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									                                 SMP13 - OHS Reviews


This procedure details the actions necessary for reviewing performance and the
effectiveness of OHS management across all business activities


This procedure applies to all aspects of the OHS management system.




Benchmarking - is learning from others by the identification of best practices
that can be transferred from one business activity to another.



   The designated business manager is to conduct an annual management
    review to include but not be limited to;
    1. The suitability of the current policy,
    2. The setting or updating of continuous improvement objectives,
    3. The effectiveness of the current operational safety controls,
    4. The adequacy of resources,
    5. The effectiveness of the monitoring systems,
    6. Any recorded instances of procedures being ineffective,
    7. Any data relating to any accidents or near misses that have occurred,
    8. The results of any internal or external audits,
    9. Any improvements to the OHS management system, and
    10. Any external factors such as changes in legislation.

   Business activity managers are to hold regular reviews of the OHS
    management system, as it affects their business activity.

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                                 SMP13 - OHS Reviews


   The Managing Director is to consider the appropriateness of benchmarking
    OHS performance across business activities and/ or between other like-
    minded companies.


   The output from any OHS reviews is to be communicated to all relevant staff.


1. The Managing Director (other titles may be used) is to ensure compliance with
   this procedure.
2. The designated business manager is to present the annual management
3. Business activities managers are to comply with the requirements of this
4. Employees are to co-operate with any OHS reviews within their specific
   business activity.


Annual management review report.
Minutes from OHS review meetings.

Variations and Revisions

Variations and/ or revisions to this procedure are to be made by the designated
business manager and approved by the Managing Director.

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                                 procedure        Business                     Director

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