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									Top 5 Sleep Problems for Kids

Kids need a good ten hours of sleep every night to be up and kicking the next morning. But,
most of them fail to snatch such seemingly long bouts of sleep, reasons being several. The
most prominent of reasons are nightmares, disturbing snore of parent(s) or the urge to visit
the wash room in the middle of night. Irrespective of the causes, it demands a proper
handling for the kids to be attentive and active after day break.

The foremost problem could be the inability to fall asleep. Call it a starting problem or a
nagging issue it steals into the sleep time of the kids. Worry about the impending exam or a
competitive game can lock the brain from relaxing to induce sleep. Sooner a proper solution
is found this the better it is for the kid. Several solutions like going to bed at the same time
every night, switching off TV or computer a good one hour before the designated hour of
hitting the bed, reading something light to relax, consuming warm water or taking a shower
before retiring to bed will help overcome this problem.

Another major cause of sleeplessness among kids is nightmares. It has lot to do with what
the child sees or hears about in the active part of the day. Watching scary movies on
television or indulging in playing horror games on computer must be avoided to overcome
this problem. It is imperative that one relaxes a while before going to bed. If this does not
help drive away the nightmares, seek the help of elders. Talk to them your fears and try to
find a realistic solution.

Snoring, a sign of sleep apnea, could be another reason for sleeplessness. Stuffy nose or
tonsils might induce snoring. There is nothing to be ashamed of this problem. Just appear
for a sleep test with the doctor who would help you getting over it by analyzing your
sleeping pattern.

Bed-wetting is another irritating and embarrassing reason for lack of sleep. This is a
universal phenomenon and can be corrected by slightly changing habits. Avoid drinking
fluids a couple of hours before bed time. Use the bathroom just before hitting the sack.

Sleep-walking deprives the child of enough sleep during nights. It is also a dangerous
symptom which might lead to fatalities if not attended to. If your kind shows any unusual
symptoms beyond the basic remedies suggested here, have them checked up right away at
a Sleep Disorders Center.

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