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									                                Tessellation Project

For this project, you will create your own Escher-style tessellation. Your

tessellation should be your own original creation. This project calls for

creativity, precision, and careful attention to detail.

Start by reading section 12-6: Tessellations in your course book. Pay careful

attention to the Investigation on page 669 for instructions for creating


Once you understand how a tile is created for a tessellation, practice making

your own tile. What unique shapes or objects can you create?

Your job for this project is to create a poster that illustrates a tessellation that

you have designed. The poster should be no smaller than 22” x 14”. On the

back of your poster, please include a sample of the tile that your project is

based on. Also, you must use at least two different colors in your tessellation.

* A prize will be given for the best tessellation project. Mr. Barrette, Mr.

Grunerud, and Mr. Jemes will pick the winning tessellation.

You may find the following websites helpful for ideas or as additional


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