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									Martial Arts College Degree

Martial Arts is above all the study of the self in mind and body. It is one of the oldest forms
of study in the world dating back thousands of years before recorded history. It has long
been used not just as a practical method of self defense but also as a doctrine to promote
discipline and deep rooted philosophy. The experienced martial artist knows deeply the
world around him understanding every movement and so can be ready in the event of an
attack. Seeing a street thug accidentally mugging a seemingly reserved citizen with this
knowledge is a pitiful experience. Even though it has been respected for generations as a
great study system increasing the mental and physical capabilities of any human, martial
arts have never been respected in intellectual study. Until now. Based in Arizona and
certified by the International University of San Diego the Martial Arts College now offers
degrees in martial arts.

How do I get In?
Don't mistake this as an invitation to just anyone. In order to qualify for a Martial Arts
College Degree you must be a forth level Dan or have 20 or more years of experience to
get in. This rigorous admissions process ensures that only the fines practitioners can enter
the College of Martial Arts. Since 2007 the college has awarded over 200 Martial Arts
College Degrees and only to those most deserving. If you think you have what it takes go
online and visit their website to apply. But be aware if you do not meet the requirement or
you do not have the discipline and perseverance need you'll be in for a shock. Martial Arts
College isn't a degree mill, it offers its qualification only to those who can prove

The study of martial arts is one of quiet contemplation and rigorous self assessment. True
students are always learning and they understand that becoming an expert in their field is
not simply about being able to handle the physical world around them but also being able
to control their inner selves. Every person who has passed through the gates of the Martial
Arts College understands these rules and observes them on a daily basis. If you think you
can handle it and you have the requirements to apply you can begin your study right away.
Becoming a recognized practitioner with a degree from the College of Martial Arts may be
the best decision you'll ever make.

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