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					Apple iPhone 4S – A Review
The improved camera, faster processor and the addition of Siri personal assistant make iPhone 4S one
powerful smartphone.

Premium Design: The iPhone 4S is heavily identical in design to the iPhone 4 but is slightly rectangular
in shape. The overall design shows elegance from the rounded, individual volume up/down buttons to
the ring/silent switch and the power/sleep buttons up top. According to Apple like last year’s black
iPhone, the face and back are made of glass that is specially treated to withstand scratches and oily
fingers. About the overall packaging, the iPhone 4S seems more like a luxury item than just a mobile

Larger Display: The iPhone 4S has a 3.5 inch, 960X640 pixel IPS display. When comparing between between 4 and 4S
displays to the 3GS it is a remarkable difference. The text in the menus, applications, and on web pages is
razor sharp. The display, which Apple calls “Retina display” because it surpasses the number of pixels that the human
retina can process also considerably improves the sharpness, clarity and visible detail of images.
The colours and sharpness of the iPhone stands far ahead of other smartphones.

iOS5: iOS5 works well, runs smoothly, and the most important feature is it has an overall strong
update. The major important feature about iOS5 is we can update the iPhone over the cloud without
connecting to a PC and another noticeable change is the update to notifications. It will pops up
messages on the locked screen if the phone is locked and the the messages wil disappear at the
unlocking of phone. If the phone is in unlocked mode you will get the notification messages on the
screen. You can see all of your notifications in a single view in the android-esque notifications center.
If the phone is in use, notifications will appear as a popup at the top of the screen and then

Regarding the mail, you can add rich text formatting which helps to get the functions like bold, italic to
text messages along with the indent text. There is also a built in dictionary with the mail. Another
highlight is the iMessage application, which helps to send messages to any iOS device whether or not
it supports SMS.

Camera: It has an 8MP camera and thus enables you to take printout images at a bigger size without
losing resolution. iPhone 4S’s camera has a huge improvement over iPhone 4

Performance and Connectivity: According to Apple data speeds of iPhone 4S is double those for iPhone
4 at 5.8 mbps for uploads and 14.4 mbps for downloads. The iPhone 4S has two antennas and can
switch between the two intelligently and results into better data transfer. The iPhone 4S has dual core
processor and it makes us experienced while playing video, gaming and web browsing. The battery life
of iPhone 4S is also good when compared to the previous version of iPhone 4.

Siri – The personal Assistant: Siri is a virtual personal assistant which offering cute and often funny
retorts to silly questions. Siri will understand everything you say to it and will give you the reply. It
will answer to the questions like where are the vegetarian restaurants or play houses etc.

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