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									                                  Software for GIS
                                     The Main Players
 •    ESRI, Inc., Redlands, CA                                                    The main
       –   clear market leader with about a third of the market
       –   originated commercial GIS with their ArcInfo product in 1981           two “pure
       –   privately owned by Jack Dangermond, a legend in the field              GIS”
       –   Strong in gov., education, utilities and business logistics
 •    MapInfo, Troy N.Y.
       – Aggressive newcomer in early 1990s, but now well-established.
       – Strong presence in business, especially site selection & marketing, and telecom
 •    Intergraph (Huntsville, AL)
       –   origins in proprietary CAD hardware/software
       –   Older UNIX-based MGE (Modular GIS Environment) and FRAMME evolved from CAD
       –   “new generation” GeoMedia product based on NT is now their main focus
       –   strong in design, public works, and FM (facilities management)
 •    Bentley Systems (Exton, PA)
       – MicroStation GeoGraphics, originally developed with Intergraph, is now their exclusive and
         main product..
       – Strong in engineering; advertises itself as “geoengineering”

6/22/2012 Ron Briggs, UT-Dallas            POEC 6381 Introduction to GIS
                       Software for GIS: other players
 •    Autodesk (San Rafael, CA)
       –   Began as PC-based CAD, but now the dominant CAD supplier
       –   GIS product AutoCAD Map introduced in 1996
       –   Illustrates convergence of GIS and CAD
       –   Primarily small business/small city customer base
 • Smallworld Systems (Englewood, CO)
       – first to use OO (early ‘90s), but failed to compete as established vendors did same
       – Purchased by GE in 2000
       – emphasis on FM & utilities
 •    Atlas/GIS
       – From Strategic Mapping, Santa Clara, CA who originated PC-based maps in 1980s
       – Failed to “make-it” in GIS and purchased by ESRI in 1996
 •    Other Commercial Players
       – Manifold (CDA International Corp): low cost, but low market share
       – Maptitude (Caliper Corp, Newton, MA): another low cost one
       – WinGIS (Progis Corp, Austria): European entry
       – SAS/GIS (SAS Institute): a statistics/data analysis player tries to catch up

