Geological Processes

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					Geological Processes

• Answer the following questions using the
  websites hyperlinked in this slide show.
• You will have to READ to find the
• Always answer with complete sentences
  and support your work with evidence from
  the websites.
• We strongly recommend that you include
  images as a reference and/or examples.
 1. Evidence for Plate Tectonics
• What is the evidence for the Theory of
  Plate Tectonics? (That’s right this is a
  theory, just like virtually everything else in
  – Provide at least three different pieces of
  – Explain in detail how those pieces of evidence
    support the Theory of Plate Tectonics
 2. Geological History of the PNW
• What is the Farallon Plate?
  – Explain what is happening to this plate.

• Do a Google search for additional
  information on the Farallon Plate.
  – List three additional pieces of information
    about the Farallon Plate.
     • Possibilities include: how we “discovered” the
       Farallon Plate, what will happen to it, the history of
       the Farallon Plate
       3. The Pacific Northwest
•   Types of Plate Boundaries
•   Identify the three types of tectonic plate
    boundaries that exist along the Pacific
    Northwest of the United States.
    – What geological features are associated
      with each of those plate boundaries?
    – Explain the reasons for those geological
    – What do we do as a society to deal with
      tectonic activity here. (three items)
4. Find Similar Plate Boundaries
•    Now find other locations around the
     world that are similar to the three
     different boundaries found in the Pacific
    – These three locations do not need to all be
      in the same geographical location.
    – Describe the exact location and what
      tectonic plates are involved
    – Describe how the population deals with the
      tectonic activity in their location (three items)
   5. Support Your Selections
• Explain how the locations you have
  selected are similar to the matching plate
  boundary in the PNW with respect to:
  – Type of plate boundary
  – Geographic/Geological Features
  – Process occurring at the plate boundary
 *Explore Geological Processes*
• Explore any of the following sites to learn more about any
  geological process of interest to you:
• Take notes on
   – what you studied
   – what site you used
   – What you learned about that topic
        • At least three different pieces of information

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