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									                                Letter to Candidates

Thank you for your interest in the Auxiliary posts for Langley Hall Primary
Academy. The school is going to be established in the heart of Langley Village
under the Government’s Free School Initiative.

For more information about Free Schools, click on the link below.


Langley, Berkshire is within Slough unitary authority and there is an established
need for more primary school places for September 2011.

The Slough Borough Council document ‘Primary Strategy for Change (March
2009) states that ‘The increasing birth numbers in Slough mean that the provision
of school places offered in some areas will also be increased……since
2001/2007 births have increased by 31.7%......... the difference between the
projected demand in September 2010 and availability is 155. The following year
(2011) this shortfall of places is expected to rise to 342 places”.

Overview of Aims, Ethos and Vision

The school’s motto ‘Ad Vitam Paramus’ means ‘We are Preparing for Life’
and, in this simple statement, the school’s aims, ethos and vision are
encapsulated. All activities will be judged against this motto and staff,
parents and children will be able to evaluate the school’s effectiveness by
how well it is preparing children for the life ahead of them.

The school’s strong commitment to teaching basic numeracy and literacy
skills is equalled by its commitment to creative learning and personal,
social and emotional development. Indeed the development of the whole
child is central to the school’s philosophy and every member of staff will be
firmly committed to ensuring that:

 “every child succeeds in life to the best of their ability and contributes
positively to the creation of a decent and flourishing society” (Whole Education

From the moment a child enters the school we want them to feel excited
and motivated by the educational opportunities presented to them and to

be inspired and encouraged to take control of their learning. This is more
than rhetoric; the environment, the activities and the resources are carefully
planned to ensure that this happens.

We are looking for energetic and dedicated staff who will feel excited about being
involved in the setting up of a new school.

We have attached a line management chart which identifies the full management
team and job descriptions for each role that is being advertised.

The application form should be returned by 5.00 pm on Thursday 21st April 2011
and those short listed to be called for interview will be informed by email and

Interviews will be held on Friday 6th May 2011.

Please email your application to applications@langleyhallprimaryacademy.co.uk

I very much look forward to receiving your application form and, should you wish
to discuss the role further, please do not hesitate to call me on 07753 606082.

Yours sincerely

Sally Eaton B.Ed. FRSA IfL
Education Director


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