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This document provides the objective technical evaluation criteria to be used for assessing
the Invitation to Tender(s) received for the provision of a Marketing Services framework
contract. The evaluation criteria applies to all categories with the exception of the Events

The process to be followed is outlined below.

Each member of the evaluation panel will be provided with a copy of the tender(s) received
within their category. This will be issued via our eSourcing system. Each evaluator must
independently assess and score each tender received. Evaluators must submit their
scores to procurement prior to the tender evaluation meeting. At the tender evaluation
meeting the evaluation panel members will review each tender, indicating the score
awarded against each criteria, with the objective of agreeing a consensus score.
At the meeting, details of any clarification questions raised will be noted and the tenderer
invited to address these. This may be in writing our involve a meeting with evaluation
panel members to discuss the point(s) raised.

Scoring Guide

Mark                Description

Exceptional         Tenderers proposal addresses ALL of the areas
                    required and exceeds the necessary criteria of the
                    contract (adding further value)

Good                Tenderers proposal addresses ALL of the areas
                    required in an informed and indepth manner

Acceptable          Tenderers proposal addresses ALL of the areas
                    required at a basic level

Marginal            Tenderers proposal provides an acceptable
                    response in MOST of the areas required

Unacceptable        Tenderers proposal DOES NOT address the areas

Please note that it is important that evaluators record comments in the space
provided to justify the score(s) awarded

The scores awarded against each criteria should be transferred to the Technical Score Summary
sheet to provided an overall cumulative score.
Failure to meet the minimum acceptable score may lead to the tenderer being discounted from the

Technical Evaluation of Marketing Services Framework Contract

1. Understanding Collaborative Partner Operations and associated risks ( Weighting 20%)

Question 1a.
Please outline your organisations current understanding of the Scottish Government and Public
Sector in Scotland. Additionally, please explain your understanding of the relationships of the
Agencies to Scottish Government and demonstrate your overall understanding of what the
Agencies do.

Question 1b.
Bearing in mind your answer to the above points, please outline how the complex political
environment can impact on the requirements of the suppliers in this area.

Question 1c.
Please define your organisation plans for implanting a formal process of continuous improvement,
to continue the development and understanding of the sector and how you can best inform on
behalf of it.

Question 1d.
With reference to your answers above please outline your strategy for managing risk when taking
on work from the framework.

Pass mark = 12

Answer                                                                                   Score
Exceptional -

Extremely high quality answer demonstrating an unambiguous view of the
Scottish Public sector and the drivers for delivering strategy, policy, directives and

Strategies in place which identify the suitability and appropriateness of a
campaign/project taking into account the risk of failure and the impact on the
Agencies and public.

Innovative solutions to continuously improve and manage risk

Good -

Provides a clearly defined statement of their understanding of the Scottish Public
sector and the multiple drivers for delivering policies, directives etc.
Evidence of internal reviews both internal and external with a clear output
Acceptable -

Demonstrates an appreciation of the Scottish Government and Scottish Public
sector’s aims and objectives. An appreciation of the Agencies (the main users of
this contract) and their relationship with Scottish Government.
Provides an understanding of the risk of failure and the impact that may have as a

Evidence of supplier reviews of best practice both internal and external

Marginal -

Meets some of the acceptable indicators but response fails to confirm their
understanding of Scottish Government and Agencies and does not provide any           5
confidence in their ability to manage risk or continually improve.

Unacceptable - No information given or an unacceptable answer provided
2.Specialist understanding of Task delivery (Weighting 15%)

Question 2a.

Please outline the formal process that your organisation will follow in order to ensure that
the task/delivery is fully understood. Also please outline how you plan to continuously
improve in this area.

Pass mark = 9

Answer                                                                               Score
Exceptional -

Comprehensive response detailing clearly the process to be used in
understanding the brief, which gives confidence of their ability to interpret,
challenge and suggest improved solutions. Displays vision and encapsulates
strategic planning at an early stage and understands and manages the risks.
Clearly defined client feedback mechanisms in place with delivered outputs to
improve future delivery.

