Texas Instruments MVEDC SmartGrid by VSv9vT


									Thomas Lewis
Texas Instruments
Emerging Power Solutions
Renewable Energy Team Leader
“Smart Grid” is more than Smart Metering
                 Where IC Vendors Can Help

• Technical Requirements of the Grid
   – Low Cost Sensing Solutions need to be deployed across the network
   – These solutions must be capable of harvesting “real” information from raw
   – This real information must be turned into “actionable intelligence” (i.e.,
     recommendations for control, dispatch and/or network operations)
   – This “actionable intelligence” must be integrated into the utility’s operational
   – Some of these operational systems must be allowed to become background,
     automated, control applications
   – Any automated control applications must be able to control end points with
     validated results

• Required Smart Grid Building Blocks
   – Distributed intelligent sensing and control nodes (grid sensors)
   – TWO-way, open, high speed, low latency communications
   – Edge and back office analytics software
TI microcontroller portfolio
Application Spaces
                     Fire Detector
TI Complete Smart Meter Solution

• TI enabling technology                           I        MSP430FE42x           B

                                                        ESP E-Meter SoC           D
                                                                                  E TEST CUM REAC MAX kW   kWh

   – Complete reference design                    V         RTC, LCD

• Register measures energy                                                           HVD3082E
                                                               CC11xx                 RS485
   – Metrology and control                                  ISM-band SoC
                                                             Radio, MCU
   – MSP430FE-based                                                                  TRF7960
                                         OPA561                                     Pre-payment
• Wide Area Network                                         TMS320F28xx

   – Two-way utility-to-meter               OPA353      Flexible PLC Controller
                                                              32-bit DSP

   – CC11xx ISM + C28xx PLC        N L

• Home Area Network                                           CC25xx                  1.8V 3.3V
                                                        802.15.4 SoC/LNA/PA
   – Two-way meter-to-home                                   Radio, MCU
   – CC25xx 802.15.4 + C28xx PLC                                                        LDO

• Efficient Power Supply                                     Enfora
                                                         GSM/GPRS Module               TL3842
                                                            Enabler III              Isolated AC/
            Business Models and Standards
• There are HUNDREDS of projects across the country – all “testing
  out” various business models and technologies to support the Smart
  Grid movement


• Ultimately, the power utilities must see value (i.e., ROI) in putting in
  the required capital
• IP, Homeplug, Zigbee, 802.11 are standards widely accepted in Smart
  Grid pilots today; IEEE 1547.4 gaining attention
• DNP3 and IEC61850 are used for distribution and substation
  equipment communications
• World needs a Smart Grid that can utilize these standards and allow
  for true OPEN integration (defined as allowing a provider to
  independently build solutions that can seemlessly connect to the
  network once granted security and permission by the utility) of multi-
  vendor ecosystems.
               The Smart City Project in Boulder, CO
• $100M Project (85% paid by the utility)
• Driven by the “Smart Grid Consortium”
(formed Dec. 2007)
       • Xcel Energy (utility)
       • Current Group (Smart GridTM
       hardware and software)
       • Accenture (project management)
       • GridPoint (IT platform for
       • OSIsoft (data collection and
       • Smart Synch (metering)
       • Schweitzer Engineering
       Laboratories (protection,
       monitoring & control across
       transmission lines
       • Ventyz (work management
• Estimated June completion
• Enel S.p.A. of Italy completed the first
Smart Grid city experiment in 2005 - the
Telegestore project.
• Proven to deliver annual savings of
500 million € at a project cost of 2.1
billion €.

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