782 2010 Vardar Player Profile Mikayla Ferer 23 2 by 6rlEDhL


									                               Mikayla Ferer
Player # 23                        Forward                               2012 Grad
Highlights:   2010 All-State Honorable Mention

                                                 Student Data:
                                                 HIGH SCHOOL: Clarkston High School

                                                 Home Phone: 248-922-7386
                                                 Email Address: johnkathyferer@aol.com
                                                 Parent Name: John Ferer
                                                 Parent Name: Kathy Ferer
                                                 Date of Birth: 09/09/1994
                                                 Age: 15

                                                 Athletic Data:
                                                 Height: 5’ 5”         Weight: 120
                                                 Position: Forward
                                                 Club Jersey #: 23       HS Jersey #: 19/23
                                                 HS Coach: Sarah Wasilk
                                                 Phone: 248-623-5671
                                                 Club Coach: Demir Muftari
                                                 E-Mail: demirmi@yahoo.com
 High School Soccer                              Phone: 248-321-2245
 2009 MHSSCA All-District Team                   Years with Club: First
 2010 OAA All-League                             Previous Coach: Rean Turner
 2010 OAA All-County                                            Clarkston Select Soccer Club
 2010 MHSSCA All-Area First Team                                248-342-2479
 2010 MHSSCA All-District Team
                                                 Academic Data:
 2010 MHSSCA All-State Honorable Mention         Overall GPA:3.65
                                                 ACT Score: tbd
 Club Soccer                                     SAT Score: tbd
 Vardar ECNL U16
 Clarkston Select Soccer Club 2004-2009          Other Sports & Extracurricular Activities:
                                                 Community Service, Honor Student, Independence
                                                 Parks and Rec Soccer Referee, Christ the
                                                 Redeemer Church Youth Group, National Honors

                                                 Desired Major: Undecided
                                                 NCAA Clearinghouse: N/A

                                                 High School: Clarkston High School
                                                              6093 Flemings Lake Rd
                                                              Clarkston, MI 48346
                                                 HS Phone: 248-623-3600

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