Provides innovative solutions to assist in their understanding of the task and in
continuing to improve which adds value

Good –

Meets the requirements of acceptable plus demonstrates clearly defined client
feedback mechanisms with delivered outputs to improve future delivery                  13

Acceptable -

Evidence provided that a formal process is in place which clearly demonstrates
the need to understand and develop a brief in order to deliver. (Mechanisms in
place to interpret briefs.)

A clearly defined process for continuous improvement e.g. Customer satisfaction        9
forms, continuous tracking methods – methodology for collecting client feedback
but no clear statement on how this would be used to ensure improved future

Marginal -

Displayed some evidence of that considered acceptable in understanding the task
and in continuous improvement but lacked detail or it is not clear how it would be

Unacceptable –

No information given or an unacceptable answer provided                                0
3. Account management/Project management (Weighting 15%)

Question 3a.
Please provide a detailed breakdown of your proposed Account Management delivery, paying
particular consideration to the following;

      Account organisational structure;
      Named individuals, this must include CV’s in addition to examples of work delivered
       working within a similar role. Please include achievements and accomplishments in this
      Mechanism for approval of any change to the above;
      Your organisation’s philosophy of Account Management and how this philosophy is
       delivered and monitored on a contract by contract basis;
      Formal internal interfaces between the Account Manager and other internal staff within your
      Internal standards and monitoring of approvals/ sign-off. How these are managed and
       communicated internally/externally; and
      Training/development and monitoring of performance of the Account manager.

Question 3b.
It is a requirement for contractors on the framework to have formal business Project Management
mechanisms in place. These mechanisms must be well established within the infrastructure of your
business. It is also expected that you have formal tracking tools to deliver these project
management mechanisms. These do not have to be accredited but must be used as a formal
monitoring mechanism within your organisation. Please provide a detailed breakdown of your
Project Management tracking and delivery, paying particular consideration to the following;

      Provide details of your project management approach within your business;
      Provide details of your proposed formal Project management tracking tool and how this is
       utilised within your project management approach;
      Project reviews, how do you propose to manage these? At what times in the process, who
       will be involved? What are the outputs?
      Please outline your approach to managing risk within your project management
      What will be your formal methods of recovery of late/incorrect projects?

Pass mark = 9
Answer                                                                               Score
Exceptional -

Account Management

Meeting the criteria of Good along with further information. Indicators of
exceptional are as follows:

In order to mark exceptional the marker must be convinced that there has been a
demonstration of extremely high calibre individuals working within an extremely
high calibre business process.

There must be processes and procedures which are designed to manage the
delivery of customer expectations at all times. There must be appropriate level of
detail to inform without ambiguity the roles and responsibilities of all involved,
handover mechanisms, internal and external communications mechanisms,
account manager and customer escalation mechanisms.

Delivery of projects on time, in full, meeting or exceeding customer expectations,
and taking account of the complex environment that this contract is operating
within should be clearly demonstrated in their account management approach.

Training and continuous personal improvement inherent in account managers
work plans.

Project Management

Meeting the criteria of Good along with further information. Indicators of
exceptional are as follows:

Evidence of professional project management methodologies utilised as part of
day to day business management.

Evidence of formal project management training for all key individuals.

Project management demonstrated as an output and delivery based process.

Risk management inherent in all project management thinking.
Good -

Account Management

All of the areas detailed as acceptable plus further detail provided in respect of:

The marker is to be convinced that the organisation views the credibility,
capability, and delivery of the Account Manager as absolutely critical in the
delivery of a high quality customer service.

Account Manager and other individuals demonstrated as being high calibre
individuals with track record of achievements and delivery in similar environments.

Clearly defined escalation procedures for account manager to follow when there
may be internal conflict or customer related decisions to be made, a Board
member to be a direct point of contact for issue resolution.

Good quality and clearly defined business process in the management of
standards and approvals. This should include good quality communications

Clear demonstration of a client centred philosophy of account management, and
demonstration of Board level monitoring of performance, including customer
feedback mechanisms.

