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					HPC Genetic Counsellor
  Update from Genetic Counsellor
Statutory Regulation Steering Group

                   AGNC Spring Meeting May 2008
     GCSRSG current members

   Georgie Hall (Chair)
   Chris Barnes (co-opted)
   Jan Birch (Committee)
   Anna Middleton (Pat Finnemore) (Board)
   Sarah Durell
   Chris Jacobs
   Chris Patch
            Background (1)
 Voluntary registration successfully introduced

 Genetic Counsellors recognised as a stand alone
  profession (AfC job profiles)

 DH trainee posts
Background (2): Why do we need to
    seek statutory regulation?

   Protection of patients

   Public confidence

   Protection of genetic counselling title

   Fitness to practice, standards of proficiency

   CPD, re-validation
       Background (3) HPC
 HPC regulates 13 professions

 HPC criteria for regulation

 14 “aspirant” groups approved by the HPC but
  awaiting Sec State / statutory law

 Government commissioned review of regulation –
  White Paper
Background (4): The White Paper

 White Paper on the Regulation of Non-Medical Health
  Professionals published Feb 2007

 Confirmed expansion of HPC to include existing and emerging
  professional groups

 Genetic Counselling named in White Paper as emerging
  profession possibly eligible for regulation

 7 working groups developed to take forward the issues raised
  – Extending Professional Regulation Working Group
 What has happened since last
 update in York (Sept 2007)?
 Draft HPC application form completed

 Draft Standards of Proficiency completed

 Both submitted to HPC for initial opinion

 Forthcoming meeting (21 May) with Michael Guthrie (Policy
  Manager, Policy and Standards, HPC)
Department of Health:
 Invitation to Extending Professional Regulation Working Group
  “Vision for the Future” stakeholder event (7 May)
Extending Professional Regulation
      (EPR) Working Group
 Formed by DH following the White Paper Nov 2007:
  to develop criteria determining which professional
  groups should be regulated
 GCSRSG invited to participate in consultation day
  as stakeholder May 7th 2008
   • Networking
   • Raise issues relevant to our profession
 Opportunity to respond to draft report and attend
  further consultation day in September.
 Final Report Dec 2008.
 Proposed meeting with DH early 2009.
 Summary of outcomes from EPR
       Stakeholder Day
 Developing framework for assessing professions,
  who should be regulated and how
 Ensuring credibility, validity of profession who do not
  need statutory regulation
 95 professions have approached the HPC regarding
 Discussions around:
   • Employer responsibility, interface between employers and
     regulatory body
   • Voluntary and private sector
   • Simplicity, avoiding bureaucracy
    Issues to discuss with HPC

 Suitability of our draft application (are we
  proceeding along the right lines?!)

 Areas needing further work (evidenced based
  practice, education routes / entry)

 Options/implications of joining with other
  professional groups (e.g. ACS / BACP, UKCP)
   Issues for us as a profession

 Importance of keeping genetic counsellors as
  unified professional group

 Status and future role and career opportunities for
  genetic counsellors

 Focus is on the future
How can you be kept up-to-date
   with what is happening?

 Updates in the BSHG newsletter and AGNC website

 Contact us with views / questions

 Important for genetic counsellors to be engaged
  with the process – preparation for discussions /
                 In summary ….

 We are making good progress along the journey towards
  regulation. We have been acknowledged as valid aspirant

 HPC are providing mentoring and guidance

 We are recognised and actively involved stakeholders in the
  DH strategic planning.

 There will be more work to be done and we may need to co-
  opt other AGNC members for specific areas of work

 It all takes time, but we are ahead of the game.

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