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Oracle GoldenGate Overview
                            Stone Lee
                        Oracle Taiwan Inc.
   Oracle GoldenGate
   The Solution for Enterprise-wide Real Time Data Needs

  Database and                                                            Mission Critical
applications, Mixed                                                     Applications & Data,
sources, distributed                   Real-time                        Business Intelligence,
 systems, legacy,                     information                           Reporting for
   OLTP, OLAP                                                           Customers, Partners
                                                                            & Employees

                                  Real-time Access

  Oracle GoldenGate delivers real-time access of real-time information, enabling
  companies to dramatically improve the availability, reliability, and performance of
  critical data across enterprise systems.

           Key GoldenGate Customers…
Banking and Finance          Healthcare

                             Telecommunications and Service Operators

Retail and e-Business        Manufacturing & Supply Chain

                             Travel & Hospitality
Government & Public Sector

Oracle GoldenGate Use Cases
Enterprise-wide Solution for Real Time Data Needs

                                                                 • Standardize on Single
                            Disaster Recovery,
                            Data Protection Standby               Technology for Multiple Needs
                                               (Open & Active)
                                                                 • Deploy for Continuous
                            Zero Downtime                         Availability and Real-time Data
                            Migration and
                            Upgrades                              Access for Reporting / BI
         Log Based, Real-
         Time Change Data    Operational
         Capture                               Reporting
                             Reporting         Database


                                 ODS                  EDW
                                                                 • Highly Flexible
Heterogeneous                                         EDW
Source Systems
                                Real-time BI                     • Fast Deployments
                                                                 • Lower TCO & Improved ROI
                                Query Offloading

                                Data Distribution

    Key Plays for Oracle GoldenGate

      Query                     Continuous                 Real Time Data
    Offloading                  Availability                Integration
• Resource Utilization      • Zero Downtime               • Operational
  Use physical standby        Migration & Upgrade           Reporting
  for reads                  Migrate database,             Quickly report on
                             hardware or applications      transaction system data
                             with minimal downtime         with no source impact
• Cost Reduction
 Move reads to lower cost
 systems                    • Disaster Recovery &         • Real Time Business
                              Data Protection               Intelligence
                             Create live standby for       Understand current
                             failover, avoid and repair    metrics in historical context
                             block corruptions

                            • Data Distribution
                             Synchronize hub & spoke
                             or distributed systems

Solution – Query Offloading

• Cost Reduction
• Improve Resource Utilization

   Find a solution that can transfer our data in real-time, keeping up with data
   volumes and meet future business needs. In actuality, GoldenGate was the
   only solution that handled all three requirements with ease.”
            – J Seelan, DBA Manager, 1-800-Flowers.com

     Query Offloading
     Infrastructure Cost Reduction

                                           • Create a real-time replica of existing expensive
           Cost Reduction                    operational system (e.g. legacy or big iron) on
                                             Oracle with RAC on Linux.
   OLTP                  Read Only         • Sync replica in real-time and route all read-only
Transactions               Users             traffic
                  OGG                     Benefits
                                           • Reduce/Eliminate query load on transactional
                                           • Directly reduce cost of legacy, mainframe, non-
 Non-Oracle or          Oracle Platform      oracle
Legacy Platform
                                          What products to position?
                                           • Oracle GoldenGate supports heterogeneous
                                             database, hardware and OS platforms

       “Do you want to move query processing to standard, lower cost DB &
    Hardware infrastructure with no disruption to critical transaction processing
     systems & satisfy business end-users as data volumes and users grow?”

    Query Offloading Case Study
    Query Offloading Saves Millions $

COMPANY OVERVIEW                                GoldenGate PROVIDES
A world leader in the travel marketplace,       • Supports 1.6TB of data movement per day
Sabre Holdings merchandises and retails           to read-only servers
travel products and provides distribution and   • Source– Oracle 10g | Target – MySQL
technology solutions for the travel industry
                                                • Current plans to migrate to Oracle 11g on
                                                  both source and target.

