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									BUSI 620 Syllabus


Liberty University
Distance Learning Program

BUSI 620
Global Economic Environment

Required Textbook

Salvatore, Dominick (2004). Managerial Economics in a Global Economy
(5th edition) Mason, Ohio, South-Western.

Course Description

This course covers the tools of microeconomics useful in the analysis of
producer and consumer behavior. The economics of demand, production
and cost, and pricing and output decisions in a market system forms the core
of an approach adapted to the challenges faced by managers in the private,
public, and nonprofit sectors of the economy. The coverage is from the
domestic as well as global perspectives.


This course provides a framework grounded in the fundamentals of
economic theory that provides a powerful way of analyzing business
problems and developing effective solutions.

This course supports the published Liberty University Philosophy and
Mission Aims.

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BUSI 620 Syllabus

Coures Objectives

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:
1. Analyze the objectives of a firm.
2. Synthesize how the marginal analysis, net present value, and risk and
   return work in managerial decision making.
3. Understand what influences the demand for a product.
4. Analyze the factors affecting the firm’s profits in the global economic
5. Understand the relationship between production and cost.
6. Analyze price and output determination in different market structures.
7. Know how game theory can be useful to the manager in an oligopolistic
   industry setting.
8. Analyze problems associated with government regulations.
9. Make long-term investment decisions

Materials for Learning

1. Computer with Internet connection
2. The textbook
3. PowerPoint lecture slides

Instructional and Learning Procedures

1. This course is divided into 8 weeks of lessons.
2. After the student has read the chapter in the textbook, please view the
   PowerPoint lecture slides as a review for important points in the chapter.
3. Every week the instructor will post “Participation Questions” for students
   to discuss and learn from each other.
3. Every week the instructor will post “Questions for Critical Thinking”
   for students to answer.
4. Every two weeks the instructor will post “Group Case” for a group of two
   to three students to work together for the answers.
5. Two objective tests will be given.
6. One research paper.
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BUSI 620 Syllabus


Attainment of course objectives will be assessed using the following
1. Participation is to encourage students to get involved in discussions
   with classmates and the instructor.
2. Questions for Critical Thinking and Group Cases are to assess the
   thinking skills of analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.
3. Objective tests are to assess the comprehension of concepts.
4. The Research paper is to evaluate student ability in applying course
   materials to business operations.

Grading Policies

Participation                        9%
Questions for critical thinking     49%
Two objective tests                 20%
Group cases                         12%
Research paper                      10%

Grading Scale

90–100 = A; 80–89 = B; 70–79 = C; below 70 = F

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