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									           JAYPEE VIDYA MANDIR
                         (CBSE Affiliation No.2130543)
                  Anoopshahr, Distt:- Bulandshahr, (UP) 202390
                          Ph :( 05734) 275661,275023
          E-mail - jvm_ jss@ymail.com, Website: - www.jaypeeschools-jvm.org

JVM/CBSE/ZONAL/HANDBALL 2011-12                             DATE: - 20th Aug 2011.

The Principal


Dear Sir/Madam,

  It is a matter of privilege for us to inform you that our school has been assigned
with the responsibilities of hosting CBSE East Zone Handball Tournament 2011-12.

This tournament for boys and girls will be held from 2nd November to 5th November
2011 at the school venue.

The participating teams to report to the venue latest by 4’O’clock on1st November

The tournament will be organised for the categories under 14 & 19 years for both
boys and girls.

Detail instructions are enclosed with this letter. You are requested to send the
entries on prescribe Performa (ANNEXURE “E”) for the said tournament latest by 20th
of September 2011 positively.
Your co-operation in this regard will not only help us in making this tournament a
success but also boost our moral.

School Location: - The school is situated in Anoopshahr, Distt- Bulandshahr western UP.
  The nearest railway stations are Aligarh(60 Km) and Bulandshahr (40 km.), takes three
  hours (03) from Delhi by road.


T. Das Gupta
                                        ANNEXURE “E”
                      Performa for sending Detailed Entry for team events

Name of the School with address: _____________________________________________
Discipline: __________________       Age Category (Boys/Girls): ____________

S. No.    Name of the     Class   Admission   Date of           CBSE           Photograph
            Student                 No.        Birth        Registration        attested by
                                                              No. if the       the Principal
                                                            Student is in
                                                           IX, X, XI or XII



(To be filled for all the students included in the team)

                      Officials accompanying the team (Maximum two)

1.       Name of the Coach
                                                                              attested by      the

2.       Name    of     the   Team
         Manager                                                              Photograph
                                                                              attested by      the

Certified that the detailed mentioned above are true.
                            RULES OF HANDBALL
                               (BOYS’ & GIRLS’)
1. The Handball Tournament shall be conducted according to the rules as adopted
   by the Handball Federation of India (HFI), unless otherwise modified in these rules.
2. Each team shall consist of maximum twelve players. A team while playing must
   have a goal keeper. Not more than seven players, i.e. six court players plus one
   goal keeper shall be present on the court at a time.
3. Only the substitutes, two team officials and suspended players (if any), are
   allowed to stay in the substitution area. One official from each participating team
   must be listed on the scoring sheet as being the only responsible person to speak
   to the game officials.
4. The tournament at Zonal level shall be organised at knock out basis. In case the
   numbers of teams reporting are 8 or less than 8, the tournament may be
   organised on league cum knock out basis.
5. From each Zone, the First and second position winning teams will qualify to
   participate in Nationals.
6. The school Organising Zonal level competition shall take a Group Photo of the
   teams that have qualified to participate at National level competition. The photo
   shall be signed by the host school Principal and forwarded to the school
   organising next level of competition along with the original entry Performa .
7. At National level, the tournament shall be organised on league cum knock out
   basis for which all the teams may be divided into pools.
8. At National level-
   If the number of teams reporting are 12 and above, all the teams shall be divided
   into 04 pools. From each pool, the top two teams will qualify to play at quarter
   final stage followed by SF and Final.
   If the numbers of teams reporting are 11 or less, all the teams shall be divided into
   03 pools. From each pool, the top two teams will qualify for quarter final stage
   matches + two teams out of the remaining teams will be placed in quarter final
   stage matches considering points in league matches. In case, more than one
   team has equal points then goal average will be taken into consideration. In
   case tie still stands, the teams will be picked on the basis of penalty strokes
   between the teams that are tying.
   If the numbers of teams reporting are 08 or less, all the teams shall be divided into
   02 pools. From each pool, the team emerging on top two positions will qualify for
   semi final stage matches.
9. If a match ends in a draw after having been played for the normal period and
   winner has to be decided then:-
   - An extra time is played, following a five minutes intermission, if a game is tied at
      the end of the normal playing time. A fresh coin toss determines ball possession
      and the right to choose ends.
   - The extra time period will consist of two halves of five minutes each. The team
      changes ends at half time but there will be no half time break.
   - If the match is again tied after the first extra time period, a second period will
      be played after a five minutes break. In this extra time period again teams will
      play two halves of five minutes each.
   - If the tie is not decided even after 2nd extra time, the match will be decided by
      taking penalty throws to be taken in set of five throws; after first set of throws if
      the match is still tied, another set of five penalty throws shall be taken.
   - If a match is still not decided then sudden death system should be followed.

10. The Merit Certificates shall be awarded to the teams winning first, second and
    third positions.
11. Participation Certificates will be awarded to all other players who actually
    participate in the tournament.


