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					                                       Epsilon Sigma Alpha International
                                                  64th Annual
                                          Colorado State Convention
                                             May 21, 22, 23, 2010

                                      “ESA – The Sister Act”
                                        Hostess: Colorado Lamplighters
                                                  The Abbey
                                             Canon City, Colorado

                                                May 21, 2010

                                     Executive Board Luncheon
President Shirley Telinde welcomed everyone to her Executive Board Luncheon at 1PM.

Invocation - Chaplain, Judy Barker


Executive Board Meeting followed the luncheon. President, Shirley Telinde thanked her elected officers,
appointed officers and committee chairmen for their hard work during the year. She presented each with a gift.

                                         Friday Night Mixer
                                     “Featuring Fish on Friday”

Hostesses – Bobbie Hawkinson and Doris Sutherland

Opening welcome by Convention co-chairmen, Lamplighters Billie Jean Farnham and Nancy Cameron

Friday night mixer began with an old fashion “Cake Walk”. Prizes were different cupcakes and assorted items.
Lamplighter hostess, Bobbie Hawkinson called BINGO.

Invocation was given by Chaplain, Judy Barker


Bobbi Hawkinson led everyone in singing Happy Birthday to Emily Westfall from Sigma Rho.

Presentation of Awards Patty Ehrlick, Senior Past President/Awards Chairman assisted by IC
Representative, Judy Huntley. Patty Ehrlick read a poem “My Favorite Lighthouse” by Snow Betty Frost

Easter Seals Awards – Jr. Easter Seals Chairman, Barbara Preston in the absence of Betty Ziska,
Senior Easter Seals Chairman

              Barbara thanked everyone for their donations to the Mountain of Towels for Easter Seals –
               everyone was asked to bring up their items for Rocky Mountain Village.

                              Easter Seals Awards – Monies
                              1st Place – Zeta Tau # 2064, Colorado Springs - $2,042.75
                              2nd Place – Chi Kappa #5129, Denver - $1,044.75
                              3rd Place – Gamma Chi #3668, Loveland – $741.05

                              Easter Seals Awards – Hours
                              1st Place – Zeta Tau #2064, Colorado Springs – 120 hours
                              2nd Place – Gamma Chi #3668, Loveland – 50 hours
                              3rd Place – Chi Kappa #5129, Denver – 40 hours

Lamplighters entertained us by singing “Dancing in the Streets”

Membership Awards: Presented by Marjie Hottinger, Membership Chairman
         Marjie Hottinger reported that there are 536 members, 46 chapters and 13 new pledges in

                                      New Pledges receiving Awards:
                              Marlene Hewitt - #1774 Zeta Rho, Aurora
                              Margaret Hamann - #3878 Zeta Chi, Fort Collins
                              Maggie Roll - #1774 Zeta Rho, Aurora
                              Susan Brown - #3878, Zeta Chi, Fort Collins
                              Gayle Schladale - #1896 Epsilon Epsilon, Denver
                              Karen McLaughlin - #3878 Zeta Chi, Fort Collins
                              Diane Branham - #1896 Epsilon Epsilon, Denver
                              Shari Owens - #4016 Zeta Omicron, Cedaredge
                              Jeanne Barnes - #2064 Zeta Tau, Colorado Springs
                              Rhonda Gold - #4016 Zeta Omicron, Cedaredge
                              Adreanna Casper - #2064 Zeta Tau, Colorado Springs
                              Angie Zimbleman - #5442 Kappa Iota, Golden
                              Debra Goallippo - #0535 Alpha Nu, Akron

                             Membership Growth: Chapters with most pledges
                      1st Place – Zeta Chi #3878, Fort Collins - 3 new members and 1 reinstatement
                      2nd Place – Epsilon Epsilon #1896, Denver - 2 new members
                                   Zeta Tau #2064, Colorado Spring – 2 new members
                                Zeta Omicron #4016, Cedaredge – 2 new members
                      3rd Place – Kappa Iota #5442, Golden – 1 new member

                                          Sponsoring new members:
                              1 Place – Hellen Hagel, Zeta Chi #3878, Fort Collins
                              2nd Place – Rita Roth, Epsilon Epsilon #1896, Denver

Circle of Life Fundraiser Event – “St. Jude’s Parade of the M&M’s”
        Gert Ohlander, Sr. Circle of Life Coordinator and Deb Curley, Jr. Circle of Life Coordinator

Publicity/Outreach Awards/Report- Anita Miller, Publicity Outreach Chairman
            Thanked the chapters who sent in their reports and encourage more chapters to turn in their
              reports the next year.

