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An Overview of Using Internet Telephone Service


									                      An Overview of Using Internet Telephone Service
There is not one computer user these days who does not work on the Internet. The Internet
keeps you connected to the whole world. But, a better understanding of the whole scenario may
help us get more benefits from the already powerful Internet. Most of the service providers these
days give an additional benefit known as VoIP. VoIP is the short form for Voice over Internet
Protocol. This new technology helps you to make phone calls from the Internet. It does not
matter if you want to make a domestic call or an international call, you can do this from the
Internet these days, with a minimal charge.

With a lot of new telephony offers and potential savings on traditional phone calls, a lot of
people are now using Internet telephony all around the world. Any computer user who has an
Internet connection can make a phone call from the computer itself. This call can be made to
any user all around the world. Moreover, the cost of one phone call is usually cheaper than what
you have to pay for making a phone call from the traditional phone. For Internet The offerte
telefono adsl is good option for Use.

Types of Internet Telephony services

In the most specific sense, Internet Telephony services have been categorized as follows :

1) Internet to Phone - With this service, an Internet user can call another person from his
computer. He can call another user on a traditional fixed landline or a mobile phone. Once can
do this with VoIP web based software.

2) Phone to Phone - This services uses a VoIP phone which lets you make calls and receive
calls which are placed on the Internet.

3) Internet to Internet - This service lets a computer user call another person on a computer. All
you need is a microphone and a headset and you are all set. There are many softwares on the
Internet which give this service for free. You just have to install the software and create an

Points to Keep in Mind while going for an Internet Telephony service

1) You need to have a high speed Internet in order to successfully place calls over the Internet.

2) In case there are any technical problems and you do not have a back up phone, you may
face some serious trouble till the problem is repaired.

3) Internet Telephony services use an IP address rather than using a physical address.
Therefore, emergency services are not very reliable with these services.

Advantages of Internet Telephony Services

With a lot of new Internet telephony offers, there are a various different benefits associated with
this service. First of all, you can now travel all around the world and still make calls without
paying high international roaming charges. Secondly, there are cheap software which allow you
to convert your computer into a phone for free. Softwares like Skype or Yahoo Voice messenger
can easily enable you to make calls to other computers and phones for minimal charges. All you
need are your headsets and a microphone and you are all set to use your computer to make
phone calls.

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