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									Do you observe any changes in your sleeping patterns if yes, then it
is advisable to visit your nearest sleeping disorder center

Overview of Sleep Disorders-

Sleep disorders in simple medical terms can be defined as a medical disorder of the sleeping
pattern of a person or animal. Sleeping disorder may involve any difficulty related with
sleeping that includes difficulty in falling or staying asleep, falling asleep at abnormal times,
excessive total sleep time or abnormal behavior due to sleeping pattern. There are at least
100 identified sleep/wake disorders but the common types of sleep disorders associated
with a person include-

                     Hypersomnia,
                     Insomnia,
                     Bruxism,
                     Dyssomnias,
                     Narcolepsy
                     Sleep apnea

A normal healthy person requires about seven to eight hours of sleep each night in order to
feel refreshed and to function at their optimum levels. The Sleep in America Polls conducted
on behalf of the National Sleep Foundation –NSF- provided a snapshot view of the sleeping
disorders being faced by the Americans. This survey reported that about 20% of Americans
get less than six hours of sleep on an average and the number of Americans reporting that
they get eight hours or more of sleeping hours is decreasing.

Role and history of Sleep Disorder Centers

There are over 200 accredited sleep disorder centers and research laboratories in the
United States that are designed to research, recognize and treat all types of sleep disorder.
In the year-1961, the organized sleep medicine research in the United States began with
the establishment of the Association for the Psycho physiological Study of Sleep (APSS)
consisting of a group of clinical sleep researchers. Later on in the year- 1970, William
Dement founded the Stanford University Research Center which is the first of its kind and
can be regarded as the parent of the national clinical sleep disorder centers for the
diagnosis and treatment of patients with sleep disorders.

The Association of Sleep Disorder Centers or ASDC was founded in 1976, which was
primarily established as a nationally recognized accreditation process for these centers in
the United States. Among the numerous sleep disorder centers that were established in
United States, the first to be accredited in the U.S.A by the American Sleep Disorders
Association is the Montefiore Sleep Disorder Center- Bronx- New York in the year- 1977. It
is affiliated with the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx- New York.
At present, numerous sleeping disorder centers that are spread in all of the states in the
United States of America and many of them had obtained accreditation from the American
Academy of Sleep Medicine.

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