             The Outreach Award includes anything the chapter has done as a contribution of your time for
              the community and getting the ESA name out to the public.
                           1st Place – Gamma Chi #3668, Loveland
                           2nd Place – Beta Alpha #5416, Aurora

             Publicity reports were judged on timeliness, neatness, content and completion of the form.
                            1st Place – Zeta Chi #3878, Fort Collins
                            2nd Place – Gamma Chi #3668, Loveland
                            3rd Place – Alpha Omicron #770, Salida

Golden Lamp Awards/Reports – Vickie Martinez, Golden Lamp Editor
          Vickie reported that she started with a balance of $342.00, deposits of $292.00 and expenses of
            $513.43 leaving a balance of $120.57. Thanked everyone for sending articles in.

                             Golden Lamp Awards – Council
                             Denver Alpha Council
                             Denver Epsilon Council

                             Golden Lamp Awards – Chapters with 5 articles
                             Chi Kappa #5129, Denver
                             Epsilon Epsilon #1896, Denver
                             Kappa Iota #5442, Golden
                             Zeta Chi #3878, Fort Collins
                             Zeta Rho #1774, Aurora
                             Gamma Omega #0306 Akron – Honorable mention with 4 articles

ESA Foundation Report – Kathy Ellingson, ESA Foundation Counselor
         President, Shirley Telinde read a letter from Jan Jones, ESA Foundation Chairman and
            presented Kathy Ellingson with a certificate for her work as our ESA Foundation Counselor.
         Kathy reported she received a notice that the Kay McLaughlin Memorial Scholarship will not be
            awarded this year unless they receive $500.00 before May 31, 2010.
         Gamma Chi #3668, Loveland has been working on funding the scholarship they started and
            Kathy Ellingson announced that the scholarship is now fully funded.

Colorado ESA Day/Flag Presentation – Presented by Anita Miller, Publicity/Outreach Chairman
          Anita Miller presented President, Shirley Telinde with a proclamation from Governor Bill Ritter
            declaring October 15 as ESA Day.
          Shirley Telinde was also presented with the Colorado flag that was flown over the capitol on
            April 23, 2010.

Educational Awards – Pam McGee, Educational/Workshop Chairman
          Pam Mcgee reported she enjoyed serving as our Educational Director. She had a great time
             with Tom Munch as he entertained us with the history and songs from the Royal Gorge and the

              old west. In March, Maggie Sefton shared how she became a successful mystery writer and
              actually makes a living from her stories.

             Ten chapters sent in Educational reports throughout the year. The topics (that go with the
              chapter presidents theme) this year were:

                             Quilts (history and design)
                             Kinds of Birds
                             Many Faces of ESA (interests/trips of chapter members)
                             I’m Crazy About….. (passions or interests of chapter members)
                             Modes of Transportation
                             Community Service and Our Well Being
                             Our Flower Basket of Learning (various programs on crafts)
                             Faith, Hope, Charity (various field trips to creative businesses)
                             Live, Love and Laugh (members experienced various presentations about
                                                    Colorado history, current topics and places to visit.)

             Pam wished that more chapters would send in their Educational reports; there are so many
              more interesting topics. She would like to suggest to the next Educational Director to consider
              discontinuing the use of the Evaluation Forms. After reading all the reports, it really doesn’t add
              to the presentations and they aren’t judged on them.

                             Educational Awards – Top three reports
                             1st Place – Delta Theta #1890 – Yvonne Farrell
                             2nd Place – Eta Lambda #2421 – Debbie Gonzales
                             3rd Place – Zeta Rho #1174 - Pat Frisby

                             Golden Link Award – with 6 Educationals or More
                             Yvonne Farrell – Delta Theta #1890, Denver
                             Debbie Gonzales – Eta Lambda #2421, Cortez
                             Pat Frisby – Zeta Rho #1174, Aurora
                             Pat Riley – Beta Alpha#5416, Aurora
                             Phyllis Vrbas – Chi Kappa #5129, Denver
                             Jennie Staritzky - Alpha Phi #327, Golden
                             Vernice Self – Alpha Tau #757, Craig
                             Lori Anderson – Kappa Iota #5442, Golden
                             Kathy Garrison – Epsilon Epsilon #1896, Denver

President/Elect Bonnie Gillmore introduced candidates for office for 2010 – 2011 with a skit “Woman of
the West Hollywood Squares” hosted by Jumpin’ Judy Huntley, IC Representative

                             Parliamentarian – Kathy Garrison
                             Treasurer – Rita Martin & Vickie Martinez
                             Recording Secretary – Lori Anderson & Betty Ziska
                             Corresponding Secretary – Kathy Ellingson
                             Vice President – Pam McGee, Mary Humphrey & Joan Snyder
                             President/Elect- Cathy Westlake (as Dolly Darling, the dumb blond)
                             President – Bonnie Gillmore (Billy Bob the Country Pumpkin)

