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					    The Application Process
    Tips on:
   Campus Visits
   Letters of Recommendation
   Essay Writing
   NAVIANCE/Application procedures
   Athletic Eligibility

A workshop presented by the ELHS Guidance Department

    6/22/2012                                          1
  Appropriate College Choice
     REACH – 10/20% acceptance

     TARGET – 50/50% acceptance

     SAFE – 80/90% acceptance

6/22/2012                          2
            Streamlining The Process
   College search
   Admission requirements

   Application Procedure

   Financial Aid

   Acceptance history

   Teacher recommendation

   Transcript request

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          Letters of Recommendation

   A teacher recommendation asks a faculty
    member to make comments about your particular
    academic skills and, more generally, about your
    growth and maturity in a social context.

   It is by nature a subjective document, although
    it also addresses quantitative and objective data.

     6/22/2012                                           4
                Letter of Rec. (cont.)

   The object is to choose a teacher who
    is willing and able to write a full &
    descriptive recommendation.

   Choose one who knows you, who has
    experiences with you to draw on.

   Give teachers enough time. Three
    weeks is good.
    6/22/2012                               5
                 Requesting the

   Seniors now must request the
    recommendation through NAVIANCE.

   BRAG SHEET/Resume!

    6/22/2012                          6
         Tips on Writing The Essay

    Be honest!

    Tell your story in your own voice!

    Read the topic question(s) carefully and
     respond to the question(s) asked.

    6/22/2012                                   7
      Tips on Writing The Essay

   Write about a subject or idea with which you
    are familiar. Personalize your essay. Use
    anecdotes, if appropriate.
   Be yourself. Do not attempt to use words or
    ideas that are unfamiliar to you. It usually
   Write about the specific rather than the
    general, the concrete rather than the

6/22/2012                                          8
      Tips on Writing The Essay (cont.)

     Be neat.
     Proofread! Proofread! Proofread!
     Have someone else proofread it.
     Remember, your own thoughts are important!
      This must be your own work.
     Avoid trying to be silly, cute or outrageous.
     Avoid the “laundry list” of accomplishments!

                           Good luck!

    6/22/2012                                         9
            Senior Advisory,
    Individual Meetings, & NAVIANCE

   Goals for semester
   ELHS guidance website
   Application process
   Important dates & deadlines
   Updates on college visits
   College fair reminders
   Career & college speakers
   SAT/ACT application & reports
6/22/2012                             10
            NAVIANCE Workshops

     Application Process

     College Application Essay

     Common App. Workshop

6/22/2012                         11

   SAT/ACT registration deadlines & test


    High School six-digit code - CEEB#

                  220-727                   12
Important Information About Division I
  and Division II Athletic Eligibility
All potential Div. 1 or 2 athletes must register
with the NCAA
Please log onto for
further information

**For specific question about college athletics
please see your counselor
                 Financial Aid
                Looking Ahead
 FAFSA – Cannot file until Jan. 1, 2012, but
  can be filled out ANYTIME!

 CSS profile – required by some institutions in

  addition to FAFSA

** Pay particular attention to deadline dates as
  they vary by institutions

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            Questions & Answers
                   Thank you!!!

             ELHS Guidance Department

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