        The player should be within the particular age group on 31 December of the year of

            (a)   Only bonafide students shall be eligible to participate in the Inter-School
                  tournaments. Feeding any non bonafide student shall lead to disqualification
                  of the team.
            (b)   A student, who has failed twice in a particular class, shall no more be eligible
                  to participate.
            (c)   Incomplete Performa in any respect is liable for disqualification of team.
            (d)   Any violation in eligibility (over age or Impersonation) shall be dealt according
                  to rules.
            (e)   The original eligibility Performa of the Players/Teams qualifying to participate
                  from Cluster/Zone level to National level will have to be certified by the
                  Organizing school at the Cluster/Zone level as the case may be and
                  forwarded to the National Organizing School, immediately after their Zone
                  level competition is over.
            (f)   Medical check up may also be applied by the Jury of Appeal appointed by
                  the Organizing school in the cases of overage suspicion.
            (g)   Photograph of each player should be attested by the Principal on the
                  eligibility form. A photocopy of the eligibility form of all the qualifying players
                  should be retained by the Zonal organizers. The original copy duly verified by
                  the host school should be forwarded to the National Organizing School in
                  order to ensure that the same player(s) who had played at the Cluster/Zonal
                  level only play in the Nationals.
            (h)   The subsequent year organizing schools can request the copy of eligibility
                  Performa from the previous year’s organizer.
            (i)   A player shall be under 10; 12; 14; 16 & 19 years of age on 31 Dec 2011.

                  1. Under 14 years: Born on or after 01.01.1998
                  2. Under 19 years: Born on or after 01.01.1993

            (j)   All the supporting papers verifying the age of the player, etc in original, as per
                  the CBSE Guidelines & Rules shall be carried personally by the Team
                  Manager/Coach while reporting for participation.
            (k)   The player’s right to participate forfeits if fails to produce the papers
                  supporting the eligibility in original on demand.

        Any team not fulfilling the eligibility criteria before the commencement of the
        tournament shall not be permitted to participate.


      I.    To provide the documents for verification in original if asked for.
     II.    To supply the team photo with school Principal along with the entry Performa,
            countersigned by the concerned Principal.
     III.   For student/player studying in class IX and above, to provide CBSE registration
                                                  Travel Plan

              Proforma of letter for -consent of participation to be held at
                       JAYPEE VIDYA MANDIR, ANOOPSHAHR.
                      CBSE Zonal Handball Championship-2011
SUB: - Consent of participation (CBSE East Zone hand ball Championship-2011)

Dear Sir/Madam,
 This is to confirm that our school would be participating in the East Zone hand ball
championship 2011 organised by your school.

   (a) NAME & ADDRESS OF THE SCHOOL -------------------------

       FAX NO ------------------          PH NO (i) ---------------------- (ii) ---------------------

       E- MAIL --------------------

   (b) NAME OF THE PRINCIPAL --------------------------

   (c) TEAM DETAIL --------------------------

       NO OF PARTICIPANT: -           BOYS-------------       GIRLS------------ TOTAL --------------

       MALE: -                        COACH ------------- MANAGER----------- TOTAL-------------

       FEMALE: -                      COACH ------------- MANAGER ------------- TOTAL -------------

   (d) ARRIVAL/DEPARTURE DETAILS --------------------------

       ARIVAL BY TRAIN /ROAD DATE --------------------            TIME ---------------

       NAME OF STATION OF ARRIVAL --------------------

       NAME OF TRAIN /NO --------------------------------- COACH NO ------------------

       DEPARTURE BY TRAIN/ ROAD DATE -------------------- TIME-----------

       NAME OF THE STATION OF DEPARTURE-----------------

       NAME OF TRAIN NO-------------------------- COACH NO ---------------

   (e) ANY OTHERS REMARKS/ INFORMATION --------------------------------------------------------------------------

i)   You are requested to depute one coach/manager with your teams: - one lady
        coach/manager must be deputed with the girls team.

ii) The official accompanying players/ team shall have a valid identity card issued
       by their school’s principal, no extra person without proper identity shall be
       permitted to stay inside the school premises and on the play ground along
       with the team.

iii) Accommodation: - Teams will be accommodated in the school premises,
       Participants, should bring their own locking system and other essential items
       of daily use.

iv) A Security deposit of Rs 1000/- (one thousand) in cash/DD (Payable at PNB, ASR)
       is to be made and to be deposited at the time of registration of the team at
       the school reception which will not be refunded in case of any loss/damage
       to the school property.

v) Boarding charges shall be Rs. 175/day/head excluding bedding charges.

vi) Bedding charges shall be on actual basis.
vii) Where the championship will hold on knockout basis organising and
        participating schools will collect/deposited payment against meals on full
        day basis and no refund of part payment. If it is on league cum knock out
        basis payment of participating school will deposite the payments against
        meal for all the days of championship and no part payment will be refund.
        Participating school will not insist for refund of part payment.
viii) Team that has lost and informs the host school in writing 24 hrs in advance to its
        departure time , shall be eligible for refund of deposited money against meal.
        But only for the post 24 hrs balance meal coupons.
ix) In case of any damage to the school property your team shall have to bear the

x) The School will not be responsible for any loss/theft/accident which occurs
        during the championship.
xi) There will be an official meeting on 1st November 2011 at -6.00-pm in the school
xii) Team must carry their school flag for the participation in March past. March past
        is compulsory. Whatever the reason may be, on the spot entry will not be
        entertained .Further to this, postal delay will not be considered.

xiii) Your school must ensure that your entry/eligibility proforma completed in all
        respect should reach under registered cover addressed to the Principal of
        Jaypee Vidya Mandir Anoopshahr. Dist-Bulandshahr (UP) on or before 20-09-
xiv)School Contact Nos:- (05734) 275023
       Fax Nos. :-        (05734) 275661

       E-mail:- jvm_ jss@ymail.com

             Mr. AJAY SINGH     -          ORGANISING SECRETARY. (9651264166)
             Mr. MOHON SINGH    -          ON FIELD CO-ORDINATOR (9456212563)
             Mr. ISHWARE SINGH  -          ADM—CO-ORDINATOR (931946146 2)
             Mr. OM PRAKASH SHARMA -       Jt. SECRETARY          (9760414799)


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