Convention Bids – Kathy Westlake, Vice President
                         2011 – Zeta Rho & Alpha Gamma – Holiday Inn - Lakewood
                                 Convention skit by Zeta Rho – Alice in Wonderland
                         2012 - Beta Tau & Zeta Omicron - Doubletree - Grand Junction
                                 Cathy Westlake & Doris Sutherland
                                 Convention Theme - “Carnival in Venice”
                         2013 - ___________________________________

Presentation of the Scrapbook – Mary Guida, Scrapbook Chairman
             President, Shirley Telinde was presented with her scrapbook

Convention Registration Winner – Billie Jean Farnham and Nancy Cameron, Convention Co-Chairman
                          Winner – Paula Lieberman


      Presidents’ Workshop with continental breakfast, 7:30 AM at Hedley House

      Billie Jean Farnham announced that the IC Convention goers meeting will be held in the Benedict
       Room at 8 AM Friday morning

      Bobbi Hawkinson showed us “Sister Doris”, a doll that will be raffled off on Sunday morning.

      Pam McGee, Educational/Workshop Chairman announced that the book club will meet at the Hedley
       House right after the mixer is over.

Bobbi Hawkinson called BINGO for one more game

                                         First General Assembly
                                         Saturday, May 22, 2010

President Shirley Telinde called meeting to order at 8:55 AM

Presentation of the Flags – Ceremony presented by Lamplighter President, Cindy Powers
                            ESA Flag – Judy Huntley, IC Representative (Iowa)
                            ESA Foundation Flag – Barbara Hill (2005-2006 State President)
                            ESA All Faiths Flag – Sandy Alexander (2008-2009 State President)
                            Colorado State Flag - Alice Robinson (2004-2005 State President)
                            American Flag – Gertie Chapin (1983-1984 State President)
Pledge of Allegiance - Recited by all

Opening Ritual – Recited by all

Thought of the Day – Chaplain, Judy Barker - Poem “A Lighthouse unto Thy Feet” by Marilyn Ferguson

Introduction of officers by President, Shirley Telinde

First time convention goers in attendance received a little token for coming to convention.

                                         General Order of Business

Roll Call – Joan Snyder, Recording Secretary (based on registration)
                           ESA Members - 99
                           Colorado State Council Officers - 25
                           Chapters - 22
                           DESA/ELAN - 4
                           Lamplighters - 19
                           Councils - 6
                           MAL - 1
                           Guests - 6
                           Total in attendance: 119

Minutes: Joan Snyder, Recording Secretary
           Recording Secretary, Joan Snyder moved that the minutes from the Spring Board meeting be
             accepted as reviewed and approved by the Minutes Review Committee and posted on web.
             President Shirley Telinde stated no second was required coming from a committee. The
             minutes were approved.

Correspondence: Lisa Holt, Corresponding Secretary
                              Regrets from Jean Kump
                              Regrets from BJ Clark – ESA Headquarters
                              Thank you note from Bertha Shepard ( Patty Ehrlick)
                              Thank you from Sharon Wilson, Executive Director from Freedom Service

Rules of Convention
      Hellen Hagel, Parliamentarian

Treasurer’s Report: Mary Humphrey, Treasurer
                          Beginning Balance - $ 7,121.65
                          Total Income -        6,221.85
                          Total Expenses -        3,301.23
                          Net Profit -          2,920.62
                          Ending Balance $10,042.27 as of May 20, 2010

              Lamplighter President, Cindy Powers mentioned that when the budget was approved it was not
               possible to pay the Convention Registration fee for all the Elected Officers. Betty Ziska, Chi
               Kappa #5129, Denver questioned the outstanding bills yet to be paid. Mary Humphrey said
               there were only a few small bills yet to be paid, therefore, the Executive Board will be
               reimbursed for their registration.

IC Junior Past President, Message, IC Workshop – Judy Huntley
           Judy Huntley talked about her life and family. She talked about her son who was violently ill at
             the age of 4. She also talked about her most embarrassing moment, which took place at John
           Talked about IC President Jamie Atchison’s theme “Believe”, to discover the qualities,
             characteristic and/or ideas that are most important to each of us.
           Try new things in your chapter. Have fun and let your community know who you are and getting
             ESA known.
           Judy Huntley asked for all those who pledged a new member this year, all the new pledges and
             any DESA’s and Élan’s come forward and receive a crocheted book marker from her.
           Talked a little about the upcoming IC Convention in Minnesota. There will also be a food drive
             during the convention and the community will be involved as well. The hotel has offered to be
             the drop off for the food. The food will go to Second Harvest.
           St. Jude is being hit like so many other organizations with having to lay off employees.
             Donations have been down plus monies invested were lost as well.
           Easter Seals also is in need of help especially with their program Camp Hope. It helps the
             children of soldiers coming back from Afghanistan to help each other.
           The Hope for Hero’s event held on November 7 -14, 2009 was a big success. There were many
             events to honor our military. Judy Huntley passed out red, white and blue bead necklaces for
             each of us to wear.
           Judy Huntley did a workshop. First, she had everyone use one of the index cards they were
             given and put down what you would like to see happen on the IC level including IC convention.
           Potato exercise called “There’s more To It Than Meets the Eye”. Each row was given a potato
             to examine and answer some question on the potato. She had brought these potatoes with her
             on the plane.
           On the second card we were asked to put our names on it and list our passion(s) and/or talents,
             these were collected and given to Cathy Westlake.
           The third card was for everyone to put down what they felt needed to be trashed or changed on
             the state council level. We were not to put our names on the cards these were given to Bonnie

