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									                       Toowoomba Plants
                                by Patricia Gardner
Scattered throughout the book are tidbits of gardening and botanical       Broom Bush (Apophyllum anomal
information which will interest gardeners, plant enthusiasts, and people   white butterfly
concerned with landcare and environmental issues. Some examples:

Koala food trees                      Butterfly plants
Sensible saltbushes                   Accent on trunks
Dyes                                  Coppicing Eucalypts
Pruning                               Indoor plants
Fast shade                            Fragrance in the garden
Green fire-screens                    Attracting birds
Creek banks and swampy places         The pioneer plant concept
Native bees                           Formal gardens
Bonsai                                Long-lived natives

A section on plant families at the end of the book gives an interesting
insight into the relationships between our local plants and some better-
known garden favourites from around the world.

Alphabetical arrangement of the plants (according to their scientific
names), and a detailed index, make the book�s wealth of information
easy to access.

Where to buy the
plants: A list of suitable nurseries, including some smaller and lesser-
known specialists, will be useful to those who have wanted to grow local
natives but found them difficult to obtain.

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