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									Freelance Writing Jobs: On the Market
So you have your freelance writing jobs portfolio up, a few free hours and the
determination to type out an award-winning article. Now you face the daunting task of
finding the right person to hire you. This can be both encouraging and daunting, given
the huge range of freelance writing jobs. Moreover, they all ask you to put a price on
how well you write, which can be a humbling task. Looking at the flood of projects
posted every day it can be hard not to flinch at some of the aptitude asked of the
writer. But don’t sell yourself short, and take the time to search for those jobs that are
right for you.

How Many Freelance Writing Jobs Are There?
There are thousands, tens of thousands of freelance writing jobs out there. And more
are posted all the time. In this fluctuating economy, the information age still produces
companies who need thousands of articles generated for them each day. Hundreds of
sites are dedicated to freelance writing, or buying the pre-written work of freelance
writers. Personal writing websites are accruing revenue, as well as blogs. In this day
and age, there’s a wealth of freelance work to find, if you know how to get it.

Can I Get Freelance Writing Jobs?
 You should be able to. In this day and age everything has gone digital. You talk on
phones, watch television, surf the net, and play video games. Millions of people are
watching the same thing and reading the same thing at the same time. Thus, it’s more
important than ever for employers to have writers of the highest quality that can rake
in the biggest audience. There are many journalists, reporters, and full-time writers
working for companies. However, they are still not enough to meet every demand and
for that the information industry looks for freelance writers who are cheaper, quicker,
and equal or more than equal to their company-employed writers.

Who Would Employ Me for Freelance Writing Jobs?
Freelance writing jobs cover every type of writing. It can be article writing, blogging,
editing, reviewing, E-book writing, script writing, poetry, you name it. On my first
freelance website I had a humbling experience when I could barely say I felt confident
in even two of them. I realized that no one is ever going to hire a person who says
their talents are poetry and short stories, even if they are looking for a poet or a short
story writer. If you have the right skills you will have potential employers for your
freelance writing jobs.
Lack of confidence is the key reason that freelance writers don’t land jobs. In a digital
over-the-e-mail or Skype relationship, the hiring person doesn’t know anything about
you. They can’t see your facial expressions, what your room looks like, what you’ve
done that day, or how good of a writer you are. Confidence and competence through
what you say—type—is the only thing (s)he will or can look for. Be confident.

Good sites for professional freelancers are and They have
decent paying freelance writing jobs, with good expectations. However, it’s important
to remember that aiming high on sites will get you plenty of rejections and maybe not
any won bids. However, lower-end freelance sites such as can be just
as depressing. There’s nothing quite so cost-inefficient or saddening as shelling out
your hard written pieces for little pay. It’s worth it looking at many sites. The pay rate
isn’t the only thing that is different. Where one site will demand thousands of articles,
another will ask for creative writing.

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