Educational Fund Report – Nancy Cameron and Joyce Fuller
          The Colorado State Leadership and Educational Fund Certificate (CD) has a balance as of May
             1, 2010 of $6,216.81. All interest from this account was transferred to the savings Account.
          Since May 17, 2009 the savings account has been credited with monthly interest and quarterly
             interest from the CD account in the amount of $105.62. A total of $527.35 was disbursed from
             this Savings Account - $427.35 for Leadership Seminar fees and $100.00 for a guest speaker at
             Spring Board Meeting.
          Account balance as of April 30, 2010 is $1,979.03
          Joyce Fuller made a recommendation that some of the money be used to pay the Leadership
             Seminar fee for the President Elect to attend. The Vice Presidents fee is a budgeted item.

Proposed By-Law Changes – Hellen Hagel, Parliamentarian
          Hellen explained that that the use of chairman is the common generic term to be used in they
          Submitted By-law changes:
                       Article III OFFICERS, Section 3
                         Motion to accept change – Cathy Westlake, Zeta Omicron #4016, Cedaredge
                         and seconded by Ann Bowey, Alpha Nu #535 Akron
                         Motion was defeated

 Amendment was made by Hellen Hagel to keep article as is with Easter Seals as
  a two year term and the membership chairman shall be removed.
  Motion to accept the amendment change, Cathy Westlake, Zeta Omicron #4016
  Cedaredge and seconded by Vickie Chavers-Bruso, Epsilon Epsilon #1896,
  Amendment passed
 Article VI DUTIES OF OFFICERS, Section 6
  Motion to accept change Vickie Martinez, Zeta Rho #1774, Aurora
  Seconded by Bonnie Gillmore, Gamma Chi #3668, Loveland
  Discussion with regard to IC credentials in the article. Cards are no longer
  needed and need to be removed.
  Amended by Vickie Martinez, Zeta Rho #1774 Aurora to take out the IC
  Credential cards portion. Seconded by Vickie Chavers-Bruso, Epsilon Epsilon
  #1896, Denver
  Amendment – passed to accept change and remove IC Credential cards.
 Section 7 – Motion by Jody Karr, Zeta Rho #1774, Aurora
  Seconded by Joan Snyder, Kappa Iota #5442 Golden
  Motioned carried
 Section 15 – Entire section is to be removed
  Motion by Pam McGee, Gamma Chi #3668, Loveland
  Seconded by Jody Karr, Zeta Rho #1774, Aurora
  Motion carried
 Section 18 – Delete proposed bylaw change by Gertie Chapin, Beta Epsilon
  #357, Fort Morgan
  Seconded by Vickie Chavers-Bruso, Epsilon Epsilon #1896, Denver
  Motion passed.
 Section 21
  Motion made by Jody Karr Zeta Rho #1774, Aurora to accept the bylaw change
  and seconded by Mary Humphrey, Beta Alpha #5416, Aurora
  Motion carried
 Section 23
  Motion to remove this section for by-law changes due to the above changes
  already made by Betty Ziska, Chi Kappa #5129, Denver
  Seconded by Vickie Chavers-Bruso, Epsilon Epsilon #1896, Denver
  Motion carried
 Section 24
  Motion made by Vickie Chavers-Bruso, Epsilon Epsilon #1896 Denver to remove
  section on Desa/Elan Coordinator
  Seconded by Mary Humphrey, Beta Alpha #5416, Aurora
  Motion carried

 Article IX COMMITTEES, Section 5
  Motion by Maxine Smith, Zeta Chi #3878 Fort Collins made to remove both
  Membership Chairman; Add-President Elect and ESA Foundation Counselor.
  Seconded by Pam McGee, Gamma Chi #3668, Loveland
  Hellen reported that the ESA Foundation should not have been listed. Motion
  made by Hellen Hagel, Zeta Chi #3878, Fort Collins; seconded by Mary
  Humphrey, Beta Alpha #5416, Aurora
  Motion carried
 Section 6 – No vote needed
 Section 7 – Motion made by Patty Ehrlick, Sigma Rho #5014 Loveland to accept
  as amended earlier; seconded by Pam McGee, Gamma Chi #3668 Loveland.

