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					        muscle                   Origin                Insertion                     Action                        nerve
Adductor Group

1. Adductor longus m.      body of pubis        Linea aspera              Adduct thigh                    Obturator n.
                           inferior to pubic

2. Adductor brevis m.      Body and inferior    Pectineal line , linea    Adduct thigh                    Obturator n.
                           ramus of pubis       aspera
                           Adductor part :      Adductor part : Gluteal   Adduct thigh                  Adductor part :
3. Adductor magnus m.      inferior ramus of    tuberosity,linea aspera   Adductor part : flexes thigh  Obturator n.
                           pubis ,ramus of      Hamstring part :          Hamstring part : extend thigh Hamstring part :
                           ischium              adductor tubercle of                                    Tibial part of sciatic n.
                           Hamstring part :     femur
                           ischial tuberosity
4. Gracilis m.             Body and inferior    Superior part of medial   Adduct thigh , flexes leg       Obturator n.
                           ramus of pubis       surface of tibia
5. Obturator externus m.   Obturator            Trochanteric fossa        Lateral rotate thigh steadies   Obturator n.
                           membrane                                       head of femur in acetabulum

     muscle                    origin              Insertion                  Action                       nerve
Quadriceps femoris

1. rectus femoris m.       AIIS

2. vastus lateralis m.     Greater trochanter     Base of patella      Extend leg at knee joint   Femoral n.
                                                  and by patellar
3. vastus medialis m.      Intertrochanteric      ligament to tibial
                           line                   tuberosity
                           Anterior and lateral
4. vastus intermedius m.   surface of body of

          muscle                   origin               Insertion                   Action                 nerve
Anterior thigh

1. Pectineus m.            Superior ramus of           Pectineal line of     Adduct thigh , flexes thigh ,      Femoral n.
                           pubis                       femur , inferior to   medial rotation of thigh
                                                       lesser trochanter

2. Iliopsoas m.
 2.1 Psoas major m.        T12 – L5                    Lesser trochanter                                        Ventral rami of L1-
                           (transverse procress)                             Flexes thigh at hip joint ,        L3
2.2 psoas minor m.         T 12 – L1                   Pectineal line        stabilizing hip joint              Ventral rami of L1-
2.3 iliacus m.             Iliac crest , iliac fossa   Lesser trochanter                                        Ventral rami of L2-
                           , ala of sacrum                                                                      L3
3. Tensor of fascia lata   ASIS                        Iliotibial tract      Abduct thigh , medial rotate       superior gluteal n.
                                                                             thigh , flexes thigh ,
                                                                             ช่วยในการextend knee joint
4. Sartorius m.            ASIS                        Superior part of      Flexes thigh, abduct thigh ,       Femoral n.
                                                       medial surface of     lateral rotate thigh at hip
                                                       tibia                 joint , flexes leg at knee joint

          muscle                    origin                   Insertion                     Action                         nerve
Gluteal region

1.Gluteus maximus m.       Posterior ilium ,           Iliotibial tract ,      Extends thigh , lateral           Inferior gluteal n.
                           sacrotuberous lig.       gluteal tuberosity of rotation of thigh

2. Gluteus medius m.       Between Anterior and     Lateral surface of                                   Superior gluteal n.
                           posterior gluteal line   greater trochanter    Abduct thigh , medial
3. Gluteus minimus m.      Between anterior and     anterior surface of   rotation of thigh              Superior gluteal n.
                           inferior gluteal line    greater trochanter
4. Piriformis m.           Anterior surface of
key position               sacrum ,                 Superior surface of                                  Nerve to piriformis
ออกจากpelvic ทาง greater   sacrotuberous lig.       greater trochanter
sciatic foramen
                                                                          Lateral rotate extend thigh,
5. Obturator internus m.   Obturator membrane                             abduct flexed thigh, steady    Nerve to obturator
                                                                          femoral head in acetabulum     internus
                                                    Medial surface of
6. Superior gemellus m.    Ischial spine            greater trochanter                                   Nerve to obturator
7. inferior gemellus m.    Ischial tuberosity                                                            Nerve to Quadratus
8. Quadratus femoris m.    Lateral border of        Intertrochanteric     Lateral rotate of thigh ,      Nerve to Quadratus
                           ischial tuberosity       crest of femur        steady femoral head in         femoris
        muscle                      origin                Insertion                  Action                        nerve
Foot                                                Medial side of Base    Abduct and flexes 1st digit
Layer 1                                             of proximal
1. Abductor hallucis m.                             phalanx of 1st digit
                                                                                                           Medial plantar n.
2. flexor digitorum brevis    Calcaneus,            Both side of middle    Flexes lateral 4 digits
m.                           plantar aponeurosis    phalanges of lateral
                                                    4 digits
3. abductor digiti minimi                           Lateral side of Base   Abduct and flexes 5th digit     Lateral plantar n.
m.                                                  of proximal
                                                    phalanx of 5th digit
layer 2                                                                    Assist flexor digitorum         Lateral plantar n.
1. Quadratus plantae m.      calcaneus              Tendons of flexor      longus in flexing lateral 4
                                                    digitorum longus       digits
2. lumbricals m.             Tendons of flexor      Medial aspect of       Flexes proximal phalanges       Lateral plantar n.
(4 muscles)                  digitorum longus       expansion over         and extend middle and distal
                                                    lateral 4 digits       phalanges of lateral 4 digits
layer 3
1. flexor hallucis brevis    Cuboid and lateral     Both side of base of   Flexes proximal phalanx of      Medial plantar n.
m.                           cuneiforms             proximal phalanx       1stdigit
                                                    of 1stdigits
2. adductor hallucis m.      Oblique head : bases   base of proximal       Adducts 1st digit               Deep branch of lateral
                             of metatarsals2-4      phalanx of 1stdigits                                   plantar n.
                             Transverse head :
                             plantar ligament of
3. flexor digiti minimi       Base of 5th           base of proximal       Flexes proximal phalanx of      Superficial branch of
brevis m.                    metatarsal             phalanx of 5thdigits   5th digit                       lateral plantar n.
layer 4
1. plantar interossei m.   Base and medial       Base of proximal       Adduct digits   Lateral plantar n.
 ( 3 muscles )             sides of metatarsal   phalanges of 3rdto
                           3-5                   5th digits
2. dorsal interossei m.    Adjacent sides of     First : medial side    Abduct digits   Lateral plantar n.
( 4 muscles )              metatarsals 1-5       of proximal
                                                 phalanx of 2 digit
                                                 Second to fourth
                                                 :lateral side of 2nd
                                                 To 4th digits

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