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Dental Problems


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									         A healthy mouth and a great smile can be
      invaluable to our sense of wellbeing and self
          confidence. But good dental health is not
    something to be taken for granted. Check out
 these Top 10 Dental Problems and you would be
surprised how easy it is to prevent many of them.
    Good nutrition and a few minutes of oral care
   every day would save a lot of trouble later and
    save money too. The idiom about an ounce of
   prevention being worth a pound of cure, really
                                         .says it all

Here's the list of Top 10 Common Dental Problems
          :courtesy, About.com Dental Care pages

                                         Bad breath

                                        Tooth decay

                                       Gum disease

                                        Oral cancer

                                        Mouth sores

                                      Tooth erosion

                                   Tooth sensitivity

                Toothache and dental emergencies

                                 Unattractive smile
     And the list is of course about common dental
                                 .problems in adults

          You can find out more about avoiding or
    preventing the above conditions in the "Dental
  Problems" section on FreeDentistFinder.com. Be
  pleasantly surprised how you can save on dental
         bills! Also, don't forget to visit the Dental
    Treatments section for the solutions offered by
           .dentists and other dental professionals

                                ?But, what about kids

       What is the top dental problem for American
     children? The most common dental problem in
            .children is dental caries, or tooth decay

   If tooth decay is not attended to early, you child
  faces a lifetime of pain and complications. This is
 why the American Dental Association recommends
that you take your child for a dental visit within six
     months after the first tooth comes and no later
                               .than the first birthday

        Think of this first dental visit as a "well baby
    checkup" for the baby's teeth. On the first visit,
   your dentist will check for tooth decay and other
  problems. Your dentist can also show you how to
clean the child's teeth properly. After the first visit,
      it is recommended that baby visits the dentist
                                      .every six months

       And that is not bad advice for adults either.
  Regular dental visits can sure help you deal with,
     and often entirely avoid, most of the common
                                    dental problems
  et’s say you are one of the millions of people who
        have no dental insurance, no discount dental
      plan—no coverage of any kind. What happens
     when you or one of your family members has a
  dental emergency? When one of you needs a root
      canal or a crown? Or when your children need
          braces? Without any coverage at all, those
treatments can be very expensive. They don’t have
      to be, not when you have an affordable family
                                        dental plan.

    Maybe you’ve never heard of a discount dental
      plan—and maybe you don’t know that dental
   insurance is not the only way—or even the best
     way--to have affordable coverage for all your
                                   dental needs.

         If you’re self-employed, if you had dental
insurance and lost it because you’ve changed jobs-
         -or if your employer does not offer dental
insurance, you and your entire family can still have
        the benefit of affordable dental care with a
                               discount dental plan.

            A discount dental plan can give you more
      affordable coverage then dental insurance, but
with some important differences: a discount dental
plan has no deductible, no waiting period, no paper
      work—and no maximum benefit. Though some
   dental insurance plans require patients to choose
one dentist, from a restricted list, a discount dental
 plan allows you to choose any dentist who accepts
     the discount plan. And you are not restricted to
    just one dentist. If, for example, you prefer one
dentist and your spouse or children prefer another,
  you will all get the discounted services you need.

Here’s how a discount family dental plan works: as
    soon as you receive your membership card, you
 and all your family members are entitled to dental
    services from any dentist who accepts the plan.
You will get all the services you need, from routine
  checkups to fillings to root canals at a discounted
price. There is no limit to the number of discounted
    services you can have, and that includes braces
   and dentures. Some plans even include cosmetic
        services, like teeth whitening and veneers.

    How do you choose the affordable family dental
  plan that’s best for you? First, consider only plans
  that are licensed in your state. Licensed plans are
 regulated by many states, so you can be confident
that those that are licensed are legitimate and that
       they will provide your family with the quality
      dental care you expect. Consider what kind of
     services your family might need and check the
       various plans to see which is the best match.
   Check to see which dentists in your area accept
                       the plan you’re looking at.

Once you find a family plan that meets your needs,
    you can be confident that you will be accepted.
 There are no exclusions in discount dental plans—
     so there’s no need to worry about pre-existing
  conditions. You will be covered from the moment
       you sign up and you will have peace of mind
knowing that you can comfortably manage all your
                              family’s dental needs.

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