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There is no question that WordPress is one of the mostly used CMS and fortunately many developers create incredibly useful plugins to extend the functions for many purposes.

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									 Best WordPress Traffic and SEO Plugins
There is no question that WordPress is one of the mostly used CMS and fortunately many
developers create incredibly useful plugins to extend the functions for many purposes. In my
point of view that is why WordPress is so powerful as it can be enhanced via plugins.

From traffic point of view view you can find many great plugins that helps better SEO and to get
free traffic. In this list I would like to show you how you can get traffic to your Wordpress blog
by using free as well as commercial plugins.

WordPress On-site SEO
On-site search engine optimization is really important nowadays to get more traffic via search
engines. Since WordPress itself is very SEO friendly it is a good platform to work with.
However, some changes should be made, but this can be done via SEO plugins such as All in
One SEO which lets you to tweak metas, indexing, titles etc. I call these type of plugins “Global
SEO Plugins” since they lets you to tweak everything related to the full website.

Another part of the on-site SEO is how your posts
are written and I have to say this is really crucial.
There are many factors your should check when
you write your posts such as the headlines, how
many words you use, bolding and underlining the
keywords, proper keyword density etc.

Fortunately, SEO plugins have been created that
helps bloggers to write search engine friendly posts.
There are two which are really useful one is SEOPressor and the other is Easy WP SEO. Both of
them analyze your posts and tell you what type of modifications you should make to make your
posts optimized for search engines. By using one of these WP SEO plugins you can get higher
ranks in search engines and with that more traffic.

Read more about SEO Pressor here

WordPress Traffic via Syndicating Content
Blacklink building is important for SEO and one of the best bay to get links is to make posts on
WEB 2.0 sites such as Blogger, Livejournal etc. Well, this can be automated by using a special
backlink builder plugin that automatically syndicates your content to more 10 WEB 2.0 sites.
This means good amount of high page ranks backlinks for you.

Check out this WordPress backlink builder plugin here to get more info.
Another even more powerful WordPress backlink generator plugin that works like the before
mentioned is WPSocial Pipes. However, this lets you to build unlimited number of backlinks on
WEB 2.0 sites.

Watch this video to find out how this traffic plugin work.

WordPress RSS Plugin
Another good way to get traffic as well as building backlinks is to submit RSS feeds to feed
directories. This can be done manually, but there is a powerful RSS plugin that automatically
submit all your posts separately to high page rank directories. This means 20+ powerful links on
highly visited sites. By the way, the the name of this WordPress traffic plugin is Traffic Genius.

Learn more about this RSS submitter plugin here

Get Traffic and Links via Pingbacks
Another good and effective way to get relevant backlinks as well as traffic is to pingback. In brief
this means that you put a link pointing to a relevant post and he will thank it by putting a link on
his site poinitng to yours. This is really powerful since the backlink will be a on a really relevent
website and that is the best.

A new powerful WordPress traffic plugin has just been released that automatically searches for
high page rank blogs and does pingback. This way you can get a good amount of relevant
backlinks automatically.

Read more about this WordPress traffic plugin here

WordPress Traffic via Commenting
You can do blog commenting manually by submitting comments on related blogs, however this is
a slow process. You can do commenting by using commenting software, but there is also an
automatic commenting plugin called WPsBox that searches and automatically comments on
blogs that are relevant to your. It is a really powerful tool since you can build thousands of
backlinks with some clicks!

More about this WordPress commenting plugin here

WordPress Keyword Plugins to Get Optimal Keywords
A crucial factor for SEO and to get traffic from search engines is to find the optimal keywords. If
you use keywords that are over promoted and millions of websites are optimized for those, it will
be really hard to get higher rank in search engines. So simply you should find keywords with low
competitions, mainly long tail keywords.
A WordPress keyword plugin has been mentioned on this blog, but since then a new very useful
WordPress keyword research plugin has been released called SEORockstar which helps you to
find long tail and LSI keywords and even EDU/GOV backlinks. So you can get more traffic via
long tail keywords and create really powerful links as well.

Check out the video here how it works.

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