diet Lung cancer is the major disease around every part of by raghuchaitanya


									Lung cancer is the major disease around every part of the country and this is increasing nowadays at greater speed. This is seen more common among men and women. There are only 2% of people surviving after diagnosing of cancer at its worst stage that is after spreading to most parts of the body through swelling. In the case of diagnosing at its early stage makes the people to survive for more than 5 years and more and the number of people survive in this case is 49%. sCredit: flickr The lung is the easiest part from which it spreads to another part and in lungs there will be formation of some tumors and this also spreads to some other parts. But there are also some other tumors which spread to other organs and these are not responsible for lung cancer. The best example for this kind of spreading in lungs is the prostrate lump which spreads through the bloodstream to the lungs but this is not a lung disease hence proper and well efficient scanning has to be done before treatment. The main reason for occurring of cancer is due to the transformation of cells which undergoes many changes in growth and also lacks in basic habitual reins. These cells which behave differently from others form a group of cells and look different from where it arises and the tumors formed because of this kind of unnecessary growth of cells are very dangerous as they take oxygen, and nutrients from the distant cells which are not affected. This will cause the other cells to die and makes the whole system to work improperly in short period.

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