6/22/2012 Ron Briggs, UT-Dallas          POEC 6381 Introduction to GIS
         Software for GIS: remote sensing/raster
     •   ERDAS/Imagine
          – long established leader
     •   ER MAPPER
          – very agressive newcomer originating in Australia
     •   Envi,
          – another relative newcomer, radar specialization, now (2000) Kodak owned
     •   PCI
          – long-term Canadian player
     •   CARIS
          – another newer Canadian entry
     •   Genasys II
          – older and fading US player
     •   GRASS (Rutgers Univ.)
          – Classic old-timer originally developed by US Army Construction Engineering
            Research Lab(CERL) in Champaign, IL;
          – army ended dev. & support in 1996 but assumed by Baylor University.
     •   IDRSI (Clark Univ)
          – one of the pioneering, university developed packages,
          – raster orientation with some vector capabilities
          – limited commercial penetration but still trying
6/22/2012 Ron Briggs, UT-Dallas            POEC 6381 Introduction to GIS
              Software for GIS: Niche products
 Business Targeted
 – BusinessMAP (from ESRI): $99 choropleth and pin mapping (originally Maplinx)
 – NDS (National Decision Systems): marketing data supplier released I-Mark
   software in 1999, combining older Infomark Express (reporting) and I-Map (maps)
 – Tactician: specialist product for market analysis, site selection, etc.
 – GeoQuery (Naperville, IL): a business mapping product based on Intergraph
   GeoMedia (originally an independent product)
 Other Industry Targeted
 – TransCAD (from Caliper): specialized GIS for transportation
 – EDX, Planet (from MSI), Cell CAD II: wireless telephony planning
 GIS specialized functions
 – Surfer (Golden Software): contour creation & spatial interpolation
 – Map Viewer (Golden Software): thematic map creation
 – Blue Marble Geographic Calculator: projections, conversions, etc.
Extensions to standard GIS Products
 – Add-ons to standard GIS packages to meet niche needs
     • Remote Sensing, Surveying, Business, etc. extensions for ArcView
     • Telephony planning extension for MAPINFO
     • Facilities management (FM) and Logistics modules for ArcInfo
   Software for GIS: Leading Vendor’s Products
    • Autodesk             Autodesk World                Desktop GIS              $1,995 Autodesk MapGuide                   Web-based GIS            $9,990
                           AutoCAD Map                   CAD mapping              $4,250
                           ArcView (AV)                  Desktop GIS              $1,195
                           Arc/Info                      Prof./Indus. GIS         $10,000
    • ESRI
                           AV Business Analyst           Business GIS             $11,995
                           ArcIMS                        Web GIS                  $10,500
                           MapObjects/ArcObjects         Spatial Objects for VB
                           Business Map Pro              Entry business maps      $149
                           GeoMedia                      Desktop GIS              $1,500
    • Intergraph           Geomedia Pro                  Prof./Indus. GIS         $7,500 Geomedia Web Map                  Web-based GIS            $10,000
                           Geomedia Network              Networking modules       $2,000
    • MapInfo              MapInfo Pro                   Desktop GIS              $1,295        Mapinfo MapXtreme             GIS apps. Server         $24,495
                           MapXtreme Java                Web-based Server         $24,495
 Source: PC Week 1/4/99,
                           MapInfoData Target Pro        GIS for marketing        $695
 with product name updates                                                                  5
6/22/2012 Ron Briggs, UT-Dallas       POEC 6381 Introduction to GIS
                GIS Market Share for Software (%)
         VENDOR/YEAR                                  1994*         1995   1996**      1999***
         ESRI                                         30.3%                32.5%       35.1%
         Intergraph                                   24.1                 26.5        28.3
         MapInfo                                      5.6                  5.1         5.5
         GDS                                          4.9                  6.5         closed
         Atlas (Strategic Mapping)                    4.9                              Now ESRI
         IBM                                          3.3                              abandoned
         Enghouse                                     2.2
         ERDAS                                        2.2                  2.7         2.1
         Genasys                                      2.1
         PCI                                          2
         Autodesk (autoCAD)                                                            4.7
         Smallworld                                                                    4.3
         Other                                        20.4
         Total Software ($millions)                   495           548    591         845

     GIS Industry Totals for 1999: $6.9 billion
     GIS Vendors Software: $845million                        Resellers: $320        Hardware vendors: $735
     GIS vendors hard/service: $655                                       Services: $4,400
     (For comparison, Microsoft had revenues of $23 billion for FY99/00)

          **GIS World, July ‘97, p. 12; ***GeoSpatial Solution June 2000, p.58 quoting Daratech
          Full Daratech report available for $4,950. (UTD does not own a copy!)
6/22/2012 Ron Briggs, UT-Dallas                    POEC 6381 Introduction to GIS
               ESRI Product Line-up: main products
• ArcExplorer
     – Free viewer for geographic data
• ArcView (multiple operating systems: PC, UNIX, VMS, MAC)
     – desktop GIS for end-user visualization, analysis and query
     – GUI driven, with extensive customization capability via AVENUE scripting
     – generally presumes inputted data developed elsewhere e.g with ARC/Info
       (Data Automation Kit released 1996; essentially a subset of PC/ARCINFO)
• ARC/INFO (workstation operating systems: UNIX, NT)
     – comprehensive tool kit for geographic data input, analysis and management
     – A/I Version 8 Workstation same as A/I v. 7 & earlier: command driven, with GUI
       dev. capability via AML (ARC Macro Language); both NT and UNIX
     – A/I Version 8 Desktop is complete re-write with GUI interface using MS COM
       objects: only runs on NT, not available under UNIX
     – PC ARC/INFO is a DOS/Windows subset of workstation ARC/INFO (dieing)
•   ArcObjects (previously MapObjects)
     – set of OLE/COM automation objects for mapping and GIS to incorporate into OO
       application development environments such as VB, Powerbuilder and Composer
•   ArcIMS (AV Internet Map Server and Map Objects Internet Map Server)
     – Software to develop Internet server-based mapping and analysis
•   SDE (Spatial Database Engine)
     – extensions to ORACLE (and other) to support spatial data and geographical analysis

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