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									                                   Volunteer Application Form

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Current Address:

Phone Number:

Email :

State/city you would like to volunteer for:

Volunteering duration:

Prior volunteer experience:

Area of Interest – Highlight that applies

Teaching Children English:(Minimum 4 months-5-6 days a week for 3 hours)

Teaching pre-school children: (Minimum 4 months-5-6 days a week for 3 hours)

Administrative support, eg. Field Reporting (entails travel)

Work with the PCVC (Child labour Department)

Teaching youth computer skills

Arts/ Crafts and Hobby Classes

Pace(skilling program)

Blog stories ,Take pictures and Make documentaries

Have a fund raising event(Throw a party to raise money, hold an exhibition ,set up
a stall of books etc)
Reasons for applying for the particular option:


Please email this form to info@pratham.org

Teachers: Volunteers applying for the teachers post must be able to understand Basic Hindi or the
regional language of the area you wish to volunteer in and must go under a training program before
getting involved with the children in the community.

Fund raising event: Please do inform us before you hold a fund raising event

Program like Pcvc ,Computer learning and skilling are applicable only for certain States.

Please Note*

       No remuneration is provided to volunteers(Unless you are asked to travel to programme
       Volunteers for Delhi : We work in 5 zones of Delhi .i.e. Rohini, Civil Lines, East Delhi
        (North Shahdara & South Shahdara), Karolbagh & Zakhira (see yellow shaded region in
        map). Hence, volunteering would be in one of these five zones.To volunteer in delhi
        email the form to (infodelhi@prathm.org)

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