AVID Tutor Recruitment/ Retention Timeline by 4vIW73


									                                                                                      Essential 8.5

AVID Tutor Recruitment/ Retention Timeline

      • Present AVID high school tutor info to current Pre-AP/AP sophomores and juniors
      • Present AVID college tutor paid position info to current AP seniors
      • Get teacher recommendations - especially math & science teachers
      • Alert counselors to what to look for in a good AVID tutor

      • Follow up with individual contact with prospective high school & college tutors
      • Provide interested students the tutor contract and outline of responsibilities (including
              16-hours of training), application
      • Interview potential tutors
      • Contact counselor for high school tutors to make sure that course selection sheet is
              marked correctly and approval process has begun

March/ April
      • Keep the word out about both types of tutors to colleagues, counselors, students
      • Check with current college tutors about plans for upcoming year
      • Check with current HS tutors about plans for upcoming year

       • Keep the word out to colleagues, counselors, students
       • Follow up on current year grads who will be local college students
       • Finalize tutor training dates and location for LUSD 8-hour tutor training
       • Verify money available to pay next year's college tutors

       • Deadline for dropping an AP course for upcoming school year - look for possible tutors
               in this pool
       • Keep counselors on the lookout for good tutors; send possible names to AVID Site
               Coordinator or AVID Elective teacher to look up transcript & speak with select
       • "Tiger jobs" web site for UOP students
       • Post flyer at Delta - especially at tutoring centers; Cunningham Hall; science, math &
               engineering; education
       • College tutors begin hiring process at LUSD (see “Hiring AVID Tutors” document)

       • Keep counselors on the lookout for good tutors as schedules change
       • Tell-a-friend & "finder's fee" incentive goodies for good tips on possible tutors
       • Post HS tutor flyer on T.A. board in admin. hallway & to counselors
       • Be sure that HS tutors are properly scheduled
       • College tutors continue hiring process at LUSD
       • Complete form in order for college tutors to be paid
                                                                                Essential 8.5

         • Register tutors for 8-hour LUSD tutor training
         • College tutors complete hiring process at LUSD
         • Start tutorials by third week of school
         • Hold 1st On-Site Tutor Meeting
         • Have Tutors sign Tutor Contract

      • Continue On-Site Tutor Training

      • Continue On-Site Tutor Training

     • Continue On-Site Tutor Training
     • Revise Tutor Recruitment & Retention Plan

     • Continue On-Site Tutor Training
     • Revise Tutor Master Schedule based on College Tutors’ 2nd semester classes
     • Contact teachers and make a schedule for presenting to Pre-AP/AP students

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