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Irish political parties viewed as the most corrupt sector


									News Release
Media Contact: John Devitt
Tel: +353 86 173 50 40

 Irish political parties are the least trusted sector according to TI
                  Global Corruption Barometer 2005

Dublin, 9 December 2005 - The Irish public believe that political parties are the most corrupt
institutions in the state, according to a worldwide public survey published today by
Transparency International (TI) to mark International Anti-Corruption Day.

The Global Corruption Barometer rated political parties as the least trusted sector with a
score of 3.7 out of 5. A score of 1 denotes a sector or institution which is seen as very clean
compared to a score of 5 which indicates a sector or institution as highly corrupt.

Political parties were followed in order by the Judiciary/Legal System, Dáil Éireann, and the
private sector as most prone to corruption.

Conversely trust in An Garda Síochána and the medical services has increased over the past
twelve months.

Irish respondents also appear to be amongst the most optimistic that levels of corruption will
decrease in the next three years. They also were amongst the least likely to pay or be
solicited for a bribe.

Only 1 per cent of respondents claim to have paid a bribe in the past year, while 28 per cent
of respondents believing that corruption will decrease a little or a lot compared to a worldwide
average of 19 per cent. However the latter figure is down 10 per cent from last year, when 38
per cent of the Irish public believed that levels of corruption would improve.

The Global Corruption Barometer was carried out by Gallup International among more than
55,000 people worldwide to assess public perceptions and experiences of corruption. It is
used widely to gauge the effectiveness and public awareness of efforts to combat corruption.

The Global Corruption Barometer is distinct from the Corruption Perceptions Index which is
also conducted by Transparency International and used to evaluate expert and business
attitudes to corruption.

The Irish chapter of TI was launched in December 2004. Its board includes people from the
world of business, civil society and politics. The NGO will not investigate corruption but plans
to undertake anti-corruption research and lobby government on legal and institutional reform.

TI Ireland is currently funded by membership and the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust, a
UK based philanthropic group which donated €60,000 for the set up of the Irish chapter of TI
in 2004.


Tables and Questions follow – International Press Release and complete tables are also

For further details, please contact John Devitt at 086 173 5040
Tables and Sector Rankings
                     2005 Results                                2004 Results

       Rankings                          Ireland   Rankings                            Ireland
         from      Sector                Average     from     Sector                   Average
         2005                              2005      2004                                2004
           1       Political parties        3.7        1      Political parties           3.9
                   Legal system /                             Legal system /
           2                               3.2        2                                  3.3
                   Judiciary                                  Judiciary
                   Parliament/                                Parliament/
           4                               3.1        3                                  3.2
                   Legislature                                Legislature
                   Business/ private
           4                               3.1        5       Police                     3.1
                                                              Business/ private
           6       Media                   2.8        5                                  3.1
           6       Tax revenue             2.8        6       Tax revenue                 3
           8       Police                  2.7        9       Medical services           2.8
           8       Religious bodies        2.7        9       Religious bodies           2.8
           9       Medical services        2.4        9       Media                      2.8
                                                              Utilities (telephone,
          12       Customs                 2.2        11      electricity, water,        2.3
          12                               2.2        11      Customs                    2.3
                   electricity, water,

                   NGOs (non
          12       governmental            2.2        13      Education system           2.2

                                                              NGOs (non
          14       The military            2.0        13      governmental               2.2
          14       Education system        2.0        14      The military               2.1
                   Registry and                               Registry and permit
                   permit services                            services (civil
          15       (civil registry for     1.8        15      registry for birth,         2
                   birth, marriage,                           marriage, licenses,
                   licenses, permits)                         permits)

Summary of Questions

Some people believe that corruption affects different spheres of life in this country. In your
view: Does corruption affect your personal and family life not at all, to a small extent, to a
moderate extent or to a large extent?

 Not at all + small extent                                                        79%

 To a moderate + large extent                                                     20%

In the past 3 years, how has the level of corruption in this country changed?

 Increased a lot + Increased a little                                             49%

 Stayed the same                                                                  26%

 Decreased a little + Decreased a lot                                             23%

 DK/NA                                                                            2%
Do you expect the level of corruption in the next 3 years to change?

 Increase a lot + increase a little                                       32%

 Stay the same                                                            37%

 Decrease a little + decrease a lot                                       28%

In the past 12 months, have you or anyone living in your household paid a bribe in any form?

 Yes                                                                       1%

 No                                                                       98%

 DK                                                                        1%

What was the approximate amount of money paid overall in bribes by your household in the
past 12 months?

 100-149 USD/ 80-119 Euro                                                 51%

 200-299 USD/ 160-239 Euro                                                29%

 1000 USD or more/ 800 Euro or more                                       19%

What was the approximate amount of money paid overall in bribes by your household in the
past 12 months?

 U$S              Mean                                                    387.7

Which of the following applied to the bribes paid in the last 12 months: A bribe was directly
asked for?

 Yes                                                                      25%

 No                                                                       75%

Which of the following applied to the bribes paid in the last 12 months: A bribe was offered to
avoid a problem with the authorities?

 Yes                                                                      55%

 No                                                                       45%

Which of the following applied to the bribes paid in the last 12 months: A bribe was offered to
receive a service entitled to?

 Yes                                                                      45%

 No                                                                       55%

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