• Optimize OLTP system performance –            • 80% TCO Reduction – Millions $$ saved
  offload all query activity
• Reduce TCO via platform changes and
  segment “lookers” from “bookers”
• Handle growing data volumes and                       “Bookers vs Lookers”
  support heterogeneous systems over life-
  cycle of Air Travel Shopping Engine
• Maintain data integrity across all systems
Solution – Continuous Availability

• Disaster Recovery / Data Protection
• Zero-Downtime Migration / Upgrade
• Data Distribution / Synchronization

     “We believe this is the only product on the market that can meet
     our demands for 99.95% database availability, performance and
                         Chris Uriarte, CTO, Retail Decisions
     Continuous Availability
     Zero Down-time Migration and Upgrade

                                          • Migrate from any heterogeneous database to Oracle11g
                                            with minimal downtime
                                          • Migrate hardware or OS platforms with no downtime
                                          • Upgrade Siebel CRM with no downtime
Previous Version         New Version      • Allow active users to move to new system gradually while
                                            both systems are live
                   OGG                    Benefit
                                          • Standardize your data center and modernize platforms
                                          • Zero down-time for mission critical applications
 Old DB Version          New DB Version   • Safely migrate users from one system to the next, while
                                            keeping both systems running.
                                          • Lower risk by enabling failback
                                          What products to position?
                                          • Oracle GoldenGate
                                          • Get in the door with Zero Dowtime Migration/Upgrade
                                          • Upsell ongoing ZDT Operations for a higher value deal

     “Do you need to migrate your database or upgrade critical applications but
     can’t afford to take any down time and impact critical business processes?”

       Continuous Data Availability
       Data Distribution / Synchronization

      Oracle 9i     Oracle 11g      • Replicate data for distributed applications to drive global
                                      operations and improve operational efficiency
                                    • Distribute data in real-time across Oracle and Non-Oracle
                                    • Active-Active configuration keeps multiple data centers in
              OGG                     sync
                                    • High Availability for mission critical data
     Oracle 10g     SQL Server      • Ability to scale, handle large & growing data volumes
                                    • Access to consistent data across geographically
                                      dispersed data centers
                                    What product to position?
                                    • Oracle GoldenGate

         “How does your data keep up with the demands of your 24x7 global
         business. Can all business units access the same, up-to-data information at
         any time, continuously?”

   Complementary and Used Together
   Active Data Guard and GoldenGate
                                        Active Data Guard
                          Central Hub   Physical Standby

                                                            Example of a how a
                                                            global hub & spoke
                          GoldenGate Targets
                                                            operation may be
                                                            deployed using both
Source &                                                    Active Data Guard
                                                            and GoldenGate

             Source &               GoldenGate
             Target                 Target

    Zero Downtime Migration & Upgrade
    Zero Downtime OS and DB Migrations
Business Challenges:                            Zero-Downtime OS and Database
• RIM BlackBerry has a very small monthly       Upgrade with Application Maintenance
  window to take downtime for upgrades,
  migrations, and planned maintenance
• Strict SLA limits with the major Telcos!

GoldenGate Solution:
• Zero-Downtime Upgrade and OS change                           Application Maintenance
  for business-critical Oracle databases
                                                 Provisioning                             Provisioning
• GoldenGate Veridata™ to ensure that all
  data from source is in-synch with target                         Database migration
                                                                   with failback
  and that migration has been successful

GoldenGate Benefits:
• Fail-back capability to reduce business    Oracle                                Oracle
                                             HP-UX                                          HP-UX
  risk and downtime                          Waterloo                                       Slough, U.K.
• No manual intervention to reduce
  possibility of errors
• Assurance of database consistency with

       High Availability: Live Standby
       Software as a Service to Financial Institutions, No Interruption
                                                         Live Standby for High Availability
Business Challenges:                                     and Disaster Tolerance
• Ensure no interruption to ongoing business
  operations for banking and financial
  institution customers                                                                      Live Standby
• Enable continuous availability of critical                                                 Oracle 10g
  applications—account opening, funds                                                        RAC Clusters
  transfer                                               Oracle 10g
• Implement a reliable, in-house live standby            RAC Clusters
                                                                                     Custom ETL Script

GoldenGate Solution:
• GoldenGate Software Live Standby for High
  Availability / Disaster Tolerance replicates
  data from multiple Oracle RAC clusters to an                          Data Warehouse
  exact replica of the production environment
• In case of outage or failure, web applications
                                                   “GoldenGate has opened our eyes to other
  are unaffected and “business as usual” is
                                                   areas throughout our business where near real-
  maintained for global financial services
                                                   time data can deliver added value to the
                                                   business and a better return on investment.”
• Live Standby increases ROI by allowing for
                                                     - Burak Yenier, Sr. Dir. of Operations, CashEdge
  data integration into data warehouse to run
  reports via Oracle BI Enterprise Edition

