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					Ryan Serpa, Matt Perchess, Silviu Pavel, Hardik Patel

Geological Feature of Philippines
“The Chocolate
Hills” are
thousands of
perfectly coned
shaped hills
that are about
the same size
Geological Event

Typhoon Morakot
caused heavy rain
in the provinces
north of Manila,
causing a dyke to
collapse, which
severely flooded
the area.
The Tatra National Park is the largest mountain
       range in the Polish Alps. This specific
  mountain range provides as a natural border
     line between Slovakia and Poland. The
   mountains were shaped by glacial erosion,
   which formed many alpine cliffs. Some of
  which reach incredable heights of up to 1,000
 On June 28, 2004, an earthquake shook
  most of northern Illinois at 1:11 am. This
  earthquake measured a 4.2 magnitude
  according to Richter’s scale. This
  earthquake fortunately did not seriously
  harm anyone, but deeply frightened
  hundreds of thousands of people in the
  middle of the night.
 Due to Antarctica’s location and extreme heights
  on glacier mountain tops, the majority of this
  beautiful continent is by no means livable
  conditions for any human being. The brisk
  temperatures average -5~-34 degrees Fahrenheit
  in the summer and -40~-94 degrees during the
  winter months. Now because of global warming,
  in so many parts of Antarctica, animal species are
  becoming extinct and there is nothing that we can
  do to stop this.
Retezat National park
     Retezat National Park

 The Retezat mountains contain more than 60
  peaks, over 7500 feet high, with around 100
  crystal clear glacier lakes.

 The park was founded in 1935 and is the most
  beautiful park in Romania.
The Vrancea Earthquake

 March 4, 1977 there was a massive earthquake
  in southern Europe.
 The earthquake killed around 1,500 people
  and wounded 11,000.
 35,000 buildings were destroyed and was
  estimated around 2 billion dollars worth of
 Pyroclastic flow is a devastating result of
  explosive volcanic eruptions.
 The flows are fast moving currents of gas and
  rock (ash).
 The gas can reach around 1,800 F and it
  covers anything around the volcano.
 A great example of this is Pompeii, a city that
  was covered in ash and destroyed the city.
Geology of India
 India is surrounded by
  natural barrier line
  Mountains in North.
 West, South side is
  covered with water
  body like Arabian sea
  and Bay of Bengal
 India used to be next to
  Madagascar but due to
  the continental drift, the
  plate collided into
  Eurasian Plate.
 As a result, Himalayas
  were formed
 In 2004 10,361 people
  died because of
  tsunami and
 The earthquake
  Magnitude is between
 In the east of India,
  there are frequent

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