Geography Unit Study Guide

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					Geography Unit Study Guide
       1. What is Geography?

• The study of land, its inhabitants and
2. What are the two elements of geography and how are they

Human geography and physical
Human geography is the study of
 human use and understanding of the
 world. Physical geography deals
 with the study of processes and
 patterns in the natural environment
 3. List and define the two types of location and give examples of
                                each one.

• Absolute location: a location defined by a
  particular coordinate system such as latitude
  and longitude. Example: The absolute location
  of Atlanta, Georgia is 83°29.7'W 32°42.8'N
• Relative location: to locate a place relative to
  other landmarks. Example: Dobbins Middle
  School is located about 5 miles from Hiram,
  Georgia and near Douglasville, Ga.
4. What do lines of latitude measure? What is another name
                             for them?

    • Latitude measures how far north or
      south a location on the Earth is from
      the Equator. Another name for them
      are parallels
  5. What do lines of longitude
     measure? What is another
          name for them?
• Longitude measures how far east or
  west a location on the Earth is from
  the Prime Meridian. Another name for
  lines of longitude is meridian.
 6. What is the name given to 0
        degrees longitude?

• Prime Meridian
 7. What are the five states that
             border GA?

• Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, N.
  Carolina, S. Carolina
8. What are the five geographical
    regions of Georgia? Be able to
   identify them on a blank map.
•   Appalachian,
•   ridge and valley,
•   piedmont,
•   inner coastal plain,
•   outer coastal plain
     9. What is the fall zone?

• The area where the piedmont and the
  inner coastal plain meet. This area is
  rich in minerals. Has many rapids and
  water falls.
 10. Why are the barrier islands

• The barrier islands protect the main
  land from erosion from storms
   11. Why are the marshes of
         Glynn important?

• It filters out all pollution from rivers
  before they enter the Atlantic Ocean
 12. Which region contains GA’s
           highest point?

• Brasstown Bald Mt.
 13. Which region contains some
       of the country’s best
• Inner Coastal Plain
 14. What type of climate does
          Georgia have?

• Humid Sub-Tropical
     15. Where is GA located?

• in the Northern and Western
  Hemisphere, on the continent of North
  America, in the country of the United
  States of America, southeastern region
  of the country
  16. Why is the Savannah River

• It provides easy access to the Atlantic
  Ocean, It is a source of hydroelectric
  power, and provides drinking water to
  the public.
 17. What is the significance of
      the Okefenokee Swamp?

• It was made a wildlife preserve in the
  early 1900s and provides a habitat for
  a variety of wildlife.

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