Solution – Real-time Data Integration

• Operational Reporting
• Real-time Business Intelligence

    “Accessing the data in real time using GoldenGate we can
    immediately see if we’re profitable and if our business processes
    are working.”
             - Sam Peterson, SVP Technology, Overstock.com
                                                                           Real Time Data
       Real-Time Data Integration
       Operational Reporting

                                    • Report on live data in transactional systems
                                    • No additional load on source system – offload reporting
                                      to a database instance that is synchronized in real time
                                    • Enables tactical reports quickly for decision making
                OGG                   and business transparency
                                    • Removes impact from source systems
                                    • Avoids the political challenges of running reports on
                                      transactional systems
Transactional         Operational   What products to position?
Applications          Data Store    • Oracle GoldenGate offload to replica. BI Publisher for
                                      operational reporting

    “Do you have adequate transparency into the data in your most sensitive
    transactional systems?”

                                                                                     Real Time Data
        Real-Time Data Integration
        Enables Real-time BI

                                                 • Populate an operational data store for operational BI
            Real-time Integration + Bulk           with real-time data
               Data Transformation               • Run ELT from the ODS to load data warehouse with
                                           ODI     transformed data
 OGG                                             • Improves business insight
                                                 • Combines intelligence on current business status with
                   Enterprise Data Warehouse
                                                   historical context
                        Oracle Database,         • Eliminates load on source systems
                         Oracle Exadata          • Reduces latencies and batch windows
Data Mart                                        What products to position?
                                                 • Oracle GoldenGate and Data Integrator

           “Do you need better business insight with the most current data and no
           impact to your critical systems?”

       Operational BI
       Real-time Data Integration to Support Reporting Demands
                                                    “ADP Reporting” = Consolidate Product Line
                                                    Data to Off-load Real-Time Reporting
Business Challenges:                                 40+ Source Systems in ASP Environment:
    Common real-time reporting functionality         HR, Payroll, Benefits Products
    across ADP product suites
    Ability to do cross-product reporting
    Incremental revenue opportunity and                  Oracle    Oracle      Oracle     SQL Server
    improved customer service
    Reporting gets moved off from “production”

GoldenGate Solution:
    Live Reporting for real-time data consolidation
    from 40+ source systems into a centralized
    Minimal footprint and data latency                          Oracle Data Mart
                                                                                   Business Objects,
    Maintains data integrity                                                       Crystal
    Ability to support data transformations and
    data security                                   “With GoldenGate it was boom, boom, boom — full
                                                   speed ahead.”
                                                    - Amit Mukherjee, Senior Director of Reporting Services,

Oracle GoldenGate
Technical Solution Overview

        How It Works: Modular Architecture
Capture: Committed changes are captured (and can be
filtered) as they occur by reading the transaction logs.

                              Trail files: Stages and queues data for routing.

                                               Pump: Distribute data for routing to multiple targets.

                                                   Route: Data is compressed, encrypted for routing to targets.

                                                                         Delivery: Applies data with transaction integrity,
                                                                         transforming the data as required.

                                Source Trail                  LAN / WAN /            Target Trail
                  Capture                                     Internet                              Delivery
                                                Pump          (TCP/IP)

Source                          Target Trail                                         Source Trail              Target
                   Delivery                                                                         Capture
Database(s)                                                                                                    Database(s)

   GoldenGate : Heterogeneity Supports
   Applications Running On…

Databases                              O/S and Platforms
 • Oracle                              Windows 2000, 2003, XP
 • DB2                                 Linux
 • Microsoft SQL Server
                                       Sun Solaris
 • Sybase ASE
 • Teradata
                                       HP NonStop
 • Enscribe                            HP-UX
 • SQL/MP                              HP TRU64
                                       HP OpenVMS
 • Ingres
                                       IBM AIX
Delivery:                              IBM z/OS
 • All listed above
 • MySQL
 • and any ODBC compatible databases
  Management Pack for GoldenGate

• Manages, defines, configures, and
  reports on Management Pack for

• Key features:
   • Centralized management of
     GoldenGate processes
   • Rich-client and Web-based
   • Alert notifications and integration
     with 3rd-party monitoring products
   • Real-time feedback
   • Zero-impact implementation
       Oracle GoldenGate Veridata

• A high-speed, low impact data comparison solution
   • identifies and reports data discrepancies between two databases
   • without interrupting those systems or the business processes they support

• Benefits:
   •   Reduce financial/legal risk exposure
   •   Speed and simplify IT work in comparing data sources
   •   No disruption to business systems
   •   Improved failover to backup systems
   •   Confident decision-making and reporting
Key Messages for GoldenGate
Oracle GoldenGate delivers real-time access to real-time information, enabling
companies to dramatically improve the availability, reliability, and performance of
critical data across enterprise systems.

