/DPASB , 550 C Street West, Suite 33, Randolph AFB, TX 78150-4735.

Application procedures and board schedules can be found at Some details to pay special attention to are:

         a. An AFOSI detachment commander must interview all applicants before submitting an
application. Participation in the Operation Air Force – OSI (OAF-OSI) program can be used to fulfill this
requirement. However, cadets who did not participate in OAF-OSI must arrange an interview prior to
submitting an application. An AFOSI computer crime investigator (CCI) agent must also interview cadets
interested in applying for CCI positions.

         b. Applicants must include a copy of their AFROTC Form 53 with the application package.
Before the PAS forwards the cadet’s web-based AFROTC Form 53 to AFPC/DPPAO, print a copy to
include in the application package and one to file in the cadet’s UPRG. The Fm 53 submitted for the
AFOSI selection board should be specific for AFOSI and include cadet’s assignment preferences and why
the cadet should be considered for agent duty. The PAS should also provide comments on why the cadet
should be considered as well. Applicants must complete a separate AFROTC Form 53 to be submitted for
regular accession consideration if they are not selected by the AFOSI selection board. If a cadet does not
apply for this OSI board but chooses to list OSI duty (71SX) on their Form 53, they are wasting a
selection choice.

       c. The AFROTC Form 53 is a critical part of the package. The form should be accurate and the
comments hard hitting. PAS ranking and language should be consistent; if not, please explain.

         d. Letters of recommendation should not be from people already providing other forms of
recommendation (i.e. PAS recommendation is on the AFROTC Form 53, do not include a separate letter
from the PAS).

The board will provide the names of selected cadets to HQ AFPC/DPPAO, who will in turn classify them
into the AFOSI (AFSC 71SX). All applicants selected by the review board will be subject to an extensive
background investigation. Agents of the AFOSI will visit your detachment and interview staff and students
as part of this investigation. Successful completion of the background investigation is a prerequisite for
assignment to the AFOSI Investigators course. If there is any suitability issue that precludes the cadet's
assignment to AFOSI, the cadet will be reclassified by HQ AFPC/DPPAO based on needs of the Air Force
and the cadet’s desires as indicated on their AFROTC Form 53.

POC for the AFOSI selection process is Maj Chuck Rinkevich, HQ AFPC/DPASBO,
DSN 665-4457 or commercial (210)565-4457.

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