Introduction to erosion and sedimentation by 6rlEDhL


									Julien, P.Y. (1995). Erosion and Sedimentation.

1.   Introduction to erosion and sedimentation.

2.   Physical properties and dimensional analysis. Dimensions and units. Physical properties
     of water. Physical properties of sediment. Dimensional analysis.

3.   Mechanics of sediment-laden flows. Kinematics of flow. Equation of continuity. Equations
     of motion. Euler equations. Bernoulli equation. Momentum equations. Energy equation.

4.   Particle motion in inviscid fluids. Irrotational flow around a circular cylinder. Irrotational
     flow around a sphere.

5.   Particle motion in Newtonian fluids. Navier-stokes equations. Newtonian flow around a
     sphere. Drag force on a sphere. Drag coefficient and fall velocity. Rate of energy dissipation.
     Laboratory measurements of particle size.

6.   Turbulent velocity profiles. Logarithmic velocity profiles. Rough plane boundary. Smooth
     plane boundary. Deviation from logarithmic velocity profiles. Open-channel flow

7.   Incipient motion. Angle of repose. Submerged incipient motion. Moment stability analysis.
     Simplified stability analysis.

8.   Bedforms. Mechanics of bedforms. Bedform classification and geometry. Resistance to
     flow with bedforms. Field observations.

9.   Bedload. Bedload equations. Bed sediment sampling. Bedload measurements.

10. Suspended load. Sediment concentration. Advection-diffusion equation. Turbulent mixing
    of washload. Suspended sediment concentration profile. Suspended load.
    Hyperconcentrations. Field measurements of suspended sediment.

11. Total load. Sediment transport capacity. Supply-limited sediment transport. Sediment-rating
    curves. Short- and long-term sediment load.

12. Reservoir sedimentation. Incoming sediment load. Reservoir hydraulics. Trap efficiency
    and aggradation. Dry specific weight of sediment deposits. Life expectancy of reservoirs.
    Density currents. Reservoir sedimentation surveys. Control measures.

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