              Delivers continuous operations for mission critical applications to
              eliminate unplanned outages and reduce the duration and frequency of
              planned outages.
              Lowers IT costs through heterogeneous support for multiple platforms to
              leverage modern databases / platforms for query offloading and
              improved asset utilization.
              Improves efficiencies through improved performance, scalability of real-
              time feeds, and data distribution.

              Reduces risk by ensuring data integrity and reliability between source
              and target systems.

              Improves business insight through real-time BI Data Warehousing and
              report offloading.
Product Position & Pricing
             Oracle Products for Data Movement
             Comparing How They Work

                                                                           Retrieve Data                       Load Data

                                                                                Disaster Recovery & Data Protection
                    T R A N S F O R M AT I O N

                                                                 Redo in
                                                                                          Active Data
                                                                 Memory                   Guard
     L AT E N C Y

                                                                 Buffer        Direct                         Direct
                                                                               Memory Access                  Write to Logs

                                                                             Real Time Data Integration & High Availability

                                                                           Read                                 Fast SQL
                                                                           On-Disk Logs

                                                                              Data Integration for Data Warehouse & SOA

                                                                            SQL Query       Integrator     Set-based,
                                                                                                           Complex SQL

Oracle Products for Data Movement
Comparing Tradeoffs and Benefits Driven by Different Architectures

                              • Not invasive on source or target
 Active Data                  • Fastest read and write
 Guard                        • Oracle Database only
                              • No transformation

                              • Not Invasive on source
                              • Very fast read and write
  GoldenGate                  • Heterogeneous
                              • Basic transformation only
                              • Supports active-active replication

                              • Optimized Set-based transformation
  Data                        • Highest latency for real-time feeds
  Integrator                  • Supports highly complex transformation
                              • Heterogeneous

Complementary and Used Together
Active Data Guard and GoldenGate

                                                                 Oracle Active
               Subset         Oracle                              Data Guard
               Replicas     GoldenGate

                                           Oracle DB Primary                       Oracle DB Standby

       Disaster Recovery &                                       Data Distribution /
         Data Protection                                          Synchronization

 • Fast failover to physical standby database          •   Enterprise-wide heterogeneous replication
 • Fastest solution for Oracle                         •   Zero downtime operations
 • Oracle Database only                                •   Non-invasive by reading database logs
 • Allows standby to be open for reads to              •   Supports active-active scenarios
   leverage customer investment                        •   Ensures transactional consistency
 • Transparent data protection to repair               •   High volume; low latency
   corrupted blocks on primary or standby              •   Guaranteed delivery across wide area

       Oracle Active Data Guard                       Oracle GoldenGate

Comparing GoldenGate & Streams

GoldenGate is Oracle’s strategic    Streams continues to be a
     replication solution        supported Oracle Database feature

       Oracle GoldenGate                        Oracle Streams

• Out-of-the-box solutions             • Highly customizable and flexible
• Broad heterogeneous support          • Optimized for Oracle Database
• Excellent reference base             • Few large references

Question: I already have Streams for free? Why buy GoldenGate?
• Better ROI overall: GoldenGate is lower cost to implement and maintain
• Enterprise-wide solution: GoldenGate easily expands to new use cases
• Support for Streams continues: Continue to use Streams where it’s deployed

                          Lead with GoldenGate

      Summary: Oracle Data Movement &
      Transformation Products per Solution
                                                                     Golden       Active         Data         Data
                                                                     Gate         Data           Integrator   Quality
                                                                                  Guard          EE
                               Disaster Recovery / Data Protection      Non-
     Continuous Availability

                                                                        Oracle       Oracle
                               Data Distribution / Synchronization

                               Zero Downtime Migrations / Upgrades

                               Query Offloading                         Hetero-      Oracle
                                                                        geneous      to Oracle
                               Grid & Scalability                    (Oracle RAC)

                               Operational Reporting                              (plus BI Publisher)
     Data Integration

                               Real Time BI

                               Typical Data Warehouse

                               Data Integration for SOA

                               Migrating Between Different Apps


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