                             Motion carried

                            Article XI VOTING
                             Section 5 - Election of Officers
                             Motion made by Cathy Westlake, Zeta Omicron #4016, Cedaredge
                             Seconded by Patty Ehrlick, Sigma Rho #5014, Loveland
                             Motion carried
                            Section 6 – Other Voting
                             Motion made by Maxine Smith, Zeta Chi #3878
                             Seconded by Judy Barker, Gamma Chi #3668, Loveland
                             Motion carried

Introduction of 2010 – 2011 Candidates: Bonnie Gillmore – President Elect
                            Kathy Garrison, Epsilon Epsilon #1896, Denver
                            Rita Martin, Chi Kappa #2286, Denver
                            Vickie Martinez, Zeta Rho #1774, Aurora
                     Recording Secretary:
                            Lori Anderson, Kappa Iota, #5442, Golden
                            Betty Ziska, Chi Kappa #2286 Denver
                     Corresponding Secretary:
                            Kathy Ellingson, Gamma Chi, #3668 Loveland
                     Vice President:
                            Mary Humphrey, Beta Alpha, #5416 Aurora
                            Pam McGee, Gamma Chi, #3668, Loveland
                            Joan Snyder, Kappa Iota, #5442, Golden
                     President Elect:
                            Cathy Westlake, Zeta Omicron #4016, Cedaredge
                            Bonnie Gillmore, Gamma Chi #3668, Loveland

      President Shirley Telinde asked if there were any nominations from the floor for each office, hearing
       none, the offices were declared closed.

Balloting Procedures: Bonnie Gillmore, President Elect
                 Balloting will be done as you leave the First General Assembly. All ballots must be cast
                    before the luncheon. Should there be a tie; delegates will be asked to reassemble
                    immediately following the luncheon.
                 You will vote by entering the number of chapter votes in one box under each office.
                 Fold the ballot only once.
                 Delegates will be asked to state chapter name and her name as the ballot is placed in
                    the ballot box.

Educational/Leadership Program: Pam McGee, Educational/Workshop Chairman
          Pam McGee said she will have the educational reports in the foyer of the Benedict Room for
             everyone to look at and for chapters to pick up their reports. The top three educationals are to
             be left and will be sent on to IC convention for judging.


              Gert Ohlander asked for the time of the luncheon be verified since there were two different
               times listed.
              Betty Ziska had not arranged for Easter Seals to pick up the mountain of towels and needed
               volunteers to take them. Vickie Martinez offered to deliver the items to the Easter Seals offices
               in Lakewood.

                                       Saturday, Awards Luncheon

Presidents’ Workshop with Continental Breakfast was held in the Hedley House from 7:30 AM to 8:30AM with
Junior Past President Sandy Alexander conducting the meeting. Approximately 35 chapter presidents and
Lamplighters were in attendance. Sandy discussed the importance of developing the ability to motivate others.
She also discussed the qualities of motivational leaders. Organizing a good meeting was discussed by the
group. Many good ideas were presented by those in attendance.

IC Goers meeting was held in the Benedict Room with President Elect, Bonnie Gillmore presiding.
Approximately 12 members were in attendance. Bonnie discussed the IC agenda and who would like to attend
the Wednesday morning workshops. She talked about all the events that will be going on as well.

Hostess: Alice Robinson and Pat Bernhardt

Invocation- Judy Barker, Chaplain


Presentation of Awards – Patty Ehrlick, Senior Past President/Awards Chairman
                          Judy Huntley, IC Representative

Circle of Life/ALSAC: Gert Ohlander, Senior Circle of Life, Deb Curley, Junior Circle of Life
            Gert Ohlander thanked everyone for all they have done for St. Jude Children’s Hospital this
            Deb Curley helped Gert Ohlander this past year. Gert Ohlander developed a program to
               educate the chapters about the children of St. Jude. She also developed a plan to encourage
               members to raise funds and had raffle items for State Convention.
            Deb Curley reported that she co-chairs one of the St. Jude Radio-thons run by ALSAC this past
               year. Deb was disappointed to find out that the Junior Circle of Life Coordinators would not be
               brought to the hospital for training.

