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									How can I sell my car on online?

      You can sell your cars online with the help of attractive website
      Providing the full description about new branded cars
      Fixing the price for user compatibility
      Making Some free offers
      Placing the right contact
      Choosing right online dealers and websites

The following steps are used to promote the car website; this will enhance the business in
online sales.

Attractive Website design:

Most of the people love attractive websites, this give the feel to sell a car in sophisticated
way, web developers India are good in making web design according to the user needs. By
the latest technologies the website are designed and promoted.

Logo Design:
The logo design is to be simple and best, the branding logo design has to be choosing for
website design. The logo should have to explain the features of company and who they are by
that manner the logo has to be created.web Development Company in Chennai creates
innovative logo design for your successful business.


Listing new cars:

In the website we have to list all types of the new car pictures, this will give more attraction for
the website. Provide the clear information about the new car.

Pricing details and Offer:

The price of the car has to be listed for each and every car, because the customer will look on
the pricing and details more appropriately. New offers can also be placed in the web sites
especially free offer will attract the merchants

Service center list:

Merchants will keep more look on service center .Maintaining the car is more important for
them, so if we have to display all contacts for the service center for the car brands.
After the Web Design what we need to do next?

Once the web design get over we need to promote the website, then this is the right way to
lead your website in the search engine and attain good results.

1. SEO

2. PPC

3. Email marketing


Technique used to rank the website by the keyword; it may take some time to rank the website
in search engine, here we listed the keyword and ranking position. These are listed in free cost
of the service

Car dealers- 1st page 1st position


Pay per click is paid service subscription depend upon the budget, it is also good technique to
improve the keyword ranking position. Car dealer keyword is listed in the ads , some amount
will be paid to Google by the companies to run the ads.

Email marketing is the business practice of sending mails to peoples who hopes to sell
products. This marketing is done to promote our business loyally; they also cover advertising on
email newsletters and follow up their mails.

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