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Freelance Writing Jobs For Beginners: How To Snag Them

VIEWS: 6 PAGES: 2 Freelance writing may seem like an insurmountable task. But getting stuck early is a normal problem with freelance writers, and knowing a few things will help them break free and head into their new career.

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									Freelance Writing Jobs For Beginners: How To Snag Them
So you’re a freelance writer looking to be rewarded with your good work with the big bucks or a
few dimes at least? Don’t be the latter. That said, hundreds of freelancers are doing that, literally
working for fractions of a penny per minute in freelance writing jobs for beginners. It’s the way
many freelancer writers began, including myself, but there’s a time when a serious freelance
writer will have to drag themselves up and grow more confidence. Some of the freelancers who
are betting on the lowest bids as they look for freelance writing jobs for beginners have been
freelance writing for years, which is a tragic waste of talent and experience. The fact of the
matter is that becoming an amply paid freelance writer is hard work, but not an insurmountable

Tip #1: Make a Plan
This is good advice for life, and essential for freelance writing. When I ask many new freelance
writers what they want out of freelance writing, most will say they want to write creative stories
for money. But beyond that and even weeks later the answer is still the same, just as it was for
me. A freelance writer needs to decide how much time, energy, and money—yes money—they
want to invest into freelance writing. At the beginning freelance writing jobs for beginners will
never pay as much as your job, or it will get in the way of you getting a job, which means money

Tip #2: Choose Your Subject
Once you have a schedule in mind, decide what you want to write. If you can only freelance two
hours a day, writing out E-books won’t be possible. Browse freelancing sites and look at projects
that you would consider fun. Also look at how popular the bids are. Unfortunately, for someone
with no expertise in many categories most freelancers will go for the more fun, less
knowledgeable freelance writing jobs for beginners and so will everyone else. However, it’s the
new freelancers who are often too intimidated to go for a job with twenty bids already, and never
set their sights high. They end up going for low key freelance writing jobs for beginners.

Tip #3: Make a Website and Portfolio
Making a website and portfolio are relatively easy and painless. It takes a few hours, and you can
step back afterwards to admire the effect. Even if you can’t write like a pro or show your
experience like a pro, you can still make a shiningly professional portfolio. A portfolio isn’t a
bonus nor is a website; it’s essential to landing jobs. In professional freelancing websites—and in
low key ones too—everyone will have a profile that gives an idea of who they are, what they can
do, and what they charge. Don’t be left out with freelance writing jobs for beginners. Not making
a portfolio is your first step to failure to receiving a decent job.

Tip #4: Be a Marketer
Writing a freelancing assignment is seventy percent about winning it in the first place. Not many
writers would have guessed they’d need good marketing skills to become a freelancer but,
unfortunately, they do. Freelance writing jobs for beginners can be a difficult thing to obtain as
you must become a promotional force. As a writer you have to be aggressively putting yourself
on display, building up your portfolio, advocating your merits, and never selling yourself short is
a must. Fortunately, being aggressive will put you above thousands of other freelance writers
who are shrinking violets.

Being a marketer is not just about advocating yourself, but about reading your audience. The
market fluctuates with what it wants from freelance writers. One writing style can go out of style
while another one you have no skill in takes its place. It’s important to read these signs,
especially if you are freelance writing for a career rather than doing it for a bit of extra cash.
Freelance writing jobs for beginners are not necessarily bad ones which are poorly paid.

Marketing means making decisions. Decide on what points you want to highlight about yourself,
and the work you want to put on display. Most importantly, don’t forget a cover letter and
resume. Set your rates and come up with a payment plan. Best of all, a person may see your
website, decide you’d be a good fit for his project, and you may be offered freelance jobs.

You can finish reading this article on our website about freelance writing jobs for beginners.

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