                                    Deb Curley – Chapters Monies raised
                      1st Place – Zeta Tau #2064 Colorado Springs - $16,647.78
                      2nd Place – Zeta Rho #1774 Aurora - $11,333.77
                      3rd Place – Theta Eta #2830 Denver – 3,308.89

                                       Gert Ohlander – Chapter Hours
                      1st Place – Zeta Tau #2064 Colorado Springs – 269.5 hours
                     2nd Place – Zeta Rho #1774 – Aurora – 106.5 hours
                     3rd Place – Alpha Nu #535 Akron – 80 hours

ALSAC Awards – Bonnie McCalmont - ALSAC Representative
         Bonnie thanked everyone for all their work and donations to St. Jude. She reminded everyone
           to go on U Tube and check out the videos that can be downloaded for us to use.
                                Upcoming events:
                  June 18, 2010 – KYGO/St. Jude Radio-thon
                  November 20, 2010 – “Give Thanks” Walk in Colorado Springs (possible of a
                                      walk up North – no information at present time)

             Bonnie reported that ALSAC is still working with the State of Colorado to have a dream house in
              the state.
             Certificates of Appreciation were handed out to all chapters who donated to St. Jude

DESA/ELAN – Patty Ehrlick, Senior Past President/Awards Chairman
     All the DESA/ELAN’s were asked to come forward to be recognized.
                           Dani Freels – Beta Alpha #5416, Aurora
                           Vivianna Ehrlick – Sigma Rho #5014, Loveland
                           McKenzie Bernhardt – Gamma Chi #3668, Loveland
                           Dakota Schlager – Alpha Beta #5390, Fruita
                           Haley Holt – Zeta Rho #1774, Aurora
                           Kali Jones – Alpha Beta #5390 Fruita

Disaster Fund Award: Sandy Alexander, Junior Past President/Disaster Fund Chairman
           Sandy reported there were 24 chapters, 4 councils and 6 individuals who donated to the
             Disaster Fund this year. Colorado had one request for assistance. Total monies received -

                                    Chapter Monies
                            1st Place – Alpha Phi #0327, Golden
                            1st Place – Kappa Iota #5442, Golden
                            2nd Place – Beta Tau #0472, Grand Junction
                            2nd Place – Chi Kappa #5129, Denver
                            2nd Place – Alpha Gamma #174, Denver
                            2nd Place – Theta Eta #2830, Denver
                            3rd Place – Zeta Tau #2064, Colorado Springs

                                    Individual Monies
                            1st Place – JoAnn Singley
                            2nd Place – Pat Bernhardt
                            2nd Place – Nancy Cameron
                            3rd Place – Dorothy Roy

                                    Council Monies
                            1st Place – Lamplighters
                            2nd Place – Northeast Council

Philanthropic Awards/Report: Rita Martin, Philanthropic Chairman

             Rita hopes that more chapters would send in their reports. Just think what a statement we
              could make at IC if all chapters reported their good works.

                                    Total chapters participating - 16
                                    Total hours – 14,194 hours
                                    Total monies and goods donated - $202,758.00
                                    Total miles traveled – 36,293 miles

                                        Awards for the most hours
                     1st Place with 2,403 hours – 12 members – Chi Kappa #5129, Denver
                     2nd Place with 1,941 Hours – Alpha Tau #757, Craig
                     3rd Place with 1,487 hours – 20 members – Gamma Chi #3668, Loveland

                                   Awards for the most monies donated
                     1 Place with $52,294 – 17 members – Zeta Tau #2064, Colorado Springs
                     2nd Place with $35,817 – 12 members – Chi Kappa #5129, Denver
                     3rd Place with $20,843 – 15 members –Theta Eta #2830, Denver

Outstanding Pledge Award - Patty Ehrlick, Senior Past President/Awards Chair

                     1st Place – Susan Brown – Zeta Chi #3878, Fort Collins
                     2nd Place –Wendy Gleason – Gamma Chi #3668, Loveland

Pioneer Woman Award – Patty Ehrlick, Senior Past President/Awards Chair

                     LaVergne Reale – Alpha Lambda #0231, Greeley

Scrapbook Awards – Patty Ehrlick, Senior Past President/Awards Chair

                     1 Place –Alpha Omicron #770, Salida
                     2nd Place – Chi Kappa #5129, Denver

                     1st Place – Zeta Rho #1774, Aurora
                     2nd Place – Sigma Rho #5014, Loveland

Distinguished Athenian Award: Pam McGee, Education/Workshop Chairman

                     Yvonne Farrell – Delta Theta #1898, Denver


      Lamplighter, Alice Robinson reported that the Centerpieces and the extra nun figurines were for sale for
      Announcement party is in the Monastery Parlor from 3 – 4 PM all the candidates and Lamplighters are
       invited to attend. Refreshments were being served.
                                        Saturday Night Banquet
                                      “Sisters Night out Banquet”

Hostess – Patty Ehrlick and Joyce Fuller

Installation of 2010-2011 Colorado State Officers
                    Installation ceremony was conducted by Bobbie Hawkinson, Pat Bernhardt and Judy
                      Huntley, IC Representative.

