Housing Preservation Grant (HPG) 533 by VSv9vT


									                           Housing Preservation Grant (HPG) 533
                             Application Review Information

All applications must meet the requirements of the FY 2009 HPG 533 NOFA and 7 CFR part 1944,
                                           subpart N.

       Standard Form (SF) 424, Application for Federal Assistance (Version 02)

       Statement of Activities (17 subparts)

       Statement of experience and capacity to carry out the objectives of the proposed HPG

       Evidence of Legal Existence, including:
        A copy of, or reference to, the specific provisions of the State law under which the applicant
        is organized,
        A certified copy of the applicant’s Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws or other evidence of
        corporate existence,
        A Certificate of Incorporation for other than public bodies,
        Evidence of good standing (current) from the State when the corporation has been in
        existence 1 year or more,
        The names and addresses of the applicant’s members, directors and officers.
        If other organizations are members of the applicant-organization, or the applicant is a
        consortium, submit the names, addresses, and principal purpose of the other organizations.
        If the applicant is a consortium, documentation showing compliance with paragraph (4) (ii)
        under the definition of “organization” in § 1944.656 of 7 CFR part 1944, subpart N.

       For a private Non-Profit entity, the most recent audited financial statement and a current
        financial statement, dated and signed by an authorized officer, to include assets, liabilities
        and a repayment schedule for any debts owed by the applicant.

       Narrative on the geographical area to be served and to explain the need for improved
        housing, the need for the type of housing preservation assistance being proposed, the
        anticipated use of HPG resources for historic properties, the method of evaluation to be
        used in determining the effectiveness of its efforts.

       Form RD-1940-20, Request for Environmental Information, and supplemental
        information, prepared in accordance with Exhibit F-1 of RD Instruction 1944-N.

       Guide: Grantee’s Process for Identifying Properties Requiring RD Environmental
        Assessments (Exhibit F-2 of RD Instruction 1944-N), signed and dated.

       Evidence of State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) Concurrence, or in the event of
        nonconcurrence, a copy of SHPO’s comments and related documentation from the
        Advisory Council on Historic Preservation.

       Evidence of Compliance with Presidential Executive Order (E.O.) 12372 with the State
        Clearinghouse and Areawide Clearinghouse, including a Letter of Compliance either
        written or by e-mail. (Federally Recognized Indian Tribes are exempted from this
   Evidence of 15-day Public Notice publishing requirement and a description of how the
    comments (if any were received) were addressed.

   Form RD 400-1, Equal Opportunity Agreement

   Form RD 400-4, Assurance Agreement

   Form AD 1047, Certification Regarding Debarment, Suspension, and Other Responsibility
    Matters – Primary Covered Transactions

   Form AD 1048, Certification Regarding Debarment, Suspension, Ineligibility and
    Voluntary Exclusion – Lower Tier Covered Transactions

   Form AD 1049, Certification Regarding Drug-Free Workplace Requirements (Grants)
    Alternative I – For Grantees Other Than Individuals

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