Continuous improvement to be inherent in all aspects of account management

Project Management

Meets the requirements of Acceptable plus has information which indicates:

The review process – roles of the individuals involved, clear levels of
communication, details of who has the final say in decision making, partner is
comfortable that the process and can work and demonstrates that it is a result
driven process.

Clearly committed review cycles with focus on outputs and follow-up.

Risk management is understood and defined within the process
Acceptable -

Account Management

Clearly defined account management structure, with named individuals who have
relevant experience (with some achievements listed), to meet the needs of the

Account manager clearly being of the appropriate level within the organisation to
effectively deliver projects on behalf of the Scottish Ministers.

Evidence of capacity to deliver client work within this structure.

Clearly defined mechanism for approval of change to key individuals within the
organisation. This should be client centred.

Clearly outlined client centred approach to account management with clearly
defined monitoring and management mechanisms within this approach.

Demonstration of formal interfaces and internal relationships between account
manager and other business functions.

Logical, simple and effective monitoring of approvals/sign-off and communication
internally and externally thereof.

Evidence of training and performance monitoring of account manager within the
business.                                                                           9

Project Management

Evidence of a clearly defined approach to project management

Details provided of the formal tools to be used (e.g. MS Project, spreadsheet
based system)

Clear details of the review process, those involved, frequency of meetings.

Some evidence of how risk is managed e.g. traffic light system.

A clearly defined process covering the recovery of any late/ incorrect actions
Marginal -

Account Management

The response provides information covering some of the areas required for an
acceptable mark but not all.

Project Management

The response provides information covering some of the areas required for an
acceptable mark but not all.

Unacceptable - No information given or an unacceptable answer provided
 Service Levels ( Weighting 20%)

Question 4a
Please provide in detail the levels of service which you are offering, including commitments in all
areas relating to response times, exception reporting, project management reporting, client care
methodologies. Please feel free to link to previous answers on account management and Project

Question 4b
As outlined in Schedule 2. General Statement of Requirements, please provide in detail the
Management Information that you intend to provide, in what frequency?, in what detail?, and how
you plan to use this information to improve your ongoing levels of service.

Question 4c
Please provide in detail how you propose to ensure that there is a consistent level of service
provided to all Clients, regardless of spend or who utilises the framework.

Question 4d
Please provide clear commitments from your organisation that you can meet all the scope of activity
highlighted on the Statement of Requirements. For the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service,
tenderers must provide details of how they will initiate a quick response to provide an emergency
service as described in the Statement of Requirement.

 Pass mark = 12

  Answer                                                                              Score
  Exceptional –

  The marker must be convinced that all areas of service provision have been
  carefully considered and a very high quality service package with clearly defined
  information systems to monitor and manage performance have been offered.

  The should be a clear link between the service levels, follow-up mechanisms and
  Management Information which will clearly facilitate a delivery driven service

  The service levels and management information should give comfort of risk
  minimisation in all key areas of delivery.

  Good –

  The marker must be satisfied that Service levels offered contain enough detail
  and commitment to reduce risks associated with complex and strategically
  important projects.
  Mechanisms proposed to ensure equal treatment of stakeholders are
  comprehensive, monitored and managed.
Acceptable –

The marker must be satisfied that the service levels proposed are based on a
client centred approach with good quality performance indicators provided
through regular Management Information

The response provides enough detail to commit to all key elements of service
provision, including lead times, response times, project management reporting.

There is an adequate mechanism proposed for ensuring that all customers within
the framework are treated equally and fairly.

Management information provision covers adequately key reporting areas, and
there is a demonstrated method of using the information to continuously improve
the service provided.

There is a commitment provided that all areas of the scope of activity on the
Statement of Requirements can be delivered by the bidder.

Marginal –

The response provides information covering some of the areas required for an
acceptable mark but not all.

Unacceptable - No information given or an unacceptable answer provided
Technical Scores Summary

Question   Description                          Section    Pass Mark
           Understanding Client Operations &
1.                                                20          12
           associated Risks
           Specialist Understanding of Task
2.                                                15          9

3.         Account & Project Management           15          9

4.         Service Levels                         20          12

                         Total Score                          42

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