Introductions - Shirley Telinde, Colorado State President

Invocation – Chaplain, Judy Barker


Acceptance Message/Special Announcements – Bonnie Gillmore, 2010-2011 Colorado State President
                Bonnie Gillmore gave her acceptance speech and introduced her family in attendance.
                 Bonnie’s theme this coming year is “Catching the Dreams of ESA”

Entertainment – “Encore” Canon City High School
                  A donation was taken up as a donation for the group.

Presentation of Awards: Patty Ehrlick, Senior Past President/Awards Chairman assisted by Judy
Huntley, IC Representative

                                      5th Degree Pallas Athene Award
                             Mary Humphrey – Beta Alpha #5413, Aurora
                             Beverly Zion – Eta Lambda #2421, Cortez

                                             Service Awards
                     20 Years – Phyllis Minch – Gamma Chi #3668, Loveland

                     25 Years – Deborah Strong – Chi Kappa #5129, Denver
                                Joyce Fuller –Theta Eta #2830, Denver
                                Lonetta McCormick – Gamma Chi #3668, Loveland
                                Pat Bernhardt – Gamma Chi #3668, Loveland

                     30 Years – Bobbi Hawkinson –Gamma Omega #4306, Akron
                                Lisa Holt – Zeta Rho #1774, Aurora
                                Mary Guida – Alpha Phi #0327, Golden

                     35 Years – Sharon Rogers – Theta Eta #2830, Denver

                     40 Years – Cathy Westlake – Zeta Omicron #4016, Cedaredge
                                 Cleo Cinea – Zeta Rho #1774, Aurora
                                 Kay Westlake – Zeta Omicron #4016, Cedaredge
                     50 Years – Judy Tate – Zeta Rho #1774, Aurora
                                 Lee Francis – Alpha Phi #0327, Golden

                     55 Years – Doris Sutherland – Beta Tau #0472, Grand Junction

                                   Chapter 50 Years of Service plus
                            65 Years – Beta Tau #0472, Grand Junction

                                    Outstanding Chapter of the Year
                                   1st Place – Zeta Rho #1774, Aurora
                                   2nd Place – Gamma Chi #3668, Loveland
                                   3rd Place – Chi Kappa #5129, Denver

                                     Outstanding Woman of the Year
                            1st Place – Rita Martin – Chi Kappa #5129, Denver
                            2nd Place – Joyce Fuller – Theta Eta #2830, Denver
                            3rd Place – Mary Humphrey – Beta Alpha #5413, Aurora


      Officers meeting (Retiring and Incoming, Elected and Appointed) at 7:15 AM in the Hedley House.
      Memorial Service will begin at 8:30AM in the Monastery Chapel

                                         Sunday, May 23, 2010

Memorial Service - Conducted by Chaplain, Judy Barker

                                          Sisters Remembered

                                       Annette Londino – Kappa Phi
                                         Karen Smith – Alpha Eta
                                      LaVona Thomas – Alpha Delta
                                         Janet Blandin – Zeta Chi
                                       Bonnie Hartman – Epsilon Chi
                                       Margaret Hill – Alpha Gamma
                                          Lee Francis – Alpha Phi
                                      Patty Wickstrom – Beta Epsilon
                                  Pearl Wells-Wilkenson – Epsilon Epsilon
                                   Susan Alexander-Bourke – Kappa Iota
                                    Mary Lou Huerkamp – Zeta Omicron
                                     Betty Oestman – Epsilon Epsilon

                                        “Faithful Sisters Brunch”

Hostesses: Gertie Chapin and Cindy Powers

Invocation – Chaplain, Judy Barker


                                        Second General Assembly

President, Shirley Telinde called meeting to order at 10:10AM

Lamplighter report – Cindy Powers, Lamplighter President

              The Lamplighters gave $100 to the Encore entertainment group as a donation.
              The Friday night “Cake Walk” brought in $200 which will go to State Council treasury.
              Talked about the two scholarships they are in charge of.
              Lamplighters are planning a retreat. Plans will be finalized later.

Treasurer’s final report – Mary Humphrey, Treasurer
                     Beginning balance - $ 7,121.65 (no change)
                     Income -              6,221.85 (no change)
                     Expenses -            4,476.23
                     Ending balance      $ 8,867.27

Chaplain Report – Judy Barker

              Thanked Shirley Telinde for asking her to be the Chaplain. She had the privilege of giving the
               blessings at Zeta Tau’s Founder’s Day dinner. Sent out 102 emails, many with multiple
               requests on them and sent out 48 cards.
              She will send out an email advising all members on her chaplain list of the new incoming
               chaplain for 2010-2011.

Travel Trophy Winner - Patty Ehrlick, Senior Past President/Awards Chairman

               Winner – Zeta Rho - #1774 Aurora – 13 members for 1,430 miles

        Patty Ehrlick thanked Judy Huntley, IC Representative for coming to convention and to Mary Humphrey
for her help with her Power Point Awards Presentation.

