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					    Unit 1 The 1990s

1            By Dr. Thavorn Thitthongkam
 After having studied this session, the students should be
    able to:
     Learn words related to internet activities and words for
      describing reactions, then the students should be able to
      apply them in new contexts.
     Review of the past simple and the past progressive.
     Point out the nouns that the pronouns refer to.
     Write comments online.
     Make short talk including follow-up questions.

    1   Vocabulary

    2 Grammar: past simple/past progressive

    3 Reading: pronoun reference

    4 Writing: writing online comments

    5   Life Skills/Wrap-up/Speaking Activity
    1   Vocabulary

Say the words that you know their meanings. Discuss the
meanings of words that you do not know the meaning.

   adults             earthquake              use the prompt
   affirmative        episode                 parentheses
   article            follow-up question      recognize
   brand              important event         review
   celebration        negative                teenagers
   comments           perfect                 upset
   confident          preteens
   disappointed       pronoun reference
   download file
 The expression the 1990s refers to the decade from 1990.
 How to say:
      the nineteen nineties, or simply the nineties
     The years that make up this decade (1990-1999).
 We use the same format for other decades: –
     1960s  the (nineteen) sixties,
     1970s  the seventies,
     1980s  the eighties,
     etc.

    Page 7A: Look at the pictures. Which of these things from the 1990s, do you
              recognize or remember?

                                The Backstreet Boys are a boy band
                                 from Orlando, Florida, in the U.S. They
                                 had several hits during the 1990s and
                                 are believed to have sold over 200
                                 million records.

                                The American situation comedy
                                  Friends first appeared in 1994 and
                                  continued for 10 years.

     The video game Tomb Raider was first
      released in 1996. It was later made into
      a movie, with Angelina Jolie in the role
      of Lara Croft.

     Titanic was a movie released in 1997. It
      starred Kate Winslet and Leonardo

     PokémonTM is a video game that was
      created in Japan around 1995. The
      name is short for “pocket monsters.”

     TamagotchiTM is a hand-held digital
      pet created in Japan in 1996. More than
      70 million TamagotchisTM have been
      sold around the world.

     Page 8 A:

                     surf the Internet

                               download files

                 send e-mail

                        check your e-mail

                               shop online

                         use a search engine

                          write a blog
10                             play online games
Page 8 B: Now check (/) the internet activity in exercise A that you do often.




 Adverbs of Frequency
       always            100%              rarely               10%
       usually           90%               never                0%
       often             75%
       sometimes         50%
 A: I often download music files, but I never shop online.
 B: Well, I often surf the Internet, but I never play online games.
     Page 10:

                          -                      +/-                          -

                          -                      -                            +/-
                          +                      +                            +

 A: I remember when Princess Diana died, I was shocked by it.
 B: I don’t remember that, but I remember when Michael Jackson died, I was really
      upset! I liked him a lot.

      The words surprised and amazed can be applied to both positive and
        negative situations, e.g.,
           I was surprised by her good grades.
           I was surprised by their bad behavior.
      If you are amazed, you are very surprised. If you are shocked,
        you are surprised by something negative.
      Michael Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25,
       2009), known as the “King of Pop,” was an
       American musician. He started his musical
       career in 1964 as the lead singer of the group
       The Jackson 5, and went on to have a very
       successful solo career. His 1982 album, Thriller,
       remains the best-selling album of all time, and
       his ground-breaking music videos popularized
       danced techniques such as the “moonwalk.”

     2 Grammar: past simple/past progressive

 Page 9 3A:

  Yes, she did.

Page 9 3B: Now complete this table with the simple past form of the verbs.

                      watched                            found

                      checked                            ran

                      studied                            went

                      played                             took

                      chatted                            was

                      downloaded                         thought

Page 9 3C: Complete this online chat with the correct form of the verbs in
           parentheses. You may need to write the question form of the verbs.





                                 Did           get




Page 9 3C: Ask and answer question about what you did in the past.

 A: What did you do yesterday?
 B: I got up early, and I went to … What about you?
 A: I watched television yesterday.

Page 12 7A:

                         Victoria became one of the Spice Girls in 1993.
                     Victoria met her husband, David in 1997.
              Their youngest son was born in Madrid.

Page 12 7B: Look at the examples in bold in Exercise A. Complete this rule with
                the correct form of the verbs in parentheses and simple past or past
         was studying                                  saw

     past progressive                             simple past

Page 12 7C: Complete this bio of another member of the spice Girls with the
                correct form of the verbs in parentheses.

                                                     was studying
     joined                                           left
                        was working                            met
                                    was singing

 The second clause (beginning with when) can come first without changing the
       When she saw the ad, she was studying at an art college.
 When begin with the when clause, we must use a comma before the main clause.
 The word while often introduces a clause containing the past progressive.

Page 12 7D: Write three sentences using past simple.

 …
 …
 …

Page 12 7D: Write three sentences using past progressive.

 …
 …
 …

     Subject pronouns        Object pronouns
     I                       me
     you                     you
     he                      him
     she                     her
     it                      it
     we                      us
     they                    them

     3 Reading: pronoun reference

     Page 11 6A

Page 11 6A: Read this magazine article about people’s memories of import events
              of the 1990s. Then write the correct event above description. There is
              one extra event which is not described.

                           The 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta

                            New Year’s Eve in 1999

     The birth of Dolly the Sheep in 1996

                      - The 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta: track and field, 100 meters, world record, team
                      - New Year’s Eve in 1999: problems with computers, fireworks, celebrations
                      - The birth of Dolly the Sheep in 1996: scientists
Page11 6B:

         4   6               9
     2           7               10

     1               5   8

 New Year’s Eve in 1999 was a significant date because it was the
     last day of the Millennium. A lot of people were worried about the
     Millennium Bug (or Y2K Bug) because they thought it would affect
     computers at midnight on New Year’s Eve. Before this date,
     computers used just two numbers to represent the year (e.g.
     97,98,99). No one was sure what would happen when computers
     changed to 00. Would they think it was 1900? Would the major
     computers in the world crash? In fact, almost nothing happened!

 Dolly the Sheep was the world’s first cloned animal. She was
     cloned in Edinburgh, Scotland, and lived until the age 6. The
     Scientific American magazine called Dolly the “world’s most
     famous sheep.”

     4 Writing: writing online comments

Page 13 9A:

Read these answers to a question posted on a website. Then decide what the
pronoun in bold refer to.

           they=my friends            he=my brother       it=the event
           they=a lot of people
     5   Life Skills/Wrap-up/Speaking Activity

Page 14: Life Skills  Identifying sources of information
         What are the advantages and disadvantages of each one? Use the keys and your own ideas.

                                                            B                            A
                                                            E                            C
                                                            B, E, F
                                                            D                            C
                                                            C                            E
                                                            B                            A
                                                            B                            A
                                                            D, F                         C
                                                            D, F                         C
                                                            movies, radio, shows, etc.

Page 16:

           Writing a blog
                                                 online games
                        search engines
                    surfs the Internet
                                     check my e-mail

       did               do
         did              go
        were             listening

     was playing
       were living
           didn’t know

Page 13 8A:

                                     Speaking Activity
   Prepare a short talk including a follow-up question as the following example:
        A: What were you doing at this time last year?
        B: I was reading a book.
        A: Really? Where?
        B: At home.
        …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….
        B: What were you doing at this time last year?
        A: I was reading a book.
        B: Really? Where?
        A: At home.!/thitthongkam

               Thank You

                            Dr. Thavorn Thitthongkam

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