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									                    Central Massachusetts Emergency Medical Services Corporation
                                            Board of Directors
                                             February 1, 2007


Sheri Bemis, EMT-P                                              Town of Oxford
Susan Daly, EMT-B                                               Groton EMS
Debra Delaney, RN                                               Leominster Hospital
Paul Evangelista, EMT-P                                         Eascare Ambulance
Mike Mahan, EMT-I                                               Charlton Fire
Mary-Elise Manuell, MD                                          Regional Medical Director
William McElhiney, EMT-B                                        MSP
Edward McNamara, EMT-P                                          Central Mass. EMS Corp
Joseph Palomba, MD                                              Leominster Hospital
Ron Petrucci, EMT-P                                             Patriot Ambulance
Marc Restuccia, MD                                              UMASS Lifeflight
Kevin Roy, Chief                                                Fire District 8
George Stedman, MD                                              NVMC
Richard Wetherbee, RN                                           St. Vincent Hospital
William Whynot, Chief                                           Auburn
Jeff Wilson, Chief                                              Town of Oxford
James Wood, EMT-I                                               Wood’s Ambulance
Ricky Kue, MD                                                   UMASS Med Center
Sharon Zenevitch, RN                                            St. Vincent’s Hospital
William Porcaro, MD                                             UMASS/Memorial Lifeflight
Gary Milliard, EMT-P                                            Webster EMS
David Majorowski, EMT-P                                         Webster EMS
I.    Call to Order
          A. Meeting was opened at 6:00 by President Restuccia. Motion Mahan, 2nd Roy to approve the
              last minutes. APPROVED

II.   President’s Report
         A. Homeland Security Issues
                  1. We have received a legal opinion from our Attorney that we can install a radio tower at
                     our center to facilitate the enhancement of our communications system using
                  2. The large scale MCI drill planned for this summer is in its first stages. The consultant
                      has been hired and has completed a draft work plan that will be provided to the
                      committee for review next week.
                  3. The HS committee is currently working on a proposal for a region wide reverse 911
                      system that would be available for each town in the event of an emergency. This
                      system allows a town official to input a message that can be automatically and
                      selectively sent to members of their community relative to the closing of streets,
                     cancellation of meetings, evacuation of a specific area, etc. This system should be
                     online this summer.
                  4. The committee has funding for agencies that need ICS training. In addition each town
                      has been given $10,000.00 this year to be used exclusively for ICS training. EMS
                      services are reminded that they must train their personnel at the appropriate level in
                      accordance with the federal standards. The funding is available for all services that
                      perform a 911 emergency response function.
                  5. Town Equipment
                           a. We have applied for and received grants over the past two years for
                               equipment to protect and assist healthcare providers in their mission. We are
                               having difficulty with agencies failing to pick up the equipment and need
                              assistance from the Board. In fact the state purchased Mark 1 kits to give to
                              all emergency ambulance services for free and many failed to pick those up.
                           b. What should we do with the extra equipment?
         B. Rich Wetherbee brought up a discussion of Ambulance Inspectors visiting the hospitals and
             checking to make sure that ambulance equipment is returned to the services clean.
         C. UMMHC is asking if a unit secretary could answer the radio when MEDCON is not
             needed. After much discussion, it was the feeling of most Board members that this was not
            acceptable at this time. Members recommended that St V and UMMC look at adding an
            additional CMED remote in their Emergency Departments to make answering the CMED radio
         D. Abdullah Rehayem has been appointed the new Director of OEMS

III. Committee Reports-

         A. Medical Services
                 1. Cardizen is now only found in multidose vials and must be refrigerated. Members felt
                    that it needs to go back to the option list. Dr. Manuell is asking for an emergency
                    change to state protocols relative to this issue.
         B. Training & Education- No Report
         C. MCI
                 1. There will be a meeting next week with the consultants relative to the summer drill.
                 2. Worcester Fire is running their own Worcester MCI tabletop. We will see if they want
                     to cancel and join our exercise.
         D. Communications
                 1. E. McNamara, Jeff Wilson and Mike Mahan met with Harrington Memorial Hospital
                    representatives on January 25th relative to the
                    VHF system. Hospital ED officials felt that the VHF radio is a problem for them and
                    they do not have an issue with CMEMSC removing it. CMEMSC owns the equipment
                    and license. They want a letter from the Board asking that they shut it off. Motion
                    Wilson, 2nd Mahan to remove the VHF radio July 1, 2007, from both Hubbard and
                    Harrington Hospitals. UNANIMOUS
         E. Grants & Legislation-
                 1. May 1st is the 30 year Anniversary meeting which will be held at the Beechwood
                    Hotel; historical equipment for display would be appreciated
                 2. The golf tournament will be held June 1st at Leicester Country Club; we need help.
                    Currently on the committee are B. McElhiney, Sharon Zenevitch, Deb Delaney
                 3. Please submit your nominations for awards as soon as possible.

IV.   Medical Director’s Report- There have been no State Medical Services Committee meetings lately

V. New Business
      1. Nominating Committee: K. Roy, M. Restuccia, M. Mahan, D. Delaney, S. Bemis
      2. Bylaws Committee: B. Longden, M. Restuccia, M. Manuell, J. Wilson (Chair), B. Whynot
      3. Awards Committee: R. Wetherbee, B. McElhiney, S. Zenevitch

VI. Motion Mahan, 2nd Wilson to adjourn.
Respectfully Submitted,

Marc Restuccia, MD

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