Convention report/ Lamplighters Nancy Cameron & Billie Jean Farnham Convention Co-Chairman
                          #Active members - 99
                          #of chapters - 22
                             #guests - 6
                             #MAL - 1
                             #/DESA/ELAN - 4
                             Total in attendance – 119

              Nancy Cameron and Bill Jean Farnham thanked everyone helping with the wonderful
               centerpieces and table favors at the different events.

Future convention sites, Cathy Westlake, Vice President
                    2011 Zeta Rho & Alpha Gamma – Holiday Inn, Lakewood
                    2012 Beta Tau & Zeta Omicron – Doubletree, Grand Junction
           Cathy Westlake thanked the members for their help in sending her to the Leadership Seminar in
            February, 2010.
           Still need either a chapter (s) and or council to come forward to host the 2013 State Convention.

Rocky Mountain Regional Roundup – Jody Karr, RMRC President

              Rocky Mountain Regional Roundup will be held in McCall, Idaho on August 13, 14 and 15.
              Registration form needs to be sent in soon, especially if you want to request one of the queen
               size beds.

Retiring President’s message – Shirley Telinde, Colorado State President 2009-2010

Presentation of Gavel
           Shirley Telinde, Colorado State 2009 – 2010 President presented Bonnie Gillmore with the

Lowering and Raising of the Gavels – Judy Huntley, IC Past President
          Judy Huntley lowered and raised the gavels for Shirley Telinde and Bonnie Gillmore

Installation of Shirley Telinde into Lamplighters: Cindy Powers, President
            Shirley was joined by all the Lamplighters in attendance and was presented with her
               Lamplighter charm.

Installation of 2010 – 2012 Lamplighter Officers – Lamplighter President, Cindy Powers
                             President – Alice Robinson
                             Vice President – Pat Bernhardt
                             Secretary – Patty Ehrlick
                             Treasurer – Jody Karr

Introduction of 2010-2011 Elected Officers by Bonnie Gillmore
                           President – Bonnie Gillmore
                           President-Elect – Cathy Westlake
                           Vice President – Mary Humphrey
                           Corresponding Secretary – Kathy Ellingson
                           Recording Secretary – Lori Anderson
                           Treasurer – Rita Martin
                                Parliamentarian – Kathy Garrison

Unfinished Business:
           Bonnie Gillmore added Joyce Fuller and Gertie Chapin on the Nominating Committee
           Zeta Rho presented Shirley Telinde with a gift; a frame for the Colorado Flag she received on
             Friday night.
           Lamplighters presented Shirley Telinde, Judy Huntley, Nancy Cameron and Billie Jean Farnham
             with a gift.
           Vickie Martinez, 2009-2010 Golden Lamp Editor asked that everyone send in their June article
             to her.
           Bonnie Gillmore reported that information on her upcoming Fall Board Meeting will be in the
             June Golden Lamp.
           Vivianna Ehrlick presented Shirley Telinde with a small glass light house that plays “You Light
             Up My Life”

                 50/50 Lamplighters – Winner of $355.00 was Betty Turetzky, Alpha Gamma

                 Easter Seals – one set of Butterflies – Patty Ehrlick, Sigma Rho and one set to Lillian Strong,
                  Chi Kappa
                 Easter Seals – Precious Moments Frog – Patty Ehrlick, Sigma Rho and the Precious Moments
                  Squirrel to Virginia Cromer, Craig
                 Gert Ohlander and Deb Curley gave out prizes to those who had unique ideas for raising money
                  for St. Jude Children’s Hospital
                 St. Jude - Money Blouse was won by Lisa Holt, Zeta Rho other items were raffled off as well.
                 “Sister Doris” doll was won by Billie Jean Farnham

         Gert Ohlander reported that the M&M quarters raised approximately $2,235.00 for St. Jude
         Bobbi Hawkinson reported that $133.00 was raised on the “Sister Doris” doll
         Bonnie Gillmore reported that Lois Hepner has her charms for sale in the Foyer
         Alice Robinson reminded everyone that the “Give Thanks Walk” will be held in the Chapel Hills
          Mall in Colorado Springs on November 20.

Benediction: Judy Barker, Chaplain

Retiring of the Flags – Lamplighters
       Lamplighter, President Cindy Powers read about the folding of a flag while six other Lamplighters
demonstrated how it is done.

Adjourning of the 64th annual Colorado State Council Convention:
      Shirley Telinde, 2009-2010 Colorado State President, Adjourned the meeting at 11:45 AM

Closing Ritual

Respectfully submitted,


Joan Snyder
2009 – 2010 